Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Second Love Becomes Life... Chapter 1

Chapter 1
Raizada Mansion was decorated with flowers and lights as the elder son of the Raizada family Arnav Singh Raizada was getting married to Khushi Singh Raizada'''''.
Khushi was getting ready in one of the room of RM when payal enters and was happy to see her sister looking so beautiful in her wedding attire but more happy to see her in something colorful and with loads of jewelry. Payal puts her hand on khushi's shoulder and asked her
Payal: Khushi are you alright?
Khushi: Yes jiji m fine and happy don't worry.
Payal: hmmm I know you will never ever regret your decision of getting married to arnavji because he is a very nice man and I am sure he will keep you happy always ok now let's go everyone is waiting for you downstairs
Khushi: Just give me 5 mins jiji I want some time alone just  5 mins jij
Payal: ok I am waiting for you outside. (With that she moves outside and waits for khushi)
Meanwhile in the room khushi takes out a photograph from her bag and starts talking with the photo.
Khushi: I am sorry but I have to do this I love you so much but I can't be selfish and destroy a life. You know na why I am doing all this. I am doing this for my unborn child please forgive me dhruv I love you.
With that she kept the photo inside her bag and move outside where payal was waiting for her. Payal hold her and they both moved downstairs. Payal made her sit besides Arnav and all the wedding rituals got started. Arnav and khushi both didn't looked at each other througout the wedding  except for the time when arnav was tieing Mangalsutra around her neck and when he was putting sindoor on her hair partition. After all the rituals they were announced as husband and wife and they took the blessings of the elders..
Gupta family left the RM as soon as all the rituals (during and after marriage) got completed. Naniji too went to her room leaving payal, khushi, anjali and arnav in the living room. Anjali told arnav to wait downstairs till her further instructions with that payal and anjali took khushi upstairs to arnav's room.
Room was decorated beautifully with candles and flowers. They took the khushi to the bed which was decorated with fresh rose petals and made her sit on the centre of the bed and both of them left giving her a smile of assurance that everything will be fine.
Khushi was sitting on the bed thinking what game fate had played with her .Three months before she was sitting in a similar way but in a different room. At that time she was so happy and so excited for that night. But today for her it was just a compromise for her baby .At that time she was the happiest women of the world but today she is not at all happy. She was happy at that time because she had becameKhushi Dhruv Singh Raizada. She has married a man with whom she has fallen in love with whom she dreamt of spending her whole life. But today she is Khushi Arnav Singh Raizada who has married Arnav Singh Raizada elder brother of Dhruv Singh Raizada just to give the father's name and love to her and dhruv's unborn child.
She came back from her thoughts when she heard a knock on the door she glanced towards the door and found Arnav opening the door and entering in the room. She suddenly became nervous by seeing him. He came to her and sat next to her on the bed. She shifted a little which didn't go unnoticed by arnav. He took her hands and spoke''''.
Arnav: khushi I know you are uncomfortable around me but trust me I will never forget the reason why we get married. I know you said yes for this marriage only for the baby and trust me I too said yes for the same reason coz nani wanted the baby in the RM because she didn't want to lose dhruv's child. I never wanted to get marry but for nani's happiness I get married and I assure you that I will fulfill all my duties towards you and your child. Your baby will be mine from today and will get the love of a father. I want you to support me for this so from now on we will be entering into a new relationship and that will be friendship so friends with that he brings his hand forward and khushi takes her hand saying friends.
Then arnav asks khushi to go change and sleep and he takes pillow and duvet and went to recliner and slept on it. After getting changed khushi come out and moves towards the bed and small smile crept on her lips looking at arnav as she felt relief that arnav will not be forcing her for anything.

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