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No One Can Change Destiny... Chapter 11

Chapter 11
Next morning….
Arnav wakes up and moves to the bathroom to take shower… He comes out after sometime wrapping towel around his waist and was moving to the mirror when his eyes fell on khushi….
Khushi was sleeping peacefully pouting her lips… she was looking very innocent and arnav felt the urge to kiss those lips…. He was shocked by his thoughts but then he didn’t know what is happening to him nowadays… Why he keeps on thinking about khushi…
He tried to avoid looking at her face but her heart was not supporting him and his eyes were moving towards her face…. He thinks “Why I can’t take my eyes off her face…. Why I am feeling like this…. And why I felt the urge to kiss her…. What is this new feeling that is brewing inside me… What is happening to me…..” uuffff I will go mad for sure…..
He wears his clothes and walks down as he doesn’t want to be with khushi for a long time….. Here khushi wakes up and opens her eyes….. She stretched her hands and then looked towards arnav’s side… He was not on the bed… She frowned and says… “Where is arnav… Why is not on his side… Why I am not in his arms like yesterday…..” She again gets shocked by her own thoughts and says…. “Khushi what the hell are you thinking…. What’s wrong with you…. I think I need a cold shower… I don’t know what is happening to me these days…..”
She gets up and moves to the bathroom to take the shower…. She comes out wearing black colour dress…. She moves to the mirror and starts wearing mangalsutra and then applied sindoor on her hair partition…. While applying sindoor she again gets lost thinking about their plan to get divorce…. She didn’t know why these thoughts were hunting her so much this days… What’s wrong with her…. She brushed away all the thoughts as she was getting frustrated for not getting the answers of so many questions inside her….  She took her dupatta and walks down to help ananya with the breakfast preparations…..
Khushi went to the kitchen and greets ananya and took her blessings…..
Khushi: Good morning maa….
Ananya: Good Morning Beta….
Khushi: Maa where is arnav… I mean he was not in the room when I woke up…
Ananya: Khushi he is in his study doing his office work….
Khushi: Ohhh ok....Maa I will bring breakfast for everyone you go and relax…
Ananya: Ok…. Ananya moves out of kitchen……
Khushi prepares the breakfast and then serves to everyone on the dining table…. Everyone starts having their breakfast when arnav said…..
Arnav: Khushi be ready at 7 in the evening I will come to pick you up….
Khushi looks at arnav with confused expression….
Khushi: Arnav….
Arnav: Ohh khushi don’t say that you forgot… I have told you about the party I have in my office remember… And you are coming with me as my staff and clients want to meet my wife.…. Saying this he winked at khushi….
Khushi understood that he is faking about this party as per their plan so she nodded her head and then said…..
Khushi: Ohhh yes haan now I remember…. Don’t worry I will be ready by 7 in the evening…
Arnav: good…. Hope you will not forget this now….And yes be ready on time as we are going as Mr and Mrs Arnav Singh Raizada…. You know what my name means to me and I don’t want to spoil it because of you as I know tum to kabhi aisi parties mein nahi gayi hogi…..
Khushi had tears in her eyes hearing this…. She knew that arnav was just saying all this as per their plan which they had already discussed but still it hurts her and then the real tears welled up in her eyes….
Arnav thought that its her fake tears just to show his mom and ananya who knows about this plan looks at khushi thinking that she will fake the tears but to her surprise she can see that tears in khushi’s eyes was not fake and she was really hurt by arnav’s word…. She thinks “Why khushi is so much hurt… She knows that arnav is just faking then why…” Her thoughts were broken by khushi’s teary voice….
Khushi: Hmmmm o ok….
Saying this she rushed to her room…. Arnav looked at her and he too feels bad…. He knows her tears were fake but somewhere in his heart he didn’t like to see khushi with tears… He felt an unknown pain in his heart which he never felt for anyone…..
Ananya looks at khushi and then at arnav and says….
Ananya: Arnav I think you shouldn’t have said that…. She is so hurt….
Arnav closed her eyes and thinks “He has to do this….” He opens her eyes and says….
Arnav: Maa I don’t think I have said anything wrong…. Ok maa I am getting late….Bye….
In arshi’s room…..
Khushi went directly to the washroom and splash cold water on her face….. She calmed herself and then comes out and thinks about their plan…. She only knows what pain she was feeling while doing this but she didn’t know one thing and that was the reason of this pain…..
She somewhere knew that she is attracted to arnav may be more than that but she was not ready to accept it as she was scared that if she will accept this truth than it would be really difficult for her to let her arnav go to someone else…. Yes her arnav he was her now not for the whole life but at least for the sometime….
She sits on the recliner and closed her eyes thinking about her and arnav’s future what will be their future….. And the biggest question will she be able to marry someone else after leaving arnav…… She had told arnav to find the guy for her but will she be able to accept him…. All this thoughts were driving her crazy…… She thought of diverting her mind from all this things so she decided to go for shopping with ananya…..
She went to ananya’s room and asked her if she is free and if she could accompany her for the shopping… Ananya happily agreed and then they went for the shopping…. They spent lots of time shopping for so many stuffs from clothes to jewelry everything…. Ananya made khushi buy a black colour saree with low cut neck in the front and backless with just a hook….. Khushi was first reluctant to buy that saree but after ananya’s insistence she bought that saree…. They came back home at 5PM and ananya asked khushi to take some rest before going to party as she had to look more beautiful today……
Khushi came to her and takes some rest…. It was six now so she decided to get ready for the party as she knows arnav will come at sharp 7 and she has to be ready till 7:15 so that it will give arnav a chance to shout at her in front of the family…..
She draped the saree on her and then applied little make up…. She wore her mangalsutra and long black diamond earrings…. She put sindoor on her hair partition and now she was all ready…. She has left her hair open to cover her bare neck…..
It was 7 Pm now and arnav was waiting for the khushi to come down….. Ananya was sitting in the living room as she knew what is going to happen now….. Khushi opened the door of their room exactly at 7:15 and starts walking downstairs….. Arnav looked at her and again gets lost in her beauty…. He looked at her from top to bottom and ohh my God she was looking damn hot and beautiful…. He closed his eyes as he didn’t want to loose control like before and what he saw after closing the eyes made him more shocked…. He sees that he was kissing khushi all over her body and khushi was biting him on his chest…
He suddenly opens his eyes and looks at khushi who was now standing beside him….
He thinks “What was that… Why he saw such image… Did it mean that he wants to do that things with her…. Ohh what he is thinking how could he can think like this about her… But then he never thought like this about lavanya… They were in love but he never felt that much of attraction towards her why…. What is going on….” He was hell confused and gets back from his thoughts hearing khushi’s sweet voice….
Khushi: Arnav I am ready lets go…
Arnav: Haan hmmm lets go…
Khushi looks at him with confused expression as he was supposed to fight with her for coming late but here he was not telling her anything… she looked at him and says in a soft and slow voice…
Khushi: Arnav you are supposed to scold me for being late…
Arnav: Ohh yes…. He then says making a little angry face….
Arnav: Khushi have you seen the time… Its 7:15 and I am waiting here from 7 do you think I don’t have any work… And you… What do you think of yourself… I have told you clearly that be ready at 7 then why you are late…. You will never understands what this party means…. Aaj agar lavanya se meri shaadi hui hoti to acha hota….
Saying this he moved out of the house and khushi again gets tears in her eyes…. Ananya sees this but didn’t say a word…. She has seen everything from her eyes… How arnav and khushi was lost in each other’s eyes and how khushi’s tears are real whenever arnav shouts at her… She thought that there is something brewing between them and now that she has to know what that is, and if her guess is right then she knows what to do next to make them aware of their feelings…..
Khushi walked out with teary eyes and followed him to the car…. He sits in the car and khushi too sits with him….
He starts driving the car and was looking at khushi….. He can see her tears and felt the urge to wipe them with his hands… He takes his hands towards her face and wipes her tears…. Khushi looked at him and says…
Khushi: Wo I am sorry I know you was just acting but it really hurts me when someone talks in a loud and anger filled voice….
Arnav looks into her eyes and cups her face and says….
Arnav: I am sorry I know I am hurting you a lot and that too for my own benefits… I think we should stop all this…. I cant see you hurt…..
Khushi looks at him and thinks “He cant see me hurt and feels a strange kind of happiness inside her…. He wants to stop all this just for me so that I am not hurt….”
Arnav looked at her lost state and shook her by her shoulder and says…
Arnav: Khushi kya hua…
Khushi: Hmm nothing… No arnav… I mean if you are thinking about my happiness than I should also think about yours na… I mean you will be happy with lavanya so I think we should continue this… and don’t worry about me I am alright….
Arnav: But khushi…
Khushi: Don’t worry arnav it will hurt me for two to three minutes but after that I will be ok and then once we are divorced you will be happy forever….
Ohh now this was the first time when arnav felt bad hearing the word divorce from khushi’s mouth…. He didn’t know why but he felt as if he will loose his happiness….. He just nodded and starts concentrating on the driving….
After sometime khushi asked her….
Khushi: Arnav where we are going?
Arnav: Hmm tell me where you want to go
Khushi: Anywhere….
Arnav: Khushi you have not seen our guest house right…
Khushi: Guest house…
Arnav: Yes Raizada’s guest house….
Khushi: No…..
Arnav: Come then I will take you their… I have to take some urgent file from the guest house….
Khushi: Ok then lets go……
After sometime they reached the guest house….
He gets out of the car and starts walking with khushi inside the guesthouse…. He knocks the door and their servant opened it…. He told khushi that servants looks after this house in their absence….
He then asked servant to bring something for them to eat… He then takes khushi to his room in the Guest house…. It was a very big room with king sized bed and a pool attached to the room like the one in RM…. Khushi was looking at his room when suddenly lights went off…. Khushi gets scared… she comes towards arnav and hugged him….
Arnav looks at her and understands that she was scared but her soft body pressing against his hard was making him restless… He was again seeing those pictures of him kissing khushi all over her body…. He controlled his desires and removes his cell to call the servant to know why light went off…. Khushi was still hugging him tight… He calls the servant who told her that fuse was blown off and they have to replace the fuse till then they will bring candles for them….
He keeps the call and tells the khushi about the fuse…. And assures her that light will be back soon so she don’t needs to be scared…. Khushi just nodded but didn’t leave him…. He hugged her back and they both stayed in the same position….. After sometime servant come to them with the candle and they keep that on the table….
Servant left the room and khushi leaves arnav and stands little away from him…. Arnav wanted something from his closet so he moves towards the closet and khushi was roaming in the room seeing each and everything when her eyes felt on the photo kept on the table…. She picks up that photo in her hand and was looking at the photo…. It was arnav’s childhood photo with his mom and dad… He was looking very cute in that photo and she was admiring him…..
She was too lost and didn’t know when her saree pallu fall above the candle flame and it was catching fire….. Arnav removes the file which he needed and then turns and looks towards khushi and he gets shock… He sees her pallu which was catching fire and it was just an inch away to burn her skin….. khushi was unaware as she was lost in something… She was thinking about arnav and her relationship….  For a moment he felt as if his heartbeats will stopped if something happens to khushi… He shouted her name…
Arnav: Khushi….
Khushi comes out of her thoughts and that’s when her eyes fell on the fire on her pallu and she was shocked and scared to see that… She didn’t know what to do… She just said…
Khushi: Arnav….
 He run towards her and pulls her saree and throws it on the floor and puts water on it…..
Khushi looks at him in shock and arnav comes towards her and says in a loud voice….
Arnav: WHAT THE HELL KHUSHI… Where were you lost…. Dekh nahi sakti tum….. Agar tumhe kuch ho jata to are you mad… You know how scared I was…
Khushi didn’t say a word as she was also in the shocked state seeing that fire which was really very close to burn her…. She just walked close to arnav and hugged him tight….
Arnav hugged her back….. He closed his eyes and starts feeling her on him as he was too scared… He didn’t know why but his heartbeats were stopped for a few seconds seeing fire on khushi’s saree….
After sometime arnav opened his eyes and looks at khushi…. He was only in her blouse which was hardly covering her upper body and an inner skirt…. He felt some unknown desires building up inside him… He again saw the same image of his and khushi….. He starts caressing her bare back and khushi hugged him more tightly feeling his hands on her bare back…..
 He unclasped the hook of her blouse and then starts roaming her hands everywhere on her back… He kissed her on her neck and then on her bare shoulders…. Khushi dig her fingers tightly on his back….. This was something very new for both of them and they were enjoying that new feeling…..
He then pulled back from the hug and looked at her face… Her eyes were closed as she didn’t want to face him… She didn’t know what they were doing was right or wrong but she only knows one thing that she loved to be touched like this by her husband….
He removed her blouse and now she was only in her bra and inner skirt…. He picks her up in his arms and walked towards his bed… He puts her on the bed and gets on top of her…. He brings his face close to her and kissed her on her closed eyes…. He then kissed her on her cheeks then he moves down and kissed on her cleavage…. Khushi was breathing heavily…. She holds his shoulder and he continues kissing her on her cleavage…. He then kiss on her breast and puts it in his mouth and starts kneading the other one over her bra… Khushi opened her eyes and clutched him tight on his shoulder as this was creating some different desires inside her….
He repeated his action with the other one and then moves down and kissed on her bare belly… Khushi shivered with that kiss and griped his hairs in her fist and dugs his face more into her belly…..
Arnav bites her on her belly button and then inserted his tongue in that and sucked it….. He then moved his hands upwards and starts kneading her breast over her bra…. Khushi moaned his name and hearing his name from her mouth arnav was getting more aroused…. He removes his face from her belly and looks at her and then starts moving towards her face kissing all the way….  He stopped towards his neck and then bites her and licks on the bite mark to soothe the pain…..
He then kissed her on her cheeks then on her eyes and then runs his tongue over her lips and was about to capture her lips when they heard the knock on the door……

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