Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Second Love Becomes Life... Chapter 23

Chapter 23 (Slight Mature Content)
In Arshi's room….
Arnav: I am so happy khushi…. Finally everything is alright and now there is no one to disturb us…
Khushi: Hmmm…. I felt bad for lavanya…. She is a sweet girl she did all this only for her love but I am glad that now she understood and moved back to London… Hope she will find someone for her soon…
Arnav: Hmmm actually…. Ok now I don't want to talk about her… I want to spend my day with my beautiful wife and my princess…. Come….
Arnav takes khushi with her to the bed and then sits on the bed and takes muskaan in his arms and starts playing with her…. He was making weird faces and muskaan was laughing looking at him… Khushi was looking at arnav all lovingly…. After sometime arnav says…
Arnav: Khushi I am feeling like doing something for my beautiful just wait here with muskaan I will come in some time…
Khushi: But arnavji where are you going?
Arnav gives muskaan to khushi and says
Arnav: Surprise khushi and pecked her on her lips and walked out of the room….. Khushi starts playing with muskaan… After sometime muskaan sleeps in her arms…. She keeps muskaan on the bed and starts pacing in the room as half an hour was passed and arnav was still out…. She wanted to go and see what arnav was upto but she didn't want to spoil his surprise so she didn't move out…. She continued pacing and then when she got tired she sat on the recliner leaning backwards and closed her eyes….
After some more half an hour arnav entered the room with a tray in his hands…. He looked at muskaan… she was sleeping peacefully…. He then looked around for khushi and his eyes fell on her.. he moved towards her… Her eyes were closed… He leaned down and captures her lips….
Khushi gets up getting scared and then calms down when she sees arnav…
Khushi: Arnavji you scared me…. Is this the way to wake someone…
Arnav holds her hand and makes her stands and then says…
Arnav: No this is the way only to wake my wife….
Khushi blush and looks down but suddenly she remembers about the surprise….
Khushi: Arnavji where were you? And what about my surprise….
Arnav: He then brings tray in front of her and says this is your surprise khushi….
Khushi looks at the tray and says…
Khushi: This tray is my surprise….
Arnav: No…. He then open the lid and khushi's mouth open wide to see I Love You Khushi written with jalebi's….
Khushi blinks her eyes and looked at arnav and then at jalebi's….
Arnav: Khushi kya hua…
Khushi: Arnavji you prepared this… And that too without my help and this I love you khushi….
Arnav: Yes I have done all this for my beautiful wife…. And yes it took loads of time just to write this I love you khushi but finally it came out really good haina now taste the jalebi's and tell me how it is….
Khushi: Arnavji they are looking so good I am not feeling like eating it…
Arnav: But I have made this for you… Ok I will feed you… so I will feed Love to my love…
Khushi smiles and opens her mouth… Arnav put Jalebi in her mouth and some syrup fell from the corner of her mouth… Khushi starts eating and moans "uuummm"
Arnav looks at her…. He felt something hearing that moan..
Arnav: Khushi stop doing that… Kaisi hai…
Khushi: Arnavji its just awesome I love you arnavji…. She then takes another Jalebi and puts in her mouth and again eats with moans….
Arnav was unable to control himself anymore… He leaned down and sucks the side of her mouth with sugar syrup….. Khushi stopped eating when she felt his mouth on hers…. Arnav then keeps the tray on the table and sits on the recliner with khushi on his lap….
Khushi: Arnavji….
Arnav: Ssshhh…
He pulled her close and put his mouth on hers and starts sucking… He then enters her mouth and sucks each and every corner… He liked the taste of his handmade jalebi's more as it was mixed with khushi's taste…. He then sucked her tongue making it dry…. His hands reached down towards her breast and he starts kneading them on her dress…. Khushi puts her hands in his hair and pulls him close… Now arnav was leaning backward on the recliner and khushi was on his lap with both the legs on the sides…. Arnav was pulling her closer and closer and now their lower bodies were touching each other…..
He starts pulling her kurti upwards and the unhooked the bra and took her bosom in his mouth…. Khushi kissed him on his shoulders and starts moving her hands on his back inside his T.Shirt…. Arnav was sucking one and kneading the other….. Their lower bodies were wet and were ready to take each other…. Arnav pulled her closer and removed her kurti…. He make her lay backward and got on top of her removing his T.shirt…. He kissed her everywhere on her upper body and then was about to pull her chuddidar when they heard the loud crying voice… They both look towards muskaan…..
Arnav gets up from khushi and goes to muskaan and picks her in his arms and starts talking to her… She calms down after sometime and khushi comes their wearing her dress…. Arnav gave muskaan to khushi and khushi feeds her when arnav sits beside her looking at her……
Khushi: Arnavji don't look at me like that I feel shy….
Arnav: Khushi I am your husband and I can see you like this ok…. He kiss her on her lips and says…. "We will continue this act tonight"… Khushi nods and looked down….
Arnav spend the whole day with khushi and muskaan…. At night they again make love and arnav was feeling that her life is just perfect with a beautiful wife and a cute little daughter….
Next morning…..
Lavanya calls sheeta….
Lavanya: Sheetal where are you?
Sheetal: Mam I am in Delhi on my way to your hotel….
Lavanya: Good some soon I am waiting…..
After half an hour sheetal reaches the hotel and enters lavanya's room…..
Sheetal: Hello mam
Lavanya: Hello sheetal… Ok now I don't have much time to waste on this formality… Listen what I want you to do ok…. She then narrates her plan to sheetal and sheetal nods her head and says….
Sheetal: Don't worry mam soon khushi will be out of ASR's life…..
Here at AR..
Arnav comes to office after a long break and was very busy with his work…. When he received a call….
Arnav: Hello yes…. What…. Ok…. He cuts the call and calls aman….
Arnav: Aman in my cabin now….
Aman comes to his cabin and says…
Aman: Yes ASR you called me…
Arnav: Yes aman…. Actually jenny will not be able to come for one month as her leg is fractured and doctor has asked her to take rest for atleast a month so just conduct urgent interviews for secretary post… and yes I want a suitable candidate ok…
Aman: Ok ASR….
Aman conducted interviews but he didn't get any one as per AR standards…. He was about to wind up the interviews when a girl wearing a anarkali dress came…. Aman interviewed her and was surprised as she was perfect for ASR's secretary….
Aman then took her to arnav's cabin…
Aman: ASR she is sheetal your new secretary….
Arnav looks at her and says hi Sheetal welcome to AR designs… Hope aman had told you everything and good luck…
Sheetal: Thank you sir….

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