Thursday, 18 April 2013

Night That Changed our Life.. Prologue

Arnav opens his eyes and finds himself in an unknown place….. He rubs his eyes and looks around to register the place but gets shock to see a girl besides him…. He gets up and sits on the bed in a hurry and realizes that he was not wearing anything…
He looks at the floor and found his clothes and also a saree and bra lying on his clothes… He then again looks at the figure sleeping beside him…. Her back was facing him…. He can make out that she was also not wearing anything…. He slowly touches the girl and turned her around and gets shock to see the face of the girl….
Arnav: Khushi!!!!!!
He kept on staring at her and said…
Arnav: Nahi ye nahi ho sakta… Mein aur khushi nahi….
He was still in his thoughts when khushi stirred in her sleep and slowly opened her eyes…. She stretched her arms and got stiff when she felt someone beside her….
She slowly looks at the person and gets shock…
Khushi: Arnav….. What the hell are you doing in my room….
She then notices that his upper body was bare and only bedsheet was covering his lower body….
Her heart started beating very fast due to fear… She nodded her head in NO and slowly looks at her state and gets shock to see herself without clothes and was covered only with the quilt and that too till her bosoms…
She pulled the quilt till her neck and said…
Khushi: What the hell is this arnav… What we are doing here and that too in this state….
Arnav: I I don’t know khushi… I don’t know anything…. I am also confused….. I just remember that we both were drunk and I was dropping you home that’s it….
Khushi too got up holding the bedsheet near her chest with one hand and other hand on her face… Tears started flowing from her eyes…
Khushi: Arnav ab mein samrat se kya kahugi….
Arnav comes close to her and caresses her back saying…
Arnav: ssshhhh khushi don’t worry kuch nahi hoga hum samrat ko kuch nahi batayge this was just a mistake jo humne nashe mein kiya bas….
Khushi: Mistake arnav… Arnav I am going to be your babhi you are my brother in law and I ended up sleeping with you…..
Arnav: Ssshhhh khushi that was just a mistake… You know we were not in our sense…. Hum ye kisi se nahi kahege… Samrat and tumhare rishte ko kuch nahi hoga… You guys will get married in a week bas fir sab thik ho jayga….
Khushi: But arnav….
Arnav: Ssshhhh no but’s just think ke humare bich kabhi kuch hua hi nahi ok…. Please khushi…..
Khushi nods her head and says…
Khushi: You are right arnav mein samrat ko khona nahi chahti….. 

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