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Second Love Becomes Life... Chapter 22....

Chapter 22 (Mature Content)
Arnav comes towards khushi and says'.
Arnav: I still cant believe khushi that my childhood friend whom I use to consider as my best friend can do such things'.
Khushi: I can understand arnavji' May be she loves you a lot and not able to see you with me'. She must be hurt na arnavji but I think she will understand all this one day'.
Arnav: Acha what if I decide to ease her pain' I mean what if I offer her to spends a night with me and then asks her to go back to London and I am sure she will not say no to this offer and we will be happy forever'..
Khushi looks at him in shocked and tears welled up in her eyes'. Arnav looks at her and starts laughing'
Arnav: Khushi you took that seriously' You think I can do such a thing'. You think I will spend my night with some other girl'. I was just kidding sweetheart'
Khushi gets up from the bed and hugs him tight'. She didn't even bother that she was not wearing anything and her quilt has fall down from her front'.
Khushi: Arnavji Please I don't like this jokes' I cant imagine to share you with some one else not even in my dreams and not for one night also so please never say like this again'.
Arnav hugs her back and says'
Arnav: SSShhh khushi I am so sorry' I am really very sorry'. He started caressing her back and then he realized that she was wearing nothing and he gets lost in her'.
Arnav pulled back from the hug and removes his T.shirt'.
Khushi: Arnavji what are you doing'.
Arnav: ssshhh''
 Khushi realized that she was all naked in front of her' she felt shy as arnav was seeing her in the day light'.. She hugged him and hides her face'..
Arnav too hugged her back and starts planting open mouth wet kisses on her nape'. He runs his hands on her bare back and khushi hugged him more tight'. He then moves his hands downwards towards her waist and squeezed her'. He then pulled her from the hug and makes her lay on the bed an gets on top of her and starts placing open mouth kisses on her throat'. He licks her their and then moves towards her cleavage and starts tasting her'. He bites her on her bosoms and starts sucking it'. He played with her already hard nipples'' After feasting on her bosom he moved down towards her belly'.. He inserts his tongue in her belly button and starts licking it'. Khushi dugs her nails on his shoulders and moaned with pleasure'. Arnav then moves upwards and captures her mouth'. He tasted her mouth and kneads her bosom'. Khushi was all wet down'. She rolled over him and starts kissing him on his chest'. She moves down placing open mouth kisses on his bare body' she stops when she reached his waist'. She gets up and sits on his lap and unbutton his jeans and then pulls down his zip'.. Arnav was shocked to see this side of khushi but he was enjoying' He didn't stop her he wanted her to do everything she wants'. She then starts removing his jeans and he helped her'. Now he was only in his boxers'. Khushi leaned down and kissed him on his manhood'.. She then kissed him on his waistline and then starts removing the boxers'. She removed it and then kissed on his manhood again but this time direct without any cover'.. She then holds it in her hands and arnav closed his eyes in pleasure'.. Her soft hands were really creating havoc their' He wanted to thrust inside her then and their' He pulled her up and then kissed her on her mouth' Their lower body were touching each other's'..
Arnav rolled over her and pinned her down and then moved down towards her core and starts licking her already wet core'. His lips were on her core and his hands were busy kneading her bosoms'.. Khushi clutched the sides of the bedsheet and after sometime arnav enters inside her and kissed her'. He starts thrusting with slow speed and then increases his speed when she was little relax'.They both climaxed with each other and then arnav lays down beside her hugging her saying'
Arnav: Khushi I don't know what magic you have done on me but I cant stay away from you even for a single minute' I love you'..
Khushi: I love you too arnavji'. She hugged him more tight' and they slept into each other's arms for some more time and then khushi gets up and wraps the bedsheet around her and starts walking towards the bathroom'. She takes the shower and comes out wearing the purple anarkali dress'. Arnav then moves for the shower' After some time he comes out by wrapping towel around his waist and starts getting ready for the office'
Khushi looks at him and comes towards him and hugs him from behind and says'.
Khushi: Arnavji are you going to office today'.
Arnav turns around and looks at khushi and says'
Arnav: Yes khushi'. Why?
Khushi: Hmmm nothing wo actually I just wanted to spend some more time with you'.
Arnav: Hmmm some one is getting really very naughty haan'
Khushi blushes and says'
Khushi: Actually I have missed you a lot in this days so I want to spend the whole day with you and muskaan' But if you have something very important then you can go to the office I will not stop you'.
Arnav cups her cheeks and says'
Arnav: Khushi nothing comes before you and muskaan' I am not going to office today and that's final' Now tell me where you want me to take you both'.
Khushi hugs him tight and says'
Khushi: Thank you arnavji I really love you and places a kiss on his chest'. And then says'. Arnavji I don't want to go anywhere I just want you in this house..
Arnav: Ok then done today we will not leave our room' Ok'. After all we really have to cover up for the days'
Khushi: Kya I didn't get you'.
Arnav picked her up in his arms and walked towards the bed and puts her down and says I mean for the love making sessions which we'
Khushi understood him and looks down turning all red'..
Here in lavanya's room'
Lavanya was still thinking of some plan'. She very well knows one thing that khushi will not misunderstands arnav so easily' she have to think very big for this' She thought for some time and then she removes her cell and calls someone'.
Lavanya: Hello sheetal' Lavanya'
Sheetal: Yes Mam'.
Lavanya: Sheetal I want you to do something for me and I promise that I will promote you for sure'..
Sheetal: Sach mam then tell me what I have to do' I am ready to do anything'.
Lavanya: First thing come to Delhi and then I will tell you what you have to do'.
Sheetal: Ok mam'..
Lavanya cuts the call and says '. Ok ASR you are going to be mine very soon and khushi will be out of your life'.. But before that I have to do one more thing'..
Lavanya walks to arshi's room and knocks on the door'. Arnav opened the door'
Arnav: Lavanya tummm'.
Lavanya: ASR you are still at home'.
Arnav: Yes Lavanya today I am spending my day with my khushi and my daughter muskaan'
Lavanya fakes smile and says ASR can I come in'. I mean are you guys busy'
Khushi comes from behind and says'
Khushi: No not at all lavanya come'.
Lavanya: Thank you khushi actually khushi and ASR I want to talk to you both and its really very important'.
Khushi: Haan bolo na lavanya'.
Lavanya: I am sorry khushi'. I am so sorry ASR'.
Khushi and arnav looks at her with confused expressions'.
Arnav: Sorry for what lavanya'
Lavanya: Actually khushi I love ASR and I always wanted him in my life but he married you and then when I came to know I was really mad at him and started to hate you and decides to make ASR mine and therefore I joined hands with dhruv and helped him to separate you both by creating misunderstanding' she then tells them how they planned everything'. Please khushi forgive me'. After seeing you both together and your love for each other I really feels that you both are made for each other and nobody can separates you' I am really sorry'.
Khushi: Its ok lavanya' Good thing is you realized your mistake and I am sure you too will find someone for you'.
Lavanya: Thanks khushi' sach mein tumhare dil bohat bada hai'. Ok then take care' Bye ASR bye khushi' I will be leaving for the London soon' I don't want to be here now'
Khushi: Take care lavanya'.
ASR: Bye and take care lavanya and yes I am also happy that you realized your mistake'
Lavanya: Thanks ASR' Bye'
She walks out of their room and says mistake'. I have not done any mistake khushi' I was in ASR's life from the start' You came in between us and I promise that you will be out from his life soon'.. She then meets every member and bids them bye and leaves the RM'..

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