Sunday, 10 February 2013

No One Can Change Destiny.... Chapter 4

Khushi has completed her dinner preparation and set the table with the help of arnav…. They sat on the table waiting for lavanya to come…. One hour passes but lavanya was not home yet…. Arnav was trying her number but it was switched off…. Arnav was really pissed with her behavior….. After calling for three to four times he banged his fist on the table in frustration…..
Khushi gets scared seeing him like this….She goes near him and puts her hand on his shoulders and says…
Khushi: Arnav please calm down its ok she must be busy….
Arnav: Khushi this is the height now… First she left us in between and then she herself promised us for the dinner and see now she is not even picking up my call and this is not the first time she is doing like this….
Khushi: Arnav I can understand you have came here to spend time with her but try to understand her na she also loves you and wants to spend time with you but she cant ignore her work commitments hai na….  
Arnav: I understand khushi and trust me I never want her to compromise her work for me but she don’t have a time for me I am scared khushi agar aisa hi raha to how will our relationship will survive….
Khushi cups his cheeks and says…..
Khushi: Arnav….. It happens sometime…. You know na she truly loves you see she is even learning everything just to impress your mom…. Haina….
Arnav: Hmmmm…… I think khushi we should have the dinner I am getting late….
Khushi: I think we should wait for sometime atleast for 15 minutes….
Arnav: Khushi if you want to wait then you can but I am hungry and I have to go back I too have some work….
Khushi: Ok I will serve the food….
She moves from their started serving him the food and she makes her plate also… She came and sat beside him…. They started having dinner…..
Arnav: Wow khushi the food is just awesome I must say you are an excellent cook too…. Now I am really jealous of your would be husband…. You know what agar meri life mein lavanya nahi hoti to I would have married you….
Khushi stopped eating and looked at him…. Arnav understood what he said and says…
Arnav: Chill khushi I was just joking….
Khushi: I know and its ok you don’t have to be sorry…..
They both had their dinner and they were sitting on the couch….
Arnav: Khushi I think I should leave now… Its really very late and I have an important meeting tomorrow….
Khushi: Wait for sometime na arnav I think wo aati hi hogi….
Arnav: No khushi its really very late and I think you should also take rest….
Khushi: Hmmm ok and don’t forget to talk to your mom about the meeting….
Arnav: You know what khushi now I am really scared….
Khushi: Why….
Arnav: What if I fix the meeting and lavanya got some photo shoot on that day what will mom think khushi….
Khushi: Don’t worry she will not… I promise that we will come on the time….
Arnav: Thanks a lot khushi you are really a true friend… He then hugs khushi and left from their….
Khushi cleans the kitchen and was moving to her room, when lavanya enters the house…. She comes to khushi and holds her ears and says….
Lavanya: I know I am late I am so sorry khushi actually you know….
But khushi cuts her sentence and says….
Khushi: Lavanya have your dinner and sleep. We have to start with our next task tomorrow….
Lavanya: I am sorry na khushi I know you are angry on me….
Khushi: No lavanya why would I will be angry on you I think you should say sorry to Arnav he had came here just for you and what you did…..
Lavanya: I know khushi and I am really guilty for that I will soon ask ASR to forgive me…..
Khushi: you should…. Ok now had dinner and sleep and yes this sat you have to meet arnav’s mom remember na…
Lavanya: Yes, and I am really very nervous….
Khushi: don’t be nervous I know you will impress her…. And me and arnav will be with you so there is no problem….
Lavanya: Hmmm thanks a lot khushi….. She hugs khushi……
Next day in RM…. Arnav walks down for the breakfast and sits on the table… Ananya served him the breakfast and sat beside him….
Ananya: Beta tomorrow…..
But arnav cuts her and says…
Arnav: Mom I want to talk to you and its very urgent….
Ananya: Yes beta tell me na….
Arnav: Mom I want you to meet lavanya on Saturday…
Ananya: Beta I have already told you that I don’t like her and she will not be my bahu….
Arnav: Maa please she had changed and only for me… She really loves me I think you should meet her atleast once and I am sure you will like her… Maa I know your first meeting with her was not good but maa she is changed now and I truly loves her maa please for my sake for my happiness meet her once… Aapko meri kasam….
Ananya: Ok thik hai I will meet her but only for your happiness…. So when she is coming to meet me…
Arnav: Tomorrow maa… And thanks a lot…. He gets up and hugs Ananya….. Ok maa now I have to go I have an important meeting in the office….
Ananya: Ok beta take care….
Arnav moves to office from their…. He then calls lavanya….. Khushi picks up the call as lavanya’s hands were in the flour as khushi was teaching her to knead the dough….
Khushi: Hello….
Arnav: Guess what khushi….. Mom said yes for the meeting…. I am so happy khushi…..
Khushi: What!!!! Wow that’s a great news arnav and I promise lavanya will be successful….
Lavanya: Kya hua khushi….
Khushi: Lavanya arnav’s mom is ready to meet you….
Lavanya: What!!!! Wow that’s great news…. Tell arnav I will call him in sometimes....
Khushi: Hmmm arnav lavanya is busy with cooking she will call you in sometime ok….
Arnav: Ok khushi…. He cuts the call…..
Arnav went to his office and attends the meeting…. Day passes quickly and then Saturday the most awaited day arrives…. Arnav reached lavanya’s place…..
Khushi opens the door….. Arnav enters the house and hugs khushi…. (Friendly hug)…..
Arnav: Hey khushi I am so happy and nervous too…. She will able to impress my mom haina….
Khushi: Yes arnav she will….. Sit she is getting ready…..
Arnav sits in the living room and khushi too sat with him…. After sometime lavanya comes to the living room…. She was wearing a purple colour saree…. Arnav looks at her…
Arnav: Wow lavanya you are looking so beautiful… And I am sure mom will like you in this saree…
Lavanya: Thanks ASR I too hope the same…. She then hugs him and says I am really sorry for that day arnav and I promise today I will try my best and will impress your mom…
Arnav: Hmmm all the best….
Lavanya: Thank you….
Arnav: Khushi come lets go….
Khushi: Arnav are you sure you wants me to be their…
Lavanya: Yes khushi even I want you besides me….
Arnav: And khushi don’t worry I will talk to mom….
Khushi: Ok lets go…..
They all sat in arnav’s car and drives to RM…. Arnav rang the bell and ananya opens the door….
Ananya: Tum…. (She shouted looking at khushi)….. Why you are here? Just get out I don’t want a liar at my place…. And arnav what she is doing with you….
Arnav comes inside and holds ananya….
Arnav: Mom just listen to me mom…. I know you don’t like her but whatever happened that day was not her fault….
Ananya: What do you mean…. Then whose fault haan tumhare did you really tried to rape her….
Arnav: No mom actually I have only asked her to say like this….
Ananya: What!!!!! But why…
Arnav: Because mom I want to marry lavanya and I told this khushi and asked her to break this rishta it was not her fault and she is very good friend of mine and lavanya….
Ananya: ok… She then moves to khushi and says I am so sorry beta….. Please come….
Khushi and lavanya both entered the house….
Ananya: So lavanya right nice saree you wear it by yourself or somebody helped you….
Lavanya: No aunty I wear it myself I know how to wear a saree…
Ananya: Ohh ok good….
Khushi looks at lavanya and was signaling her to do something and Anaya notices that…
Ananya: Khushi beta its ok you don’t have to tell her to touch my feet I know she is not used to it….
Khushi: No aunty I was just…
Ananya: Its ok beta I can understand that who have taught her to wear a saree…. And I am impressed that you are doing so much for your friends…
Lavanya bite her tongue and thinks “Shit mein yeh kaise bhul gayi”… She comes and touch ananya’s feet….
Ananya gives her blessings and says come lets have a seat…. They all sat in the living room….
Ananya then ask few questions to lavanya regarding the pooja cooking and other household stuff and to lavanya’s luck khushi has already taught her everything…. So lavanya gave all the answers….
Ananya: Wow lavanya I must say you have really changed since the time I met you first and I am really impressed with you….
Arnav and khushi had a wide smile on their face….
Ananya: And I don’t have any problem with your’s and arnav’s relation….
Arnav: Sach maa I am so happy thanks a lot maa…
Ananya: Let me complete arnav but I have one condition hope you will not deny that…
Arnav: Yes maa tell me I am ready to do anything….
Ananya: Lavanya you are you ready…
Lavanya: Yes aunty but what is the condition….
Ananya: Arnav you have to marry her next week….
Lavanya and Arnav: WHAT!!!!!!
All three of them look towards ananya in shock…..

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