Sunday, 10 February 2013

No One Can Change Destiny... Chapter 7

Marriage was over and so was arnav’s dream to spend his life with lavanya….. Ananya comes towards them and hugs khushi and says….
Ananya: Thanks a lot beta and welcome to Raizada family…. I promise that you will never regret your decision….
Khushi too hugs her but didn’t say a word….. Arnav looks at khushi and then towards lavanya who was standing at the entrance…. He gave her an angry glare and turns his face…..
Khushi and arnav took the blessing from Ananya and then moved to Atul… They took his blessings…. Garima and Shashi too blessed them and khushi hugged garima and cried on her shoulders…..
Garima: Khushi beta you have taken a very good decision and I know you are going to be very happy in that house and don’t worry you both will fall in love soon….
Khushi hugged her tight and said “I will miss you maa….”
She then hugs shashi and cried… shashi too calms her down and says the same thing what garima said…..
Ananya comes towards her and puts her hands on her shoulder and said…
Ananya: Khushi chale….
Khushi nods her head….
Arnav was all the while looking at khushi…. He was very upset with what happened today and with lavanya but he was more upset for khushi as because of him and lavanya her life got ruined…. He thought in her mind that he will try to be a good husband at least for her as she had done lot for them and in all this things she was just innocent…..
Ananya took them out of the altar and then towards the car… Lavanya watch all this standing at the altar.. She too cried but she knew that it was her fault she should have not left arnav like that…. She thinks of apologizing arnav and khushi as today they all are in mess just because of her…..
Ananya made khushi sit in the car beside arnav who was already in the car and she moves to the front seat with Atul….. All the other members were in the other car….. Atul starts the car and khushi bids bye to her family…. She was still crying… she never thought that today it will be her last day as Khushi Gupta….. Now she is Khushi Arnav Singh Raizada….. Arnav puts his hand on her shoulder and khushi looks at him…
Arnav: Khushi I can understand what you must be feeling but now we cant do anything… I am so sorry khushi you are suffering just because of me and lavanya Please khushi mujhe maaf kardo… Its all my fault I should have not called you down….
Khushi: No arnav it was not your’s fault…. I think everything was planned by destiny so don’t think that its your mistake and ab jo hogaya we cant change that but we can promise each other that we will always be friends… Good Friends….
Arnav: Hmmm right khushi….. Our friendship is much more high than this relation…
Khushi nods her head and arnav asked her to rest for sometime….
They reached RM in sometime and ananya helps khushi to step out of the car…. They all moved towards the door and manorama with other family members was already at the door holding aarti thaal…. She hands over the aarti thaal to ananya and ananya starts doing aarti of her newlywed son and daughter in law….. After that she puts the red tikka on their forehead and asked khushi to push the rice kalash with her feet….
Khushi did that and then she asked them to enter the house when manorama stops them….
Manorama: ananya Bhabhi I think you are forgetting something…..
Ananay: Ohh yes…. Mein kaise bhul gayi…. Arnav beta its our parampara that Groom walked inside holding her bride in his arms…..
Arnav: What!!!! Maa what kind of rasam is this… I don’t believe in all this things….
Ananya: Arnav we are not asking you we are telling you and that’s an order…. So now pick my bahu and enters the house….
Arnav picks khushi in his arms and khushi wraps her arms around his neck for support…. He walked inside the Mansion looking straight and khushi all the while just looking at him… It was the first time for her when she was so close to someone…… She liked his touch but the next moment she brushes away her thought thinking he is arnav her friend and he love someone else….
After entering he keeps khushi down and stands with her as he knows that he has to be with khushi at least for today….
Ananya: Ok now we will move to our next rasam…. Manorama are you ready with…
Manorama comes with a large vessel full of milk and some rose petals in it…. And says…
Manorama: Yes bhabhi…. Come…. She places the vessel in the middle and says….
Manorama: So now arnav and khushi will find the ring in this vessel and whoever will get the ring will dominate the other for the whole life…. Come khushi come arnav…
Arnav and khushi moves towards the vessel and starts the game of finding the ring…. They started moving their hands in the vessel….
Ananya: Come on khushi you have to win ok…. I want my daughter in law to dominate…. Khushi smiles hearing ananya’s word… ananya was happy that atleast khushi smiled…..
Manorama: No bhabhi dekh lena my arnav is going to win the challenge… Arnav Singh Raizada never looses anything right arnav beta….
Arnav: Yes chichi dekh lena I will only win…
Khushi: Yeah right in your dreams…. She took the challenge seriously and starts’ finding the ring… arnav too was doing the same… Finally khushi got the ring and she screamed…
Khushi: Yayyyyy I got the ring…
Everyone looks at her and that’s when she realized, where she was… she looks down and said in a very low voice…
Khushi: I won I got the ring…
Arnav smiled looking at her and Anaya takes the ring from khushi and says…
Ananya: Good my bahu won…. I am sure khushi you are going to dominate…. Ok now arnav take this and slide the ring in her finger and make her yours for ever….
Arnav took the ring and slides in her finger looking at her…..
Ananya: Ok now arnav you stay here for sometime and I will take khushi to your room…
Arnav just nods and ananya and manora takes khushi to arnav’s room…..
They entered the room…. It was beautifully decorated with all the candles….. Bed was decorated with the flowers strings and rose petals….. Ananya made khushi sits on the bed and spreads her lehenga properly…
Ananya: Khushi I know in what circumstances you both got married but I will say only one thing that you both are married now and nothing can be change so beta accept this relationship as early as possible it will be good for both of you….
Khushi just nods her head… And Anaya with manorama left from their saying that they will send arnav soon….
Khushi was sitting on the bed thinking what has happened and how her life got changed in just few hours…. Her thoughts were broken when she heard the noise of the door…. She looks towards the door and sees arnav… He has just entered the room and was locking the door….
Khushi gets up from the bed and stands on the floor… Arnav comes to her and says…
Arnav: Khushi I think you should change I can understand it’s really very heavy and you must be tired….
Khushi: Hmmm I too think the same… I will change…. She then moves to her bag which was sent by the Gupta’s before the bidaai…. She removes her night dress and moves to the bathroom…. Here arnav went to the poolside and looks at the water thinking about the whole day and how his life got changed…..
Here khushi removes all her jewelry, and opens her hairs…. She then removes her dupatta…. She undid the dori of her choli and opened the first two buttons and screamed and walked out of the bathroom….
Arnav heard her scream and gets worried and move inside the room…. Khushi sees arnav and hugs him tight….
Arnav: Khushi kya hua why are you so scared….
Khushi: Arnav wo… Their in the bathroom….
Arnav: Kya hua khushi… What is their in the bathroom….
Khushi: Cockroach arnav a big cockroach…..
Arnav starts laughing and says…
Arnav: Khushi you are scared of a cockroach… He is not going to eat you…
Khushi hugs him more tightly and says…
Khushi: No I am scared….. I will not go their…
Arnav hugs her back and says…
Arnav: Khushi don’t be scared I will come with you ok… I will kill him… How dare he to scare my wife haan… Don’t he know my beautiful wife is scare of him…..
Arnav tried to calm her down and it worked khushi smiled and then she realized their position… She was hugging him tight and his hands were on her bare back… she pulled back from the hug and said….
Khushi: I am sory wo actually …
Arnav: Its ok khushi I know you was scared…. Come I will make sure he never threatens you…. He moved to the bathroom and killed that cockroach and khushi finally changed her clothes and comes out in her night dress and arnav too changed himself into tracks and T-shirt…..
He comes out and looks at khushi who was standing near the bed… He comes to her and said….
Arnav: Khushi you can sleep on the bed I will sleep their on the couch… don’t worry….
Khushi: Arnav its ok you can sleep on the bed… I mean we can share it… You don’t have to sleep on the couch…. She then makes the wall of pillow between them and they both drifted to sleep after the long tiring day which changed their lives forever…..

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