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No One Can Change Destiny.... Chapter 6

Arnav moves out from their and went downstairs for making arrangements with the light walas so that he can execute his plan well… Here khushi pulls down her veil and garima and ananya comes to her to take her down…. She was very nervous… Her heart was racing at a high speed she was feeling as something very big is going to happen today which will change her life forever….. Somewhere in her heart she was really scared of all this but she trusted arnav and his plan….
She started walking down with garima and Anaya… All the guest were looking towards the bride…. Khushi clutched her lahenga tight…. She stopped their… She was too nervous to move down.. She was having just one thought what will happen if lavanya didn’t turn up….
Ananya: Kya hua lavanya beta chalo…
Khushi just nods her head and walked with them towards the altar….
Arnav was already sitting in the altar… He looked at khushi as her bride…. He thinks “Lav where are you yaar see where we have put this khushi…. She is doing so much for us please come soon”……
Ananya made khushi sits besides arnav and then pandit ji starts doing some pooja…. Arnav whispers in khushi’s ears….
Arnav: Hey khushi don’t worry I am sure lavanya will come soon….
Khushi just nods her head…. After sometime Pooja gets over and panditji ask them to stands for the pheras…. Khushi was too scared now… Pheras will mean half marriage…  Please save me Devi maiyaan…. Khushi said in her mind….
Arnav too was scared… He was still looking at the main entrance but lavanya was no where to be seen…. They both came back to reality when once again panditji asked them to get up for the pheras….
Ananya comes to them…
Ananya: Arnav lavanya what you both are thinking stand up for the pheras….
Arnav: Yes mom… He gets up and helps khushi to get up…. Khushi looks at him through the veil… Arnav knows that he had to do something now or they will end up marrying each other… They both were looking at each other….
Ananya: Arnav kya hua why you guys are behaving like this…. See all the guests are looking at both of you….
Finally arnav decides to tell everything to ananya….
Arnav: Maa I want to tell you something….
Ananya: Beta you are standing for your pheras… We will talk later on…
Arnav: Maa its very important… Please maa let me talk….
Ananya: Arnav what is so important that you want to talk in between your wedding….
Arnav: Maa lavanya is not here she is out for the shoot…
Now this was the shock for ananya….
Ananya: What…. She said in a little low voice as all the guest were looking at them…
Garima comes beside her and asked…
Garima: What happen ananya why are you so shocked and why they are not moving for the pheras….
Ananya: Ask arnav I don’t know what he is saying….
Garima: Arnav beta what happens….
Sensing some problem Shashi and Atul too comes their…
Atul: Ananya what happen… What you all are talking at this time… See all the guest are waiting for the wedding….
Arnav: Papa Lavanya is not her she went for her photo shoot…
Atul: What!!! Then who is this girl….
Khushi pulls up her veil and this was again a shock for all four of them….
Garima: Khushi…. What are you doing in the bridal dress and that too at the altar with arnav…. And where is lavanya I mean why she left like that…
Arnav then tells them everything and also that lavanya is still not here…
Ananya: See I told you this girl… She just don’t love you and you…Now what we will do…. There are 1000’s of guests here and media too if they will come to know that our bahu runs on her wedding day for some photo shoot and here someone else is posing as a bride…. Humari to reputation hi kharab ho jayga society mein….
Arnav: Maa Please I think we should wait for lavanya for sometime atleast for 15 minutes…. Please maa I know she will come please maa….
Anaya: No arnav what we will tell the guests…
Khushi: Please aunty just 15 minutes I am also sure she will come…. I will act as I am fainting and then you can ask them to wait for 15 minutes… After that we will make lavanya to stand here with arnav… Please aunty….
Ananya: Ok arnav if you both think she will come then I will wait for 15 minutes….
Arnav and khushi both heaved a sigh of relief… Khushi act as she was feeling dizzy and she falls on the floor…. Arnav picked her up and took her to the room and Anaya asked all the guest to excuse them for 15 minutes as bride has fainted due to stress and nervousness….
Ananya and Garima moved to the room where as Shashi and Atul waited with the guests hoping for lavanya to come….
Half an hour was passed but lavanya still didn’t come….
Ananya was pissed off now….
Ananya: Arnav this is the height…. I have waited for half an hour and now I want you to go as per me….
Arnav: What do you mean mom…..
Ananya: I want you to marry khushi…..
Arnav and khushi: What!!!!!!
Ananya: Garima please I want you daughter as my daughter in law and I promise that I will always keep her happy…
Arnav: Mom…
Ananya: Bas arnav I don’t want to hear anything…. Meine tumhare baat maani and I am seeing the result now I want you to marry khushi and also she is the perfect bride for this house… And arnav already sare guest bride ko dekh chuke hai they are waiting and now mein kya kahugi un logo se….
Khushi: Aunty…
Ananya then moves to khushi and folds her hands in front of her…
Ananya: Please beta don’t say no… Humlogo ki izzat ab tumhare haath mein hai please bacha lo…
Garima: Yes khushi I think ananya is right and I know you will be very happy in that house….
Arnav: But mom why khushi will bear the punishment for us…. I mean why she will sacrifice her life….
Ananya: No beta I know you both will fell in love after the marriage I am sure please and tumhe meri kasam arnav say yes….
Arnav and khushi both were helpless….
Arnav: Ok maa I am ready to marry khushi…
Ananya: And you khushi beta…
Khushi: Yes aunty I will marry him for you all….
Ananya hugs khushi and says…
Ananya: Thanks a lot beta… I am really glad that you are ready for this and tumne humare izzat bacha li….
Then they all moved down with khushi and announced that everything is fine bride is also good and now they will start the marriage ceremony….
Arnav and khushi takes the phera’s and khushi closed her eyes “She never thought that she will get married to arnav whom she thinks only as her friend and who loves lavanya a lot”….
Arnav too was thinking the same and he was angry with lavanya…..
Pheras were completed and now pandit ji asked arnav to put mangalsutra around khushi’s neck… ananya gives her the mangal sutra…. He was about to put the mangal sutra but his hands stopped looking towards the door…..
Arnav: Lavanya!!!!
Khushi widens her eyes and looks towards the door….
Everyone present in the family looks towards the door and their she was standing in her modeling outfit at the door…
Arnav and khushi both smiled looking at her and stands up…. Lavanya comes towards the altar and says sorry and says she was stuck in the traffic and as some accident had happen…..
Khushi: Thank God Lavanya you are here… Come now and wear your bridal dress….
Lavanya: Hmm thanks a lot khushi….
Ananya: Ruko khushi!!!!!
Ananya: Do you guys think that all this is a play….
Arnav: But maa we are not married yet….
Ananya: Arnav you both have completed your pheras which means you guys are already married and now lavanya stands nowhere in your life arnav…
Arnav: But maa….
Ananya: My decision is final arnav and if you want to go against my decision then I promise that you will see me today for the last time…
Arnav: maa…
Ananya: Yes arnav what do you think haan aise khushi ki zindagi bhi barbaad kar doge tum….. Just put the mangal sutra and sindoor and complete this wedding… I don’t want any discussions and Lavanya you can go from here… Please…..
Arnav and khushi sits down and then arnav puts the managal sutra around her neck looking towards lavanya and then puts the sindoor in her maang…
Finally pandit ji announce them as husband and wife…..

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