Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Second Love Becomes Life... Chapter 18

Chapter 18
Arnav then looks towards khushi and says….
Arnav: Khushi you ok…..
Khushi hugged him tight and says "Arnavji I still cant believe that dhruv can do something so cheap and disgusting…. I mean he killed his own baby arnavji and not once but twice….. And he killed that girl… How could he arnavji…. I am feeling so disgusted… I am feeling as if he used me only for his lust…. Why arnavji why it happened with me why? Saying this tear started flowing from her eyes…. Arnav caressed her back to make her calm and says….
Arnav: Ssshhh khushi you didn't know about him at that time…. And now you are with me you are mine so don't worry I promise we will expose him soon and he will be punished for his deeds each and every deeds I will not leave him like this…..
Khushi dug her face more into his chest and pulls him close to her….
She was still sobbing and arnav was calming her down and after sometime she stopped crying but didn't leave arnav she was still hugging him……
After sometime arnav pulled back from the hug and cupped her cheeks….
Arnav: Khushi you have to be strong ok and remember one thing that I am always with you ok…..
Khushi nods her head in yes and then arnav wipes her tears…..
Arnav: I have a plan and if everything went as per that then I am sure by tomorrow dhruv will be in jail…
Khushi: Arnavji I have full trust in you and I am sure we will be successful in our plan….
Arnav: Hmmm…. The plan is…….. He then narrates his whole plan to aman and khushi…..
Aman: Ok ASR I will arrange for the sim cards don't worry as I have a friend in Chandigarh who works in telecom industry so it wont be a problem…..
Arnav: hmmm good… Now we just have to wait for his move…. I am damn sure he will go to Chandigarh and I think aman we should reach their before him…..
Aman: Right ASR I will book our tickets we will leave in few hours…..
Arnav: Khushi tum ghar jao and take care of yourself ok…. We will be back soon…..
Khushi: Arnavji I will also come with you….
Arnav: Nahi khushi I don't want you to take any kind of risk please….
Khushi: NO arnavji I want to come please I want to see him getting exposed….
Arnav: But khushi it can be dangerous….
Khushi: No arnavji till the time you are with me I know nothing can happen to me….
Arnav: Ok but what will you tell to the family members….
Khushi: That you leave on me I will make any excuse….
Arnav: Ok khushi….
Khushi: Arnavji I think I should go now…. Muskaan is with nani but still I am scared what if dhruv uses muskaan to get me or to separate us now I don't trust him a bit…. And I have to get ready for the trip na….
Arnav: Don't worry khushi he will do nothing….. At least not in front of the family…. Take care of yourself and meet us here in one hour we will go by road……
Khushi: Yes arnavji…. Bye she hugs arnav and moves out from that house… She drives back to RM…. She enters the house and moves to nani room to take back muskaan….
Nani: Khushi beetiyan aao na….  you completed the work….
Khushi: Yes nani….. Nani where is muskaan….
Nani: She is sleeping on the bed come…..
Khushi moves inside and sits on the bed besides muskaan and says…
Khushi: Nani I want to talk to you about something…
Nani: Yes khushi bolo….
Khushi: Wo nani actually arnavji was supposed to go for an important meeting in mumbai today but he is (Saying this few tears came out from her eyes)….
Nani too was crying she says…
Nani: Khushi beetiyan sambhaliye apne aap ko I know its very hard but you have to be strong for your daughter hai na…. So what you were saying….
Khushi wipes her tears and says : And this meeting is very important for the AR group and Arnavji is not here so BOD wants me to attend this meeting on his behalf with aman…..
Nani: Ok but beta will you manage and what about muskaan…
Khushi: Aman is their to help me and I will be taking muskaan with me….
Nani: Ok beta take care….
Khushi: Thank you nani… I will be back by tomorrow….
She takes muskaan and goes to her room…. She keeps the muskaan on the bed and caressed her….. My baby I am so sorry I know mama is not able to give you time but don't worry soon mama and papa both are going to play with muskaan…." Ok now come on get ready we have to leave for Chandigarh ok…. She kisses her on her forehead makes her ready and leaves from their…
Dhruv's sees her moving out with muskaan he thinks where this khushi is going and that too alone with muskaan… He asks nani about this and nani informed him about the meeting and khushi going to Mumbai….. He came back to his room and starts thinking how to get khushi back in his life…..
Here khushi meets arnav and aman and they starts for Chandigarh….. After 2 hours aman calls his friend and asked him to send the message……
Dhruv was relaxing himself on his chair and was having a coffee when he heard a beep…. He removes his cell from his pocket and sees a message from an unknown number… He opens the message and gets shock to read the message….
"Mr Raizada I know about your past…. I know how you killed your girlfriend and your own child… Not once but twice…. How you made this murder look like a natural death I know everything about you…."
 He dialed that number but it was unreachable….. He thinks "Kaun ho sakta hia yeh, kise pata hai ye sab ya fir somebody is just trying to trick me….." He called his man and gave him the number and asked him for the information…..  He sat on the chair thinking "who could he be" when he again received a message from a new unknown number…. He opens the message and reads "Mr Raizada, don't think that I am playing some prank or trick on you I have proofs about everything"….. He agains tried calling the number but it was not reachable…. He throws his cell on the bed in frustration…. "Kaun ho sakta hai kise pata hai mere bare mein… Mujhe jald hi find out karna hoga or else I would be in great trouble…..
He agains calls his man and give him this new number……. And says…
Dhruv: I want all the information in half an hour or else you know what I can do….
Man: Yes sir,  don't worry I will call you in 15 minutes… He cuts the call….
Dhruv was pacing in his room waiting for the call as he wanted to know who is behind all this and then after 15 minutes he got the call…..
Dhruv: Haan bolo kaha ka number hai and kiske number hai…..
Man: Sir yeh number Chandigarh ka hai and kisi bindiya ke naam par hai…..
Dhruv: What!!!!!! Are you serious…. What's her full name….
Man: Bindiya Kapoor….. And both the numbers are issued on the same name…..
Dhruv: What!!!! How is this possible…..
Man: Kya hua sir…..
Dhruv: Nothing books my ticket for Chandigarh now I am leaving tonight….. He cuts the call and thinks "How is this possible I mean Bindiya Kapoor no how can she be alive I think someone is using her name but who… I have to the truth soon….. And also Who is the person who knows about this…. Only Kriya and her friend know about this but they will not open their mouth as they are also with me in this crime than who….. I have to find this really very soon…

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