Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Second Love Becomes Life... Chapter 21....

Chapter 21 (Mature Content)
Arnav and khushi entered the RM with muskaan and nani anjali and all the members too entered with them….. HP sees arnav and he too was happy to see him alive….
Nani: HP I want you to make five types of sweet and sugar free ok… and that too my arnav's favorite…. Today we will celebrate his second life… And yes prepare todays food as per his choice…. I am so happy today… My arnav is alive…. Beta (she then hugs arnav)…..
Lavanya heard some noises…. She heard nani saying arnav and talking about his likes… She comes out of her room and gets shock to see arnav alive standing in front of her…. She runs to him and hugs him….
Khushi fumes when she did that but she controlled herself…. Arnav somehow manages to pull back from the hug and moves close to khushi….
Lavanya: ohhh ASR I am so happy that you are alive….
Arnav just fakes smiles and says…
Arnav: Ok I am really very tired now… Khushi please come with me na I need some rest….
Anjali teases them…
Anjali: Hmmm we all know what kind of rest you need haan….
Arnav: di please….. Ok I am leaving…. He takes khushi and muskaan with him and leaves from their….
Anjali was about to move from their when lavanya stops her….
Lavanya: Di ASR… I mean where he was….
Anjali then narrates the whole thing and lavanya gets shocked to know that Dhruv has planned his death…. She felt happy that dhruv was behind the bars but now she was sure that khushi and arnav are together and may be they were acting before… She thought of a plan and thinks ASR you are mine and only mine I will not let you go to that khushi so soon….. Dhruv was idiot but I am not… I will make you mine…..
Here in arshi's room…..
Khushi and arnav entered the room… Khushi moves to the bed and keeps muskaan on the bed… Arnav locks the door and comes to khushi and hugs her from behind….
Arnav: Khushi I have missed you so much… I love you I really love you a lot….
Khushi puts her hands on his and says….
Khushi: Arnavji I too have missed you and I love you too….. He then turns her towards him and hugs her and whispers in her ears…
Arnav: Khushi I want to mark you as mine… NOW….
Khushi blushes hearing this….. She dugs her face more into his chest and holds him tight…..
Arnav too hugs her back and then starts kissing her on her nape…..
He then picks her up and moves towards the bed… Khushi wraps her arms around his neck and was looking at him in his eyes… Arnav too was looking in his eyes…. He placed her on the bed little away from muskaan and gets on top of her…. He leaned down and looks into her eyes and said…
Arnav: Khushi you know, you have the most beautiful eyes in this world… He leans down and kisses her on her eyes… Khushi closed her eyes… He then kisses her on her cheeks then on her ears… He bites her on her lobes and khushi flinched but later became calm when he licks their to soothe her pain….
He then moves towards her lips and captures her lips in to his….. Khushi dugs her hands in his hair and starts pulling him close…. Arnav sucks her lips and then bites her on her lower lips… she parted them and arnav enters her mouth… Their tongue got busy in exploring and and every corner of each other's mouth…. Arnav's hand slowly started moving from her nape to her front towards her belly…. He caressed her their for sometime over her dress and then starts pulling her kurti till her neck…. He broke the kiss and moves down and started kissing her belly button and sucking it…. Khushi clutched his coat and moaned his name…. Arnav started biting her their and then licking it to soothe her pain….
Slowly he moved her mouth towards her cleavage and sucks her there and then pulled her kurti off her and bites her bosom over her bra…. He licked their making it all wet and cups the other with his other hand…. Khushi too wanted to explore him so she started removing her coat… Arnav gets up and sits on her knees and removes his clothes… Now he was only in his boxers… He again leans down and unhooks her bra and throw it away… He started sucking her bosom and khushi dug her nail on his bare back and starts kissing him their…. She rolled him under her and then starts kissing him on his chest…. She bites him on his Nipples and then sucks it to soothe her pain…. Arnav was loosing his control… He pulled her up with her hairs and kissed her on her mouth…. Khushi can feel his hardened for on her bare belly and arnav rubbed it more over her…..
After sometime khushi breaks the kiss and again moves down to kiss him… She kissed him everywhere on his upper body and then moves towards his waist… He kissed him on his waistline and then slides the boxer down and kissed him on his hardened form…. Arnav groaned when she kissed him their…. Arnav pulls her up and then pinned her below her and removes her salwar and panty… He touched her on her already wet core and rubs the thumb over it….
Khushi: Arnavji…..But today arnav wanted to pleasure her in all form…. He increased her speed and soon his fingers were replaced by his lips… He started licking her and his tongue was creating havoc on her senses….
Khushi: Arnavji please….
Arnav wanted to tease her more but one please from khushi was enough for him… He thrust his hardened form inside her and covered her mouth with his… And starts moving slowly…. Khushi calms down in a while and increased her speed and his hands cupped her bosoms…. After sometime they both reached the climax and arnav lays down on her without coming out…. He hugged her tight and said "I love you… and from today you are mine only mine…"
Khushi too hugs him tight and slowly arnav comes out of her and sleeps beside her covering the both with the quilt….
Next morning….
Arnav wakes up with khushi in his arms…. He looked at her and smiled looking at her… she was sleeping with a smile on her face… He kisses her on her forehead when they heard the knock on the door….
Khushi opens her eyes hearing the knock and smiles at arnav….
Khushi: Good morning…
Arnav: Good Morning… Princess.. Let me check who is at the door….
Arnav gets up wears his clothes and moves to open the door…
Arnav: Lavanya…. What are you doing here at this time.. I means its so early…
Lavanya: I know ASR actually I want to talk something very important to you both… mein puri raat so nahi paayi its really very important…
Arnav: Haan bolo…
Lavanya: Can I come in…
Arnav looks at the state of the room… Khushi's clothes, her inner wares were spread in the room but before arnav could say anything lavanya enters the room and looks at the room's state and then at khushi who was on the bed with quilt over her…. She understood what they did in the room…
Lavanya: ASR I am so sorry I think I came at the wrong time… I will come later and she rans from their…..
Arnav closes the door and says…
Arnav: good she have seen us like this… Now atleast she will understand that I love only khushi and I am marked by her and I will be remain as her forever….
Here lavanya runs to her room and throws everything and cries sitting on the bed and says…
Lavanya: ASR how dare you…. You allowed that khushi to mark you… No I will make you mine… You are mine ASR samjhe tum only mine…..

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