Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Second Love Becomes Life... Chapter 5

Chapter 5
Two months passed and now khushi was in her ninth month' Arnav and khushi were sleeping when suddenly khushi felt sharp pain and she gets up holding her tummy' She screamed arnavji arnavji' Arnav gets up with a jerk what happened khushi'
Khushi: Arnavji'. She holds her tummy arnavji its paining' aaahhh arnavji please do something'
Arnav understood that it's the time to take her hospital' He picks her up and walks to down towards the car' As everybody was sleeping he didn't inform anyone' As he didn't want to waste his time' He puts khushi in the car and drives to the hospital taking care that khushi is alright'
He reached the hospital after few minutes' He again picks the khushi and rushed inside the hospital' Doctor attended khushi and was taking her to the labor room when she held arnav's hand tight and says'
Khushi: Please arnavji don't leave me alone' I want you to be with me'. I am scared arnavji'
Arnav puts his hands on her forehead and said' Ssshhh khushi calm down everything is going to be alright' I am here with you and will always be with you' ssshhh'. He then moves to labor room with khushi'. He was all the while holding khushi's hand when doctor was treating khushi after about 20 minutes they heard a cry of a baby'.
Khushi closes her eyes feeling relief and arnav looks at khushi and then at baby' A small smile appear on his lips'. Doctor then wipes the baby and gives to arnav' Arnav holds the baby and kisses her'. He then says'
Arnav: Look khushi our baby is just like you'. Beautiful like her mother''.. Khushi looks at her baby and smiles and then arnav gives her the baby to hold'. After sometime doctor shifts khushi to the room and checks both khushi and baby and after declaring that both are perfectly fine  doctor ask nurse to put the baby in the crib in the same room' After that doctor left leaving arnav khushi and their baby'.
Arnav comes and sits beside khushi' She was lying on the bed'. He holds her hand with one hand and puts another on her forehead and says'
Arnav: Thank you khushi for giving me a beautiful princess just like you' Khushi tries to get up and sit but arnav stops her and says'. No khushi you still have some weakness' Don't try to move'
Khushi: Arnavji I am perfectly alright' Suna nahi doctor ne kya kaha that I and baby both are perfect'
Arnav: I know but still I want you to rest' I have seen you in the labor room you were in so much of pain' I swear we will never go for second child'.
Khushi: Are arnavji its ok'. Ye to normal hai every girl has to bear this pain' And waise bhi babies are the most beautiful gift of god and for that ye pain to kuch bhi nahi hai' So don't worry we can go for second child'
After that sentence their was a silence in the room' Both arnav and khushi were looking at each other'. Slowly arnav leaned towards khushi and kisses her cheeks'. This was the first time he was kissing her somewhere other than forehead' She feels it by closing her eyes' She wanted to feel him more'. She opens her eyes and cups his face' Arnav looked into her eyes to see if she is angry with his kissing but he saw something different in his eyes' He leaned further towards her left cheeks' He kissed her their' He then moves towards her lips' He brush his lips on hers and was about to suck it when suddenly they heard a cry'.
They both came back to their sense and looked that their newly born baby is crying'.. Khushi turns her face thinking what she was doing and arnav gets up and goes towards the baby' He holds her in his arms and brings her to khushi' He help khushi in sitting and he sits besides khushi with baby in his arms'. He looked at khushi who was avoiding looking at him' He understood that she is regretting what has happened between them' He puts his hand on her hand and says'
Arnav: Khushi see I am sorry' I don't know how and when I loose my control but I promise I will never do that again' Please look at me I cant see you avoiding me'
Khushi looked at him but he didn't saw regret in her eyes' He thinks kya wo sach mein regret kar rahi hai but her eyes is speaking something else' But he brushed his thoughts away and starts talking with their new born baby'
Arnav: Hello sweetheart I am your father' remember I had talk to you when you were inside your mom' He then points towards khushi see beta she is your mom' You are like your mom a beautiful princess' Hearing this khushi looks at arnav and thinks arnavji takes so much care of me and my baby I am really lucky to have him in my life and thoda der pehle jo bhi humare bich hua kya wo sahi tha' I mean am I ready to move with arnavji in my life' I am so confused' I loved dhruv but why now a days I never miss him' Why I always think about arnavji? I don't know shayad he has done a lot for me and therefore I just respects him for what he did'. She came out of her thoughts when arnav puts his hand on her shoulder'
Arnav: Khushi kaha kho gayi thi see I have decided her name' I want her name to be Muskaan because she is the smile of our life'
Khushi looks at arnav all lovingly and says arnavji I always thought of the same name' Because she was the reason I smiled after dhruv's death'.
Arnav looks at her and thinks "She still loves dhruv mein ye soch bhi kaisa sakta hu that she will be ready to take the relationship forwards with me' She only sees me as a muskaan's father and her best friend' I will be in my limits' I have to' I will, till the time she herself accepts this relationship and gets ready to take it to the next level'
After sometime whole Raizada and Gupta family visited hospital to look at their new born member... They all gave blessings to khushi and muskaan... They were very happy...
After two days khushi gets discharged from the hospital and arnav brings her home' All were very happy to see khushi and baby'. After 10 months there is going to be happiness in the RM'. They all welcome khushi and muskaan and were happy to see them' They all were playing with muskaan and pampering khushi by giving her fruits, juice and other healthy things'
After sometime arnav comes to them and ask them to free khushi and muskaan as they needs some rest' He then took muskaan in his arms and holds khushi with his other hand and moves towards his room' After entering the room he puts muskaan in the crib and sits with khushi'
Arnav: Khushi how are you feeling? I mean you are ok na' Do you need anything?
Khushi: No arnavji I don't need anything and I am perfectly fine and wasie bhi jis ladki ka aapke jaise husband ho wo kaise achi nahi hogi and with that she hugs him' You know I am very lucky to have you in my life' Arnav feels so good hearing this from khushi's mouth he hugged her tight and says'
Arnav: Thanks khushi for accepting me as your husband'.
Khushi: Arnavji you are my husband and will always be and she thinks kaash mein samaj paati what I feel for you it would have been easy for both of us' But I will figure it out I have to know what I feel for you is love or'. Its just because of what you did for me'
Here arnav thinks I know khushi its very difficult for you to accept this relation as you loved dhruv very much but I hope that someday you will love me'

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