Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Second Love Becomes Life.... Chapter 3

Khushi got touched by the care of arnav towards the baby and smiled a little and said ok
With that she gets up and moves towards the bathroom. She came out after 20 mins to find room empty. Khushi thought that arnav may have left for the office. She dressed up in purple and pink color anarkali chudidaar and then picked up sindoor bottle and applied between the partition thinking about last night talks between arnav n her. She moves down for the breakfast.
At breakfast table.     
Anjali: Good morning khushi bhabhi how r u feeling hope chote ne jyada pareshaan nahi kiya.
Khushi: Di m good. Waise where is arnavji?
Anjali: He left for office. He was telling that he had some urgent meeting in the office he will be back soon.
Khushi: ok.
Few hours passed and arnav came back from the office and was greeted by anjali and nani at the door.
Anjali: Chote humein aur naani ko aapse baat karni hai
Arnav: Ji di kahiye na mein sun raha hu.
Nani: Chote you know whatever had happen with khushi beetiyan it was very sad but now you are her husband and you should take care of her.
Anjali: ha chote she is broken from inside now you have to make her live again.
Arnav: Ji di I understand and I promise that khushi will be happy soon
With that he left for his room'..
In arshi's room.
Arnav: Hey khushi how are you? How was your day?
Khushi:  I am good' day was good arnavji. How was yours?
Arnav: Hmmm bit busy so how is my champ? (With that he touched khushi's belly and start talking) hey champ how r u? I am your father and waiting for you eagerly to come and don't be naughty with your mom ok.
Khushi: Arnavji he is really very small he can't hear these things now and she smiled'.
1 month passed very quickly with khushi and arnav now started talking more often as friends and arnav use to accompany khushi for her checkups. One night he was sitting on the recliner with his laptop doing some office works and khushi was sitting on the bed watching T.V when suddenly she remembers something and asks arnav about it.
Khushi: Arnavji I want to eat ice cream now''..
Arnav: Khushi its 12am so just go to sleep I will bring ice cream tomorrow.
Khushi: no arnavji I want it right now or else I won't sleep
Arnav: Khushi please sleep na baby I promise I will buy an ice cream for you tomorrow.
Khushi: No I want it right now please she pouts like a baby.
Arnav: ok come
They both went towards their car and arnav helps her in getting in the car then he sat and drives to the nearby ice cream parlor. He took 2 ice creams and gave to khushi. Khushi ate both the ice creams feeling satisfied both left for home.
After  10 days khushi and arnav went to the doctor for regular check up doctor said that khushi and baby both are fine just she have to take rests.
Three more months passed and now khushi  and arnav use to sleep on the same bed as one day arnav got sprain in his neck due to continuous sleeping on the recliner but they keeps pillow in between them, Now khushi was in her 6th month . They were alone in the house all have gone for lucknow for some wedding.
Khushi: Arnavji I want to eat jalebi now'''.
Arnav: ok let me order it for you
Khushi: no I want to eat home made jalebis
Arnav: Khushi  how is that possible di is not at home and except di nobody knows to prepare it and I cant allow you to prepare jalebis.
Khushi: Who told that I am going to prepare. There is one person who can made jalebis for me.
Arnav: Acha who is that person HP or OP
Khushi: you
Arnav: What!!!!! Me no way I don't even know from which ingredients jalebis are prepared how can I (but khushi cuts her off by saying)
Khushi: Don't worry arnavji I will teach you just take me to the kitchen please.
Arnav said ok and then he made her stand on the floor and they started moving towards the kitchen but khushi was having problem while walking so arnav lifted her in his arms for the first time and she hold his neck for support. They shared an eye lock for seconds but soon came back to their senses when HP asked arnav is khushi bhabhi alright.
Arnav: yes HP just clean the kitchen and move out ok. With that he walked towards the kitchen waited for HP to move out and placed khushi on the kitchen counter
Khushi was just looking at arnav thinking it felt so good to be in his arms why I felt bad when he puts me down on this counter. Hey devi maiyaaan what I am thinking.
Here arnav removes all the things and started preparing jalebis as per khushi's instructions and khushi thinking arnavji is doing all this for me I am so lucky to have him as my husband kya dhruv bhi ye sab karta. The way arnavji cares for me and my baby kya dhruv bhi utna hi pyaar karta. Her thoughts were interrupted by arnav when he said
Arnav: Here your jalebis are ready princess taste it and tell me how it is.
Khushi takes one jalebi and bites it and hugs arnav tightly saying wow arnavji its just awesome you are d best'. Arnav was too shocked to say anything khushi was hugging him for the first time in their 7 months of marriage he just kept standing still till khushi came back to her senses and moves away saying sorry feeling embarrassed.
Then arnav once again lifted khushi and took her in their room. Khushi ates all the jalebis and feeling satisfied she went for a sleep. Here arnav was at poolside remembering their hug how her body felt so soft against his body. He was all lost in khushi  when he suddenly heard a scream he runs towards khushi  and sees that khushi has just woken up from a nightmare and was crying badly and seeing arnav she hugs him instantly saying arnavji my baby.
Arnav hugs her back caressing her back n says ssshh everything is fine it was just a nightmare khushi nothing has happened to our baby.  But khushi hugs her more tightly and falls sleep in that position. Arnav lays her down and sat beside her holding her hand  till morning.
Khushi gets up in the morning seeing arnav sleeping in sitting position holding her hand. She remembers what happened at night and smiles seeing arnav and thinks arnavji takes so much care of mine

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  1. oh this man is just divine i love how you shaped arnav's character