Sunday, 10 February 2013

No One Can Change Destiny.... Chapter 3

Khushi started her training session with lavanya… First thing which she taught her to drape a saree…. She makes her drape a saree on her….. And after giving ‘n’ number of tries finally lavanya was successful in wearing a saree…  She wears the saree on her own and khushi was very happy as she was successful in her first task but it took her lots of time….
Khushi: Lavanya if we continue doing like this than we will require one year to make you meet his mom… You have to be quick ok…
Lavanya: Sorry khushi…. Actually you know na I have never wore a saree so it was the first time for me… But I promise from next time I will try to learn everything quickly….
Khushi: Hmmm now second thing you need to do is to decorate the mandir for the pooja… You know most of the mother in law’s gets impressed by this act…. And I am sure his mom is no exception…. She then teaches her that also…
She taught her everything… three days passed and lavanya was a quick learner…. And both of them were bonding very well…. Arnav didn’t got the time to visit them in this three days… He came to visit them on the fourth day in the evening when khushi was teaching lavanya to prepare kheer and that too sugar free as lavanya has informed khushi about arnav being diabetic…..
Arnav enters lavanya’s house and moves to living room but didn’t see any one their so he decided to call up lavanya…
Lavanya was preparing kheer when her phone rang….
Lavanya: Khushi please pick up the call na….
Khushi : Ok and she moves to take the call….
Khushi: Hello…
Arnav: Khushi where are you and Lavanya…. I mean I am here at her place and…..
Khushi: Arnav we are in kitchen and lavanya is learning to make kheer and that too sugar free so sweet na…. You have a seat we will come in few minutes with the kheer….
Arnav: Ok…..
She cuts the call and after sometime they both move to the living room with the bowl of kheer….
Lavanya: ASR I have prepared kheer for you…..
Arnav: So sweet of you lavanya…. I think khushi is really doing her job very well…
Khushi: Hmmm but don’t think I am doing all this for free…..
Arnav and lavanya both looked at her in shocked….
Khushi: Don’t give me that look I am not asking for your property arnav and not even your’s lavanya…
Arnav: Ohh no that’s not the problem actually I thought you were doing this out of friendship but anyways tell me what you want I will give you anything….
Khushi: Hmmm I want….. I want a promise that our friendship will never break chahe kuch bhi ho jaye….
Arnav and lavanya: Ohh bas itni si baat so we promise we three will always be a good friend no matter what….
Khushi: Now come on eat the kheer and give her the feedback...
Arnav: Hmm he picks the kheer bowl and was about to eat when lavanya receives some call….
Lavanya: Hello… What… Now…. Is it urgent… Ohh.. Ok I will be their in one hour…. Ok ok I will be their in half an hour at least give me this much time…. Ok bye….
She kept the call and looks at arnav and khushi who were already looking towards her….
Lavanya: Wo ASR I am sorry actually ek bohat urgent photo shoot hai and I really have to go their… Please hope you will understand and I promise we three will have dinner together…. Khushi ke haath ka….
Khushi: What is this lavanya he have just came here and you want to go atleast let him have kheer na….
Lavanya: I am so sorry khushi I know and I am also feeling very bad to leave you both like this but its really very urgent and I have to each their in half an hour…
Arnav: Khushi its ok let her go….. I will be fine and you are here to give me company hai na and she will be meeting us for the dinner right….
Lavanya hugs arnav and says “Thank you ASR you know you are the best boyfriend any one could get…. And she kissed him on his cheeks”….
Lavanya went from their and now arnav and khushi were alone…. Arnav had the kheer and khushi moved to the kitchen for preparing dinner…. Arnav too moved with her…..
Arnav: So you know everything haan I am impressed…. I must say that your husband is going to be very lucky…
Khushi: Thank you…. And yes I know everything… My mom has given me all the freedom but the fee was that I should learn everything and it was a nice deal….
Arnav: Hmm great yaar so lavanya ki training ka kya haal… Waise I must say that kheer which she made was just awesome….
Khushi: Hmm  she is a quick learner and I think she is done with most of the things few important things are left like cooking and handling other stuffs but don’t worry I will teach that to her soon…
Arnav: Wow great I think mom is really gonna get impress with her….
Khushi: Hmmm I too thinks the same… I think she ready for the first meeting you should talk to aunty about that….
Arnav: hmmm I will and I think you too should come with us…
Khushi: No arnav actually you know aunty na I mean my first impression was very bad on her… I have accused her son as rapist so I don’t want that….
Arnav: Ssshhhh I know what you are trying to say but don’t worry I will tell my mom the truth and I am sure that when she will know the truth she will like you so no more discussions… I will have a talk with my mom and then we will go to meet her soon…. Hope lavanya gets ready for this meeting….
Khushi: Hey you don’t worry about her I will handle her and I will make her ready you know we have actually became a very good friends in this few days and I must say she is very good girl but little more worried about her carrer and its ok….
Arnav: Hmmm you know what khushi I am so lucky in fact we are so lucky to have you as our friend and I think a very good friend and you don’t worry I will find a perfect guy for you…..
Khushi: So sweet of you arnav……

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