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Night That Changed Our Life..... Chapter 10 (Mature Content)

Chapter 10
Arnav gets up from his chair and extends his palm towards khushi looking into her eyes…. Khushi puts her palm in his locking her eyes with his…. Arnav locked her palm in his and then walked towards the centre….
Song Started….
He left her hand walking few inches away from her looking at her and then holds her hand again and pulled her towards him making her back landing on his chest and then bends to his left holding her with him… Khushi looks at him and they both shared and eye lock…
He then slowly gets up and throws her still holding her hand and pulls her back making her landing on him directly… Her one hand on his shoulder and other in his hand… His one hand was around her waist….
He then made circle and then made her bend down holding her towering over her looking into her eyes… He pulls her up and left her…. Her breathing became heavy… Her heartbeats raced up… She was liking his touch… she wanted his hand to run all over her body… She didn’t know what was happening to her but she wanted him to caress every part of her body…
She was still in her thoughts when arnav came back from behind and slides his hand around her bare tummy… Khushi closed her eyes resting her head on his chest and her palm pressing his on her bare skin… He then took her one hand towards his face and made it slide down touching his face… Khushi felt butterflies in her stomach when her arms touched his rough stubble. He then made her other hand swayed over their head and twirled her and lifts her up in standing position… Khushi folded her legs and arnav made the circle holding her in his arms… Slowly he kept her down…Khushi walks little away from him and then again turned back and looks at him and walks back and puts her hand on his shoulder and other hand in his palm and stretched them and then stops… Both looks at each other… Both get lost in each other’s eyes… song kept playing but arnav and khushi were just staring at each other… Her breath heavy…. Arnav left her palm and slides his hand around her waist and pulls her close…. Khushi didn’t say anything…  She didn’t want to… Arnav then cups her cheek with his palm and khushi looked into his eyes rubbing her cheek over his palm…  He then opened his mouth to say something..
Arnav: Khushi I…
But he was cut by the ring of his cell… He suddenly realized their position and then removes his hand from her waist and picks up the call walking few meters away from khushi….
Khushi looked at his back… and then her fingers touched her cheeks where his palm was resting few minutes before… She closed her eyes feeling him… “Why his touch was so different today and what he wanted to say” …. Why my heartbeats raced up whenever he comes near me.. Why I wanted his touch badly.. Why I wanted him to caress my whole body during the dance… Is this love or….
But her thoughts were broken when arnav called her…
Arnav was standing near the exit door of the terrace..
Arnav: Khushi….
Khushi looks at him coming out of her thoughts…
Arnav: Lets go…
Khushi nodded her head thinking may be she needs some more time to clear this thing…
They walked out of the hotel towards their car….  Arnav started the car… He was driving looking straight as he didn’t want to look at khushi.. He remembers the scene where he was cupping her cheek and was about to say something… He kicked himself and says..
Arnav: How could you arnav… You have to control your feelings…
On the other hand khushi was looking outside the window… She was getting the images of their dance and then arnav cupping her cheek and then his unsaid words… She slowly turned her face and looks at arnav who was still looking at the road with straight face… She slowly spoke..
Khushi: Arnav… What you were saying…
Arnav froze… He thought that khushi didn’t remember but no he was wrong here she was asking him about those unsaid words… He takes a deep breath and turns his face towards khushi and said…
Arnav: Hmm nothing wo I I just wanted…
But his words were cut by the ring on her cell this time….
She quickly picks up the call and arnav turns his face again looking straight on the road… After few minutes they reached their apartment….
Khushi was still on the call.. It was her amma’s call… She was excitedly talking to her amma and was telling her about the surprise planned by arnav… Arnav looked at her and then smiles thinking “Khushi I am sorry…. I am really very sorry…”
Khushi while talking suddenly looks around and stops when she sees him staring at her intensely… She started stammering on the phone which made arnav laugh… He nodded his head in a no and said…
Arnav: Pagal…
He step out of his car and walks to her side and opens the door for her… She gets down cutting the phone call…. They walked inside the apartment and then to their room…
Arnav: Khushi go and change..
Khushi nods her head and walks to the closet to take her night dress…
She takes her dress and walks to the bathroom to change… After few minutes khushi walked out wearing a blue night dress… She walks to the bed and arnav enters the bathroom…. She laid on the bed thinking about their dinner…. It was the best dinner she ever had… She felt like princess… Even samrat never made her feel like that… She remembers everything about their night including their dance…
Arnav walks out of the bathroom and looks at khushi… He walks near her and smiles and she was sleeping peacefully with a cute smile on her face…. She drifted to sleep thinking about their dinner…  He sits beside her and looks at her face… She is an angel thought arnav… He then tucked her locks behind her ears and kiss her on her forehead and says…
Arnav: Khushi you are the best thing happen to me… I love you khushi… But shayad aaj you would not have been with me agar us raat…… His thoughts drifted towards that night…
Arnav khushi and samrat were standing near the bar counter enjoying their drinks…. Khushi was sipping her orange juice arnav was having his wine and samrat was sipping whisky..  After few sips samrat received a call… He walks few steps away from arnav and khushi and talks for few minutes… He comes back and says…
Samrat: bhai will you drop khushi…
Khushi frowns as she has met arnav just few times and they have never conversed much….
Arnav notices her frown and says…
Arnav: But why samrat…
Samrat: Actually my friend met with an accident so I have to rush to the hospital…. And I don’t want khushi to be late so….
Arnav looks at khushi asking for her approval… She nods her head as she didn’t want to be late….
Arnav: Ok… Take care and if you need any help then call me….
Samrat nods his head and left from their…. Arnav smiles at khushi and says…
Arnav: You want to stay here for sometime or want to go home…
Khushi: Lets go… Waise bhi sammy left so I think I should also leave and its getting late….
Arnav: Ok finish your drink will leave after that…
Khushi nodded…. She started having her juice when arnav received a call… He excused himself and walks little away from all the noise… He picks up the call and was talking to his manager when suddenly his eyes widen as he sees samrat walking out of the restroom looking around after every step as if he was making sure that no one was following him… Arnav cuts the call and was about to call him but stops as he found something fishy in his behaviour…
Arnav: Samrat left 15 minutes before then what he is doing here…. May be bidding bye to other friends then why he is behaving as if he is some criminal…
His doubt confirms when samrat instead of moving out walks to the other side of the club hiding himself and then walks upstairs… Arnav follows him… He stops when he sees samrat… He was sitting on the couch… His best friend rishabh was with him… They both were having their drinks…
Arnav looks at him confused… He was about to call him but stops hearing rishabh….
Rishabh: Sammy why the hell you asked your brother to drop khushi.. I mean you have planned to mark her yours today…..
Arnav gets shocked hearing this… But then he thought that why samrat is planning… Khushi is all his… He got his answer in few minutes….
Samrat: Dude you will not understand…. See I have mixed tablets in khushi’s juice and this will show its effect in sometime… So I want bhai to be with her when she will faint… Obviously khushi will see him before she will faint… and then after bhai will drop her to her apartment I will go their… Her parents sleep early and she sleeps alone in her room and then uske baad you know…
An evil smile played on his lips…
Rishabh: You mean you will have her and if at all in the morning she finds out this she will blame arnav…
Samrat: Bingo because you know I am very sweet and innocent guy in her eye and then I will break this marriage by proving her characterless…
Arnav’s eyes widens in shock…. He was not able to believe his ears… His brother whom he always treated like his real brother can make this kind of plan against him and khushi… But why… He wanted to his answers and luckily he got his answers….
Samrat then continued….
Samrat: You know rishabh that why I dated khushi for this long… I mean I wanted to have her once… But this khushi … I never knew that she will be this traditional…. She didn’t even allow me to kiss… Can you believe that… But meine bhi haar nahi mani.. I wanted for 3 years.. I agreed for wedding just to be in her good books but you know about my flings right…. And today finally I got that chance…. I wanted to do this from a long time but always she was accompanied by her best friend and then her over protective parents not allowing guy after 10 at night so I have to go for this engagement and wedding stuff… Bas sirf aaj ki raat after having her I am going to break this as you know I don’t taste a girl twice…
Rishabh laugh at this and arnav clenched his fist…. He wanted to kick samrat then and their…. But he controlled… He closed his eyes as khushi’s face crossed across his eyes…. He has always loved khushi from the first day when she came to meet him with samrat…. But he kept his feeling within himself as he loved his brother and also khushi loved samrat so he didn’t want to come in between them but today reality shook her… He never in his dream thought that samrat can be like this….
He was about to go and give a mouthful to samrat but then suddenly he remembers samrat’s word about the drink…
Arnav: Khushi….
He rushed towards the bar counter but khushi was nowhere to be seen… He looks around and found her on the dance floor with few guys surrounding her… His jaws tightened and he walks towards them with anger filled eyes.. He stops near them and pulls khushi…. Khushi was dancing like a crazy… Arnav instantly understood what kind of tablet samrat has given to khushi… He picks her in his arms and walks outside the club and puts her in his car…
He started the car and was driving towards the gupta house… But then he stops and says…
Arnav: No I can’t leave khushi their… He then turns the car to his apartment… He was controlling himself and khushi was leaning over him and was kissing his cheeks… Arnav tried controlling her but of no use…. He closed his eyes thinking bas few more minutes and they will reach after that he will control her….
He reached his apartment and picks khushi in his arms… She was all the time rubbing her nose on his chest… He walks inside his apartment and kept her on his bed and was about to move from their when khushi pulled him on her and started kissing his neck…
Arnav: Kh khushi please… He tried moving out but khushi was not allowing him… After few struggles he succeeds but then khushi again pulls him and this time covered his lips with hers…. Her hand started unbuttoning his shirt pulling him closer….
Arnav groaned as her soft body pressed against his… Her innocent kiss was making him crazy…. He lost his control and responded to her kiss…. His hands went around her waist pressing her more into him….
Khushi then pulled him on her top lying on the bed… Arnav left her mouth and started kissing her throat… Khushi moaned.. She fisted his hairs…. His lips travelled downwards towards her neck.. He place open mouth wet kisses on her neck making moan… Khushi fisted his hair and rolls him under her… she tore his shirt and started kissing him all over his chest… She bites him on his nipple… Arnav groan… He pulled her saree and throws it on the floor… He opens the dori and a button of her blouse throws it off her body… He rolled her under him and started kissing her naked body…. He pulls her bra off her body and looks at her hard peak…. He took them in his hands cupping them and then replace his one hand with his mouth… Khushi bites him on his shoulder and arnav started sucking them hungrily… His thumb played with her other nipple making her bites wild….
He repeated his action with her other breast and then slowly travelled downwards towards her belly button… his hands massaging her breast… He digs his tongue inside her belly and started sucking her skin their…. Slowly his lips went towards her inner skirt… He pulls the string on her skirt and removes it using his leg…. Khushi was just lying in her panty… Arnav gets more aroused… He went towards her toe and started kissing and massaging her toe…and then slowly travelled upwards biting her thighs on the way… He reached her inner thighs and bites her and then finally his lips touched her core and khushi shivered….
He pulls her panty with his teeth and then removed it using his legs…. He undid her pants and then started kissing her core… He rubbed his tongue over her clit and khushi moaned…
Khushi: Take me baby… now I want you…
Arnav looked at her and then placed his arousal over her core and enters into her…. Khushi screamed as she was virgin… Arnav covered her mouth with his and slows his pace…. Khush relaxed after sometime and then he increased his pace…. Their kiss turning wild…. Finally after few hard thrust they both climaxed and arnav collapsed in her arms closing his eyes….
Khushi wraps her arms around his body…. He hides his face in the crook of her neck and started placing light kisses as she was driving him crazy.. But suddenly his eyes fell on the photo kept on the side table it was his and samrat’s…  He stops...
He looks around and gets up from khushi untangling himself…
 He runs his hand in his hair.... 
Arnav: What the hell... What I did... I I... What I will say to her.....
He looked at khushi who was now in a deep sleep.......She was lying their without any clothes... He wraps the bedsheet around her and lays beside her looking at the ceiling thinking what he has done.... 


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