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Second Love Becomes Life... chapter 19

Chapter 19
Dhruv got ready and left for Chandigarh' He informed everyone that he is going to his friend's place and will be back by tomorrow'. He boarded the flight and reached Chandigarh and took the cab directly to her friend's hospital and moved to her cabin'.
Kria: Dhruv what the hell are you doing here?
Dhruv: Kria I know I should not have come here but I really wanted to talk to you about something very important'. Actually kria I got a message from someone saying he knows about everything'.
Kria: What!!!!!
Dhruv: Yes' See (He showed his cell to kria)'.
Kria: Dhruv actually I also received this messages few hours before'.
Now dhruv was more shocked'.
Dhruv: What!!! Then why you didn't inform me'.
Kria: I thought someone is playing a trick on me so I decided to behave as nothing is wrong but now I am scared dhruv' And did you enquire about the number I mean on whose name this numbers are issued'
Dhruv: Tum yakeen anhi karogi kria its on bindiya's name'.
Kria: What!!!! Dhruv are you serious'. I mean how it is possible'.
Dhruv: Yes I am serious and I am also shocked I think some one other than us knows about this but who'.. We have to find it soon kria or we are dead'.
Kria: Haan you are right dhruv' Mera to carrear hi barbaad ho jayga' They will cancel my license when they will come to know what we have done with bindiya'.
Dhruv: Don't worry I will not let that happen' I will do something'.. And by the way where is your that friend who have came with me to Delhi as my doctor' do you think he can do this' I mean apart from us he was the one who knows the truth'
Kria: I don't think dhruv'. He will not do such things and also at present he is not in chandigarh so'
Dhruv: Hmmm don't worry I will find that person soon'. I just wanted to alert you ok'. Now I will go I will meet you tomorrow
Dhruv moves out from their leaving a very sweaty kria behind'.
Arnav, aman and khushi were at the same hospital'. After dhruv left they entered kria's cabin and locked the door'. Kria looked at them says'
Kria: You all again I mean what happen and why you guys have locked the door'..
Before one hour'..
Aman and khushi enters kria's cabin as husband and wife'. Arnav was waiting for them near the lobby'.. He didn't go because kria had seen him with dhruv as she was his childhood friend'..
Kria: Yes'.
Aman: Hello doctor I am Aman Mathur and she is my wife Kinjal Mathur'. (Kria was not able to attend khushi and dhruv's wedding as she went to London for some work so she had not seen khushi at all)
Kria: Hello'. Yes how may I help you'.
Aman: Doctor actually me and my wife are planning for a second baby but my wife is very weak so I want you to check her and advice us whether we can go for second child or should we wait for sometime'.
Kria: Ok'. Kinjal right' come I have to do your check up'.
Khushi smiles and goes with kria'. Kria starts her check up and khushi kept her busy asking various questions and here aman installed spy camera in the room with microphone''
After sometime, khushi and kria came back, kria smiles looking at Aman'.
Kria: Mr Mathur your wife is perfectly fine but I think she has just delivered a baby so I would advice that you should go for second baby after a year and if you want it early than after few months'.
Aman: Thanks a lot doctor'. He gives her the fees and they both walked out of the cabin with smirk on their faces'..
Flashback Ends'..
Kria: And Arnav bhai aap' What you are doing with this two'.
Arnav: Kria right'.. So kria I want to talk to you about something very important'.
Kria was shocked to see arnav' And what he wants to talk this was bothering her much'.
Kria: Yes arnav bhai boliye na'.
Arnav: Aman'. (Aman gives laptop to arnav and arnav opens the video for kria)'.. Kria gets shocked seeing the video they have recorded all her talks with dhruv' She was hell scared now'.
Arnav: So kria would you like to say something'
Kria: Bhai wo actually'.
Arnav: Dekho kria I have this video and I am sure you would not like me to show this video to the hospital head or to the police right'. And you very well know what will happen with you'.
Kria: Bhai please don't do this please I will do anything for you all but please don't do this' My life will be ruined'. I beg you all Please'..
Arnav: Ok but only on one condition'
Kria: I will do anything'.. but please don't show this video to anyone please'
Arnav: Ok so you have to do a small thing for us'. He then says something to kria'.
Kria: But'.
Arnav: Its upto you kria'. Decision is yours'. And yes you have full 5 minutes to take the decision'.
Kria: Ok I am ready'.
Arnav: Good'. Now come'.
Kria: Where'.
Arnav: Ohh come on do you think that we will leave you alone' You will be staying with us till we are done with our work' Now come on'. He then moves to aman and says'.
Arnav: Aman bring her to the hotel' I am leaving with khushi'
Aman: Ok ASR' They all moved towards the hotel'
Next morning'. Kria gets ready and leaves for the hospital'. Here dhruv tried to find out that mystery man but he was not successful' Kria reached the hospital and calls dhruv'..
Dhruv: Haan kria bolo'
Kria: Dhruv please come to the hospital its very urgent'
Dhruv: Kya hua kria'
Kria: I cant tell you on the phone please come soon'.
Dhruv: Ok'.
Dhruv leaves for the hospital and reaches the hospital and enters into kria's cabin and locks the door'
Dhruv: Yes kria why you have called me' What was so urgent'.
Kria: dhruv wo actually I got one more message yesterday from the same number'
Dhruv: What'. What was their in the message'.
Kria reads the message "So kria you too was involved in my murder haan'. How could you kria'."
Dhruv was now all sweaty'.
Dhruv: We have to really find out soon who is doing all this'.
Kria: Kahin bindiya hi to nahi'
Dhruv: Are you mad kria'. You and me we both know that she died in front of us infact we have killed her'. I have made her womb so weak that wo chahti bhi to baby conceive karne k baad zinda nahi bachti'.. And you have seen her reports right and why I am saying all this we have seen her dead body in front of us'.
Dhruv started pacing in the cabin..
Kria: But ho sakta hai reports were wrong tumne use right medicine nahi di ho and she must be alive and she must have faked her death just like you'.
Dhruv: Its not possible kria I always use to check the medicine before giving to her' I mean I always use to make sure she had the right medicines which will make her womb weak and also she will suffer a miscarriage'.
Kria: Ok so it means there is someone'. Ho sakta hai tumhare family mein se I mean arnav bhai or someone who knows about this'.
Dhruv: No kria its not possible I have killed arnav bhai too'.
Kria was actually shock hearing that' Now she came to know why arnav wanted her to ask this question'.
Kria: What are you saying dhruv'..
Dhruv: Yes kria he married my khushi'. Khushi k liye I have killed bindiya and arnav bhai got khushi I was helpless I had to kill him'. But don't worry no one will know as all thinks that arnav bhai died because of the problem in his car which led to the blast but they don't know that I was the one who had plant the bomb'
Kria: What'. Dhruv how could you do this'.
Dhruv: Just shut up kria and think ab kya karna hai humein'. I am leaving right now I will ask all my men to find about this mystery number and messages'
Kria: Ok' I will call you if I knows about something'.
Dhruv: Ok'. He goes from their and then arnav, aman and khushi comes to kria'.
Arnav: Well done kria'. Good Job I promise that your license will not get cancel and also will request the authority to minimize your punishment as you have helped us in exposing dhruv'.
Kria: Thank you'.
Khushi: Arnavji aapne why you didn't inform crime branch we have his confession'.
Arnav: You are right khushi but I want to show his true colours to our family khushi' I don't want them to shed tears for him' He didn't deserve that'.
Khushi hugged arnav and says finally we are successful arnavji'. Now he will be behind the bars soon'.
Arnav: Hmmm right khushi'''
After that they all left for Delhi with kria as they can't let her stay alone'.

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