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No One Can Change Destiny... Chapter 39 (Mature Content)

Chapter 39
Khushi opens her eyes and gets worried seeing the other side of the bed empty… She gets up and sits on the bed and says…
Khushi: Arnav…. She looks around and sighs a relief seeing that she is in their room and everything was not her dream that was real… She then looks at aarav who was peacefully sleeping in the cradle… She blush remembering their love making then thinks “Where is arnav”… She then heard the sound of shower and she understood that arnav is in the bathroom…. She wraps the bed sheet around her and gets down from the bed and walks towards the closet to remove some clothes but that was empty and she remembers that she came here without any clothes and now she will have to bring all her clothes but what she will do now…. She was still in her thoughts when she felt a strong pair of arms around her waist...
Arnav just completed his shower and came out wearing his robe and first thing he saw was khushi standing in white sheets facing the closet…. Her body and her curves were clearly visible…  He started walking towards her as he felt his manhood getting aroused just by this mere sight….  He comes close to her and hugs her from behind resting her chin on her shoulder and whispering “Good Morning” in her ears…  She comes out of her thoughts and put her hand on his and says…
Khushi: Good Morning….
Arnav then turns her around and kiss her on her cheeks and then brush his lips on hers when khushi stops him and says..
Khushi: Arnav atleast let me brush…
Arnav: I can’t wait khushi and I am sure you will taste good saying this he takes her lips and starts sucking them wildly… Khushi snaked her arms around his neck and responded the kiss…. After feeling out of breathe they broke the kiss and arnav says…
Arnav: come lets take shower….
Khushi: But u had…
Arnav: So what I will love to take shower with my wife….
Khushi: But arnav my clothes….
Arnav: Don’t worry I am sure maa will be having all your stuffs with her will ask her….
Saying this he bends and picks khushi in his arms and walked towards the bathroom…. Khushi holds his neck for the support…. He enters the bathroom and makes her stand on her feet…. He started removing her sheet from her body looking into her eyes… Khushi stops him feeling shy but he removes his hand and holds them and starts removing with his other hand in few seconds she was standing without any clothes in front of him…..
Arnav leans and started placing open mouth wet kisses on her neck…. Khushi arched back and puts her hand on the basin slab for the support…. Arnav travelled downwards towards her bosoms and took them in his mouth massaging the other with his other hand… Khushi dugs her nails on his back over his robe…. Arnav sucked her breasts hard teasing her nipples in between…. He then kneels down and starts sucking her belly… Khushi pulls his hair loosing her control.. Slowly his lips moved towards her core… He stared playing with her cl*t with his tongue making her go mad….. His hands massaged her breasts and tongue licked her nectar which was now oozing out of her core…..
He increased the speed of her tongue and his hands became wild….. After few strokes khushi cum on his face and he licks everything as if that was the most
He then got up and kissed khushi…. After few minutes they broke the kiss and arnav opens the knot of his robe and throws it on the floor and picks khushi and takes her in the shower cabin…. They applied soap on each other’s body feeling each other…  Arnav shivered when khushi’s hand touched his manhood… He stops her hand putting his hand over her’s and started moving his hand up and down with hers…. Khushi like a good student did what he asked and they kiss each other while doing that…. After few minutes khushi increased her speed making arnav release….. They both took the shower after that and comes out of the bathroom…. He wraps khushi in the towel and went called ananya asking about khushi’s clothes…. And ask her to send it to their room with HP…..
After few minutes HP came with the bag of khushi’s clothes and arnav took the bag and close the door… He removes a dress for khushi and made her wear that….. Khushi pecked her lips and said “I love you”… Chalo now I have to go down see you at breakfast table… aarav uthe to use lena I will make him bath later…..
Khushi comes downstairs getting ready and meets ananya…. She hugs her and says…
Khushi: Good Morning maa…
Ananya: Good Morning Beta… 
They break the hug and ananya cups her cheeks and says…
Ananya: Khushi I missed you so much…. My mornings were always incomplete without my daughter’s hug and I always use to fight with DM for taking you away from our life…. But now I thank her for giving you back to us… And this time I will never let you go away from us….
Khushi smiles and they both gets teary…. Ananya then wipes her tears and says…
Ananya: Khushi you have forgiven me na for hiding the truth from arnav about you and asking him to marry sheetal…
Khushi: Maa aapko sorry bolne ki koi zarurat nahi hai… You have done that because you didn’t want arnav to suffer and arnav ki khushi se badkar mere liye bhi kuch nahi hota maa to aapne kuch galat nahi kiya…..
Ananya smiles and says..
Ananya: You know khushi you are the best thing happened to us….. Mujhe tumse achi bahu aur arnav ko tumse achi wife mil hi nahi sakti thi….
Khushi blush hearing this and then says…
Khushi: Aur mujhe aapse achi maa aur isse achi family…. Saying this she again hugs ananya and then breaks the hug and says..
Khushi: Maa aaj we are going to my place… Wo..
Ananya: Yeah I know arnav has told me at night… Go beta and I am sure Garimaji is going to have a big surprise….
Khushi nodded and then ananya left from their…. Khushi went to the kitchen and makes the breakfast for everyone like before and then arrange everything on the table… Everyone came for the breakfast and arnav too walks down with aarav in his arms…. They had the breakfast with khushi feeding arnav as he was holding aarav…. Everyone looks at them with awwee and smiles and thanked DM for bringing their lost happiness their khushi in their life again……
After breakfast arnav and khushi with aarav bids bye to everyone and they left for Gupta house….
Khushi was all excited to meet her parents… She was talking with aarav in baby tone….
Khushi: Aalav my baby you know today youl mama ish going to meet youl Nani and Nanu… They will be sho happy to see youl mama…. You ale also excited haina baby…
Aarav giggles and kiss khushi on her cheeks wetting her cheeks…
Khushi: Awwee my baby understood what I said….
Arnav looks at them and smiles thinking she is just a kid and then says…
Arnav: pagal…
Khushi looks at him and says..
Khushi: Kya kaha…
Arnav: hmm nothing I said you are beautiful khushi bas thodi si paagal ho but bohat cute ho…
Khushi blush hearing this and arnav pulls her close to him making her rest her head on his shoulder with aarav on her chest…. Arnav kept in glancing at khushi and after few minutes they reached Gupta house…  (Directions were shown by khushi so don’t think k how arnav know the way of Gupta House)…
Arnav got down from the car and opens the door for khushi… He takes aarav and helps khushi to get out of the car… Both walked towards Gupta house…. Khushi then hides little away from the door taking aarav in her arms so that no one can see her when the door gets open and arnav rings the bell….
After few seconds Garima opens the door and gets shock to see arnav….. Arnav then recognized her thinking “Ye to wahi hai who was crying when I was in hospital and mom said they are family friends ohh that means they are khushi’s parents and they were crying thinking khushi is dead”…..
His thoughts breaks hearing garima’s voice…
Garima: Arnav….
Arnav smiles looking at her and says…
Arnav: Yeah wo aap kal meri engagement par nahi aayi na so I thought of coming and meeting you as mom says that you are very close to our family and my mom…
Garima thinks what excuse she should make as they didn’t attend the engagement because they knew k they will not be able to see sheetal taking place of their khushi….  She was still in her thoughts when shashi came from the room saying..
Shashi: Garima kaun…
But stops seeing arnav and walks towards them and says…
Shashi: Arey arnav beta tum aao na andar aao… Garima why are you making him stand at the door…
Garima: wo I am so sorry beta come inside… Garima thanked shashi in mind for saving her…..
Arnav: Uncle that’s ok.. mein bas abhi hi aaya hu…  uncle aunty actually I am here with my fiancée and aarav if you don’t mind can I call her inside with me…
Shashi: Yes of course beta…
Shashi said and looks at garima as he knows that garima will never like that girl as she is going to take khushi’s place in arnav’s life but for arnav’s happiness they have to welcome her….
Garima puts fake smile and says..
Garima: Beta you don’t need to take permission from us…  Call her
Arnav smiles and says….
Arnav: You can come in…
Khushi slowly walks towards the door and then finally comes in front holding aarav in her arms who was now sleeping peacefully on her shoulder….
Garima and shashi looks at her and gets shock…. Tears welled up in their eyes…
Garima : Khu khushi…..


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