Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Second Love Becomes Life... Chapter 14

Chapter 14 (Slightly mature)
Arnav: Khushi we will know about dhruv in two days till then we have to act ok'
Khushi: Hmmm'..
Arnav: Ok then lets go'. I will drop you to RM and then I will come after half an hour so that they will not have any doubt on us'
Khushi: Ok and she again hugs him tight'..
Arnav: Khushi'. What happened?
Khushi: Nothing arnavji actually its very hard to stay away from you and act as if I hate you or I am angry on you' I love you'. I love you a lot'.
Arnav: I love you too khushi and I too don't like all this but it's a matter of only two days khushi after that we will always be together'.
Khushi: Hmmm I hope this two days will pass soon'.
After sometime they broke the hug and sit in the car'Arnav drop khushi to the RM and drives away his car to nearby park for passing half an hour'.
Here khushi enters RM and was moving towards her room when dhruv stops her'.
Dhruv: Khushi are you alright?
Khushi: Please dhruv I don't want to talk to anybody'. Please leave me alone I want to spend some time alone'.
Dhruv: I know khushi tum par kya bit rahi hogi' Jab hum kisise pyaar karte hai true love and if that person cheats its really hard to digest that fact'.
Khushi: Dhruv please I said I don't want to talk about anything'..
Dhruv: Ok' Sorry bas but remember one thing khushi chahe kuch bhi ho jaye I am always their for you ok'. Whenever you feel like coming back to me you can' You know that I still love you'..
Khushi looks at him and thinks koi insaan kitna gir sakta hai'.
Khushi: Thanks dhruv'.. But right now I don't want to think about all this so please'.. Saying this she leaves from their and enters the kitchen for drinking water' she keeps her cell on the counter and drinks the water and left for her room leaving her cell on the counter'.
She enters the room and freshens herself and changes into night clothes and sits on the bed'. Her back touching head board and eyes closed'.. She was thinking about the whole incident when suddenly she feels a pair on strong arms around her body'.. She knows this touch' She smiles and opens her eyes' Arnav was standing in front of her'..
Arnav: So tired haan'
Khushi: NO I was just thinking about everything that happened in this 24 hours'.
Arnav: Don't think so much khushi saying this he starts kissing on her shoulder'.
Khushi: Arnavji'. Ye aap'
Arnav: haan mein'. He moves towards her ears and bites on her lobe' Khushi hissed in pain and arnav licked it to soothe the pain'.. He then removes his shirt and made her lay on the bed'. He gets on top of her and started kissing her on the face' He kissed on her eyes'. Then on her nose then on her cheeks'. And then he didn't kiss on lips instead he ran his finger on her lips to tease her'.
Khushi wraps her arms around his neck and pulled him close to her and took his lips in her mouth as she knew that he was just teasing her'. She bites him on his lower lip and licks the blood that oozes out from it'. She did the same with his upper lip'.. Arnav was liking this a lot' Then she entered his mouth and their tongues started exploring each and every corner of other's mouth'..
Arnav: I love khushi'. He says in between kisses' I love you a lot'..  He then broke the kiss and moves down towards her bosoms'. He cups her bosoms over her dress and sucked it'.. He then pull khushi up and opens her zip and slides her kurta down' and unhooked the Bra'. And started kissing on her bare back'.. He was biting her and licking her all over the back' Khushi cluched his bare shoulder for support and and started kissing him on his shoulders' She too bites him and then licks him'. Both were enjoying each other's taste when they heard a knock on the door'
Both came back to their sense'.
Arnav: Iss waqt kaun hoga'
Khushi: May be nani'. Muskaan ko dene aayi ho'.
Arnav: Hmmm yes possible'. I will see' He goes to open the door without wearing his shirt' He opens the door and gets shock to see the person at the door'
Arnav: Dhruv tum'.
Dhruv looks at arnav and his state' He was shirtless and was having bite marks on his shoulder'
Dhruv: Bhai wo khushi'.
She tries to look inside the room but arnav blocks his way and says'
Arnav: Dhruv she is in the bathroom' Kuch kaam tha'
Dhruv: Yes bhai wo her cell'. I found it on the kitchen counter'
Arnav: Ok you can give it to me' I will give her'.
Dhruv hands over the cell to arnav and moves from their'. Arnav closes the door and comes to khushi and says "Khushi your cell'. Tum kitchen counter par bhul gayi thi"'.
Khushi: Arnavji mujhe bohat dar lag raha hai'. I mean I think dhruv have seen this marks on your body and I am sure he will understand what we were doing inside and also that we are with each other'
Arnav: Hmmm me too thinks the same khushi hume jald hi kuch karna hoga'. I think hume kal hi pata karna hoga where was dhruv in this 10 months and jaldhi expose karna hoga'.
Here dhruv was sitting in his room with all the vases broken on the floor'. After giving khushi's cell he moved back and when arnav closed the door he again came back and puts his ears on the door and has listen to their conversation''.
Dhruv to himself "Khushi and bhai ye tum dono ne acha nahi kiya'  You guys are still together and you acted as if you are angry with each other' Pagal banana chahte the mujhe' He picks one of the vase and broke it again' Nahi bhai I will not let this happen'. You wants to expose me bhai'. I will not let this happen never'.. Is baar mein kuch aisa karuga jisse aap dono kabhi bhi sath nahi hoge' Khushi fir se akeli ho jayga and then she will marry me'. She will come to me bhai she will''.. Because khushi tum sirf meri ho sirf meri'.. And bhai you countdown starts from now'. Tick tick one' tick tick two'.

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