Saturday, 4 May 2013

Game Of Destiny... Chapter 5

Chapter 5
Next morning arnav wakes up with ticklish feeling nearing his chest so he looks down to see what it was and was shocked to see khushi’s face near his chest and her breath was causing that feeling… He then looks at the position they were in… Khushi’s face was resting on his chest and her legs were under his legs and his hands were around her waist and her hands were resting on his back…… It feels so good to hold you khushi….
He then starts moving his hands upwards from her waist to her back then to her neck… Khushi stirred in her sleep feeling him and that’s when he realized what he was doing? He tries to move away from her and it disturbs her sleep and she wakes up and realizes their position. She feels embarrassed and then looked into his eyes and said I am sorry may be because of cold I ended up in your arms…..
Arnav: its ok khushi I understand………. With that he gets and moves to the bathroom for the shower…. While taking shower “what the hell you were doing arnav, how could you do that”….
He comes out of the shower gets ready and moves out telling khushi that he is waiting for her in the restaurant as he didn’t want to look at khushi now…
Khushi moves to the bathroom to take shower… She comes out after sometime wearing jeans and a white top with jacket as she thought that it will be perfect as it’s very cold outside…. She then wears mangalsutra and puts sindoor on her forehead…. She comes downstairs and moves towards arnav who was waiting for her for the breakfast……
Both had their breakfast and then they went out for shopping for warm clothes…. They shopped for some clothes and then came back home…. As it was the lunch time they had their lunch and decided to go for some sightseeing…. As it was already afternoon they decided to go for some local sightseeing so first they went to Hidamba Temple, and then vaishihst kund (hot water pipes from the ground)…. Then they went to the local market of manali and enjoyed roaming till the dinner time….
They came back to their room after having dinner and gets ready for sleep when khushi asked arnav
Khushi: You know what arnav I am so excited for tomorrow… Tomorrow we will be going in snow wow that will be so good na….
Arnav: Hmmmm it will be really exciting hope tum cold sahen kar paao….
Khushi: I will arnav I have read that they provide snow suites…. Wow I am so excited once again thanks a lot arnav with that she moves to bed for sleeping…..
Arnav too comes to her thinking in what position they will get up tomorrow morning…. He closed his eyes and sees that he is kissing khushi and gets shocked to see such kind of image… He thinks what is happening to me why I am thinking about khushi in such way… This is wrong, agar khushi ko pata chala to she will hate me and I can’t see hate for me in her eyes…. I will keep a distance from her…. So he decides to sleep at the opposite end of the bed very far away from khushi and also puts pillow between them….
Arnav wakes up in the middle of the night feeling ticklish…. He looks down and again sees khushi but today she was more into him…. Her face was dug in his chest and her lips were touching his chest… Her hands were on his back his hands were on her waist but inside her top… He gets shocked as he can feel her bare waist…. He gets lost in that touch and pushes khushi more into him and sleeps again feeling her on him….
Next morning khushi wakes up first and was shocked to see her position and more shocked to see arnav’s hand on her bare waist…. She thought it feels so good to be in your arms arnav…. She then suddenly pulls her hand and thinks khushi what's wrong with you what are you thinking he is arnav your best friend and he loves lavanya…. Don’t think about him like that… But why it feels so good to be touched by him…. Ohhh I will get crazy… Mujhe yeh honeymoon k liye aana hi nahi chahiye tha… She was trying to move away from arnav but arnav who was in the sleep feels as if he is losing something and pulls her more closer and khushi falls on him with her lips brushing his lips and arnav wakes up instantly…. I am so sorry khushi actually wo I was dreaming I am so sorry…
Khushi: its ok I can understand that you were thinking about lavanya, but just wait for 3 more months and she will be yours… Khushi said this with a smile on her face which was not reaching her eyes she didn’t know why…..
Arnav smiles at her but thinks I was not thinking about lavanya I was thinking about………
After sometimes they get ready and left hotel as they are going Rohtang Pass…
And khushi was really excited as they will be going to see Snow Mountains…. They reached their after 3 hours and took snow suite from their and started climbing the mountain…. Khushi holds arnav tightly as she started shivering due to the cold winds… Arnav holds her tight saying khushi humlog to abhi tak puri tarah snow mein gaye bhi nahi and look at you….
Khushi: Shhhuuut up aaarnaaav… Iiiittsss reeaaaallly ccoold here…
Arnav laughs looking and khushi’s shivering form and hugs her tightly. They were looking just perfect as they were made for each other.
After sometimes they reach on the top and khushi was just dumbstruck to see the beauty she felt as she is in clouds or something… Khushi was shivering continuously but still she thought of playing with snow as it was a dream comes true for her…
Arnav and khushi both started playing with snow by making snowballs and hitting each other… But to their bad luck or you can say good luck snow falls started and they have to rush down as it was not safe to stay their…. Khushi was already shivering and now due to this snow fall she started to shiver more… Arnav holds her tight rubbing her palm and walks down to the car… He removes his snow suite and then removes khushi’s snow suite too as she was not in the condition to do that… Her hands were freezing and arnav immediately puts her in the car and on the car heater…. He too sits and starts driving simultaneously checking khushi if she is alright but she was shivering more…..
He parked the car on the side and push khushi’s seat backwards making her comfortable and asked her khushi are you alright do you need to see a doctor?
Khushi: No ar arnav I I am ok….
Arnav touches his hand and sees that it still very cold and light blue in color. He starts rubbing his hands with her hands to give some warm…. He leans over her to give her his body’s warmth and she pulls him more close to her…. He then looks at her face… Her eyes closed tight due to cold… Her cheeks all white and then her lips shivering due to cold and little bluish in color… He leaned more and khushi opened her eyes to see him so close to her she was feeling little relax under his touch she pulls her more close and that was it arnav put his lips on her lips and kissed her to make her little warm…. Khushi feels good to get some warm from arnav’s lips and she too responded by kissing him. Kiss which started by arnav just to give warm to khushi turns into a passionate kiss where arnav entered her mouth and his tongue travelled to every corner of her mouth playing with khushi’s tongue she too did the same… Her hands went towards his hair and she pulls him more on her… Arnav’s hands caress her back and then her waist…. They both got lost in this kiss…… Not knowing what effect will it have on their so called six months relationship…?

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