Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Second Love Becomes Life... Chapter 20

Chapter 20
Khushi came back to RM and meets everyone and went back to her room' After sometime aman comes to the RM'.. Anjali opened the door'.
Anjali: Aman tum come have a seat'
Aman: Thank you mam' Actually I am here for something important can you please call everyone'
Anjali: Yeah sure' HP' HP'Call everyone in the living room''
HP: Ji beetiyan'..
After few minutes everyone gathers in the living room'
Aman takes the blessing from the elders and then starts his dialogue'.
Aman: Naniji'. Tomorrow there is a party in Raizada guest house' I am here to invite you all'
Nani: Party and that too in Raizada guest house why aman'.
Aman: Naniji we got the deal for which we went to Mumbai'. And this deal was very important for ASR and he always use to tell me that aman when we get this deal we will throw a huge party and that too in Raizada Guest house so khushi bhabhi has decided to throw party as it was ASR's wish'.
Everyone was in tears' They were still unable to believe that arnav is not with them'. Nani nods into yes and says'. "We will come aman we will'."
Aman: Thank you nani ji' I will come to pick you all tomorrow at 6Pm'.Ok
Anjali: Thik hai'..
Aman moves from their and goes to the Guest house as he has to made arrangements for tomorrow'..
Dhruv was still in Chandigarh'. He was not getting anything' He was sitting in his hotel room when he again recives a message from an unknown number' He opens and read the message "Mr Raizada what happened haan'. You still don't know who I am' Ok I will tell you who I am' No I will directly meet you'. Meet me tomorrow in Delhi'. Where and at what time I will tell you in my next message"'.
Dhruv: Who the hell are you? Samne aao bas'. I will make sure kal ka din tumhare last day hoga' You want to meet me in Delhi na ok then see you in Delhi'. He left Chandigarh and reached Delhi in the early morning'.. He went directly to his room when nani came to him'
Nani: Dhruv beta today evening we all are going to Raizada Gest house'.
Dhruv: Why Nani I mean achanak se'.
Nani: Beta khushi and aman jis deal k liye Mumbai gaye the that deal is successful and That deal was very important for ASR'. He wanted to throw party after that so khushi and aman decided to throw party as per his wish tum bhi chaloge humare saath'
Dhruv: But Nani I have some work'.
Nani: Please dhruv you are coming with us and that's final'.
Dhruv: Ok'. I will reach their directly'.
Nani: Hmmm but don't be late party will start from 6'.
Dhruv: Ok'..
Khushi was really happy today' she will be getting her arnavji back and dhruv will be behind the bars'. She wears simple dress as still in the eyes of everyone she was window'.. She made muskaan ready and then left for the guesthouse with aman and all the family members'..
Lavanya was still in the RM'. She too was very upset with the news that arnav is death so most of the time she use to be alone in her room'. Today also nani called her for the party but she made the excuse that she is not well and didn't attend the party''
Party started and all were enjoying themselves'. Aman has arranged a huge screen in the party'. Dhruv came to the party around 7Pm'.Aman looked at him and went to stage'
Aman: Ladies and Gentleman' As we all know that Mr Arnav Singh Raizada is not with us today but I would like to show you his life journey' He then asked someone to start the projector'.
Now video started with arnav winning first award for the smallest entrepreneur'. Everyone were looking towards the projector' Few have tears in their eyes remembering arnav when suddenly dhruv's confession started'..
All were shocked to see that and also to hear that how he had killed his girlfriend her child and then the arnav'. Whole Raizada family was shocked to hear that and dhruv was sweating heavily seeing all that'. He was about to run when arnav's men holds him'.. Video ended and then lights were switched on'..
Nani came towards dhruv and slapped him hard'.. "I cant believe dhruv you can do such a cheap thing'. You killed your own brother shii' I just hate you and from today you are not my grandson"'. One by one every member slapped him and then they heard a voice which made them shock'.
"Your game is over dhruv."'. everyone looked towards the entrance'. Their enters Arnav Singh Raizada with a smirk on his face'.. He came towards dhruv and slapped him hard'..
Arnav: Shocked hai na'. What you thought that you have killed me and I am dead no dhruv that whole plan was mine that day''.
He then narrates everything from khushi hearing dhruv's talk to their plan of fake death and then everything'.
Dhruv was too shocked to react' And all the family members were happy too see arnav'..
Arnav: Inspector arrest him and this are the proofs' He hands over the CD to them'.
Inspector: Thank you Mr Raizada'..
Inspector was about to take dhruv when khushi stopped them...
Khushi: One minute...
All looked towards khushi... she goes to dhruv and slapped him hard...
Khushi: This one for killing that innocent girl and then she slapped him again... This one for fooling me and coming into my life... And yes I would also like to thank you as only because of you fake accident I got arnavji in my life thanks a lot... she then says to inspector... Take him away...
Police takes the Dhruv with them and arnav comes to the Nani'
Arnav: I am so sorry nani but this was the only option I had,' I know I have hurt you all but'
Nani: Nahi beta I am happy that you are alive and that dhruv is behind the bars I am so happy that I got my grandson back'.
He hugs her and then everyone'.
Aman: Everyone please continue enjoying the party'.. We are really sorry for the disturbance'.
Everyone in the party were also happy to see their lovable Arnav Singh Raizada Alive'.. Arnav then moves to khushi and hugs her'.
Arnav: Finally we did it khushi we have exposed him now no one can separate us' We will always be together'
Khushi: Yes arnavji' I am so happy'.. He then takes muskaan in his arms and kisses her'.
Arnav: My baby Papa missed you a lot my baby missed me' Muskaan laughs as if she understood everything and arnav hugs her'.
Then they all went to RM''

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