Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Second Love Becomes Life... Chapter 4

Khushi slowly takes her hand out of arnav's and started getting down from the bed when arnav wakes up and asks her
Arnav: Khushi how are you feeling now?
Khushi: I am good arnavji.
Arnav: ok get ready as we have to leave in an hour?
Khushi: Where are we going? Is there something today?
Arnav: Khushi today is your appointment with doctor how could you forget that.
Khushi: I am so sorry pata nahi kaise dimaag se nikal gaya
Arnav: hmmm Jalebi se bahar niklogi tabhi to kuch aur sochogi na and winked at her
Khushi was like what the, She was about to say something when she screamed aahhh arnavji. Arnav got tensed and asked khushi
Arnav: Khushi what happened? Asked worriedly
Khushi: Arnavji baby kicked. She said with a smile keeping one hand on her tummy
Arnav: Really?
Khushi takes arnav's hand in her hand and places it on her tummy he also felt the kicking of baby. Arnav was overwhelmed with that feeling he had tears in his eyes saying my baby''
Then he asked khushi
Arnav: Khushi now as you are in your six months which will be ending soon so it means that baby had grown so can I talk with him now? Will he able to listen to me?
Khushi: Yes arnavji now you can talk to him he will listen.
Arnav makes khushi stand on the floor and then he sat on his knees placing his hand on khushi's tummy saying
Arnav: Hey champ or princess whatever you are I am your dad. I love you a lot baby come soon m waiting for you eagerly. Just counting days when I will be able to hold you. Your tiny hands, tiny fingers, small legs and cute face.  Ok now sleep and don't be naughty with mom ok on second thoughts I think you can be little naughty with her.
Khushi sees all this with moist eyes she feels good by seeing arnav's attachment with her child no their child. She wipes her tears and asks arnav.
Khushi: Arnavji what do you want a girl or a boy?
Arnav: A girl who will be my princess. I want a baby girl just like you. And also because girls are more close to their father.  Khushi then he gets up and ask khushi acha khushi tell me what do you want?
Khushi: I want a boy who will be like''
 Arnav cuts her off and says who will be like dhruv right.
Khushi just nodded her head and thinks I didn't thought about dhruv I was about to say you arnavji but why I don't know I want my baby to be like you''.
Arnav turns his face other side thinking why I didn't like when she nodded in yes why I was expecting that she will say no and will say that she wants a boy like you arnavji. Then without looking at khushi he said khushi go and get ready as we have to leave I will be using guest room's washroom as we are running late. Khushi just nodded her head and left for the bathroom.
After 20 mins both were in the car driving towards doctor's clinic when arnav spoke.
Arnav: Khushi as from next week you will be entering in 7th month so we will have to do your godhbharai right where people will come and will give their blessings to you and baby.
Khushi was surprised as arnav knows all this despite staying away from all the traditional functions so she asked him
Khushi: Yes arnavji but how did you know about this I mean that you never attend such things
Arnav: hmmm actually I found out' you know I want to be a good father so for that I want my child to be blessed by everyone like every other child''.
Khushi had tears in her eyes but of happiness.
They reached doctors clinic where doctor told them that she is fine and baby is also good they are expecting a normal delivery. Then she gave her some tips and then they both returned to RM.
After a week RM was again decorated but this time it was for khushi's god bharai. Khushi was dressed in a red beautiful saree and a dupatta on her head. Payal and anjali brought her down in the hall and made her seat on the chair. One by one all the guests started coming towards khushi and starts giving her n child blessings. Functions was on full swing their where people dancing and singing with joy and khushi was really happy to see all this. But her eyes were searching for only one person her husband.  And then her eyes fell on him who was standing far away from everyone talking on the phone. He too looks at her and then they share an eye lock for about 5 mins but it was broken as they heard anjali's voice saying chote come for the family photo'.
After the function khushi and arnav both were in their room. Arnav was sitting on the recliner with the laptop and khushi just came back after changing into night dress and was standing in front of arnav with tears in her eyes.
Arnav got panic he gets up from the recliner and put his arm on khushi's shoulder and asked
Arnav: Kya hua khushi why are you crying? Are you in pain? Do you need anything?
Khushi started crying more hearing those words filled with concerned and care. Arnav wipes her tears and made her sit on the bed kneel down and asked her while holding her hand
Arnav: Khushi tell me please what happen? Had I done anything wrong? Kisi ne kuch kaha kya.
Khushi still sobbing: N No Ar arnavji I was just
Arnav: I was just what khushi tell me is there anything for which you are bothered.
Khushi: Actually I was thinking that you are taking so much care of my baby.  You are fulfilling your duties towards my baby as a real father I am glad. My baby is really lucky to have you as his/her father.  I think the way you are taking care of my child n mine shayad se dhruv bhi itna care nahi karta.
Arnav: Khushi I am really hurt.
Khushi with sad face because of me
Arnav: Yes, how could you say that the child is only yours?  It's our child khushi and this is the first and last time you are saying that ok and I am not doing this for your child. I am doing all this for our child khushi and (he holds khushi's hands and says) I promise you khushi that I will never ever let him/her know that I am not his/her real father.
Khushi just hugs arnav and they both just remain in that position for sometimes feeling each other. Khushi pulls arnav closer to her and arnav tightens her arms around khushi. They both felt like this is the best place in the world. They move away from each other looking into each other eyes. Arnav cups her cheek and said khushi no matter what I will always be with you and our child with that he leans forward and plants a kiss on her forehead'.

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