Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Second Love Becomes Life... Chapter 17

Chapter 17
Khushi came back home after meeting arnav, and moves to nani to take muskaan….. But nani informed her that muskaan is with dhruv and nani asked her if she is ok… Khushi replied "Yes nani I am good now and now I will live for my daughter muskaan…. She then walks to dhruv's room… Dhruv was playing with muskaan…. Khushi looks at dhruv and wanted to punch him right their but she controlled her emotions and walked towards him….
Khushi: Dhruv muskaan… I want to make her sleep….
Dhruv: Khushi how are you now…. Please don't stress yourself so much….
Khushi: I am good dhruv and I want to spend time with my daughter so please can I have her…
Dhruv gives muskaan to khushi and says…
Dhruv: Khushi if you need anything just tell me I am only a call away from you ok…
Khushi just nods her head and moves to her room… she enters the room and locked the door….
Khushi: Dhruv you are so cheap I just can't believe that I loved you in the past I am so grateful to you that you planned your death and I got arnavji in my life…..  She then moves towards the bed and made muskaan sleep and she too slept beside her missing arnav and also waiting for tomorrow as aman was going to give them information about dhruv's past….
Next morning khushi was still sleeping when she heard a knock on the door…. She opens her eyes and rubs it and thinks who will be at the door at this time… She gets up pulls the dupatta and move to open the door…. She opens the door and gets shock to see dhruv standing at the door with the tray of Tea…..
Khushi: Dhruv what are you doing here and that too so early….
Dhruv: Wo khushi actually I thought of having tea with you…. I thought you must me feeling low so I thought to cheer you up and have some tea with you….
Khushi: But dhruv I am ok and I don't drink tea….
Dhruv enters her room even though she didn't ask…..
Dhruv: Oho khushi I know you are lying because you don't want me to worry for you but I know your choice come on you was my wife in the past….
Khushi fumes hearing this word wife from his mouth she felt disgust as she was his wife a murderer's wife… But she controlled her anger and said….
Khushi: Correct dhruv I WAS your wife and now I am arnavji's wife see things change and so do choices now I don't like tea I like coffee as  my arnavji used to like coffee saying this she started crying…. Dhruv was angry hearing arnav's name from her mouth but he has to be nice with khushi if he wants her back in his life…. So he goes to her and caresses her back and says
Dhruv: Ssshhh khushi everything will be alright… Khushi didn't like his touch she moves little away from him….
Khushi: Dhruv please just leave me alone…. Please
Dhruv: Ok khushi…. He thinks "I should give khushi sometime to get out of bhai's thought after that she is going to be mine forever….."
He moves out of the room and khushi closed the door and moves to get shower…. She was really irritated with this dhruv…. After having shower she wore a lemon color chuddidar as she cant wear full white and she wanted to put sindoor and mangalsutra but family members can see so she put the sindoor and covered it with her hair and she wore the mangalsutra and covered it with her dupatta….. Muskaan was still sleeping peacefully…. She picks her up in her arms and walked downstairs and moves to nani's room…
Nani: Are khushi beetiyan come….
Khushi: Nani please take care of muskaan I will be back soon…
Nani: But where are you going beta…
Khushi: Wo nani I am going to AR office…. Actually aman called me saying he has some important things to discuss with me as I am Arnav Singh Raizada's wife….
Nani: Ok take care beta…
Khushi: Ji nani… She moved out from their…. And went to meet arnav…..
She enters the house and goes to the bedroom when aman was already sitting with Arnav…..
Khushi goes inside and hugs arnav and says… "I missed you arnavji…. And muskaan missed you too…"
Arnav: I missed you too khushi….. Just one more day and then…. He then looks towards aman and said… Aman you can start with your information… What you have found about dhruv…..
Aman: It's a shocking news ASR…. He is a murderer….
Arnav: I know that aman he tried to murder me but…..
Aman cuts his sentence and says….
Aman: No ASR I am not talking about you…. He has murdered someone in the past….
Now this was the shocking news for arnav and khushi both…..
Arnav: What!!!!!!
Aman: Yes ASR he has murdered a girl….. Before meeting khushi he was having an affair with a girl…. Girl was from Chandigarh…. She wanted dhruv to tell about them to the family and dhruv was about to tell the family when he met khushi and the moment he saw her he only knows one thing that he want her at any cost and for that he was ready to marry her….. So he asked khushi for marriage and they got married but he didn't know one thing that his ex girlfriend was pregnant with his child and when she came to know about dhruv's truth she started blackmailing him by saying that she will tell the truth to khushi and his family if he didn't come to her….. And also she had the proofs… Dhruv than made a plan…. He faked his accident and went to that girl saying that he will always stay with her and he changed his name and identity… Girl thought that he is very much in love with her… That girl was in her fourth month and dhruv started faking his care for her and child and one day he puts some tablets in her food and made her eat that… That was the pill which would kill the child and also weakens the womb so that she will not be able to conceive again….. After having the food she started feeling uneasiness and she falls down and then dhruv informed her that it was a miscarriage….. Girl cried a lot but dhruv didn't tell her one thing that her womb was very weak and in all this his childhood friend who was a doctor was also involved…. Dhruv consoled her and said that don't worry we will have another baby… Dhruv started taking care of her… Girl was really happy with dhruv and one day she becomes pregnant but due to her weak womb she died when she was 5 months pregnant and doctors said that her death was due to weak womb so their was no chance of any one knowing this truth….. After that dhruv came back and the doctor which accompanied her was the friend of that lady doctor….
Arnav and khushi were too shocked to react to anything…. They just cant believe their ears that dhruv can do such a thing and khushi was feeling disgusted when she thinks of their time spent together….. She wanted to kill dhruv now but arnav hugged her and calmed her and asked aman….
Arnav: But aman one thing which I didn't get was why dhruv faked his death I mean he can do that by making an excuse of business trip….
Aman: ASR he wanted to stay with that girl for the whole time till she died… And he was not sure how much time it would take for her to get pregnant again and also he didn't want khushi or anyone to have doubt on him so the best option was to fake his death and then again come back… But his plans were messed when you came into the picture and got married to khushi…..
Arnav: Dhruv you are dead man…. I will expose you soon…. But aman…. From where you got all this information….
Aman: I work for you ASR so I have to keep lots of contacts…. I have to contact my entire source and then the main information was given to me by one of the staff of that hospital where dhruv's girlfriend was kept after miscarriage…. You know I have tactics to bring out truth….
Arnav: hmmm isliye to you are my best employee and buddy… Ok to abhi we have to do is to gather proofs… I know aman you have some but we will need more….

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