Saturday, 4 May 2013

Game Of Destiny... Chapter 15

Chapter 15…
Arnav breaks the hug and they both move outside…. Lavanya sees them and then smiles looking at them….
Lavanya: So I think finally ASR has told you the truth….
Khushi: Hmmm but I still want to say sorry to you Lavanya I never wanted to hurt you or to take your love away from you but I don’t know when we fall for each other…
Lavanya: It’s ok khushi I can understand… It was not your fault… I think that it was the game that destiny played with us…. You two were destined to be together from the start and nobody can change that… And don’t worry I am really very happy with Raj… So never ever in your life feel guilty about it…
Khushi got tears in her eyes and she hugs lavanya tight very tight…. Suddenly they hears a voice from the doorside…. “Waah pati kya mil gaya log apne doston ko hi bhul gaye”…. They turned around and sees samrat standing at the door… He comes inside and then hugs arnav khushi and lavanya….
Samrat: Arnav how are you?
Arnav: I am not talking to you samrat…. You were with khushi all this time and you didn’t even feel the need to inform me… you know I was so restless and also how much I loved khushi then too….
Samrat: I am sorry Arnav this is all because of khushi… You know her na how she do emotional blackmail… Kya karta mein…. See I have even hold my ears sorry maaf kardo mujhe… From next time jab bhi mujhe khushi lene bulaygi I will not go… Ok…
Arnav pulls khushi tight by her waist and says…
Arnav: That day will never come samrat… I will never allow to go away from me…. And I will make sure about that…. And if she still goes than that will the last day of my life…. Khushi puts her hand on his mouth and says…
Khushi: No please arnav never ever say that…. Please I am sorry and I promise that I will never leave you…. Please mujhe maaf kardo and she hugs arnav tightly… Arnav too hugs her back and caresses her hair telling “ssshhhh khushi its ok ssshhhh”….
Khushi then moves towards arav picks her up in the arms and comes to arnav and says arav he is your dad…. Then arav tries to says dad…
Arav: Da da dad…
Arnav’s eyes feels with tears listening dad from his son’s mouth… He takes him from khushi’s arms and kisses him on his cheeks chin and forehead… Arav too repeats his action and kisses arnav on his cheeks,  chin and forehead and giggled looking at him… He hugs him tight…..
Arnav: Come on khushi lets go to our home now… And thanks a lot samrat for taking care of khushi and arav… I know you did all this for your best friend but still I am thanking you as I could not have afforded to lose her….
Khushi packs her bags and they all left for RM with khushi sitting on passenger seat with arav in her laps… They drove back to RM…. Nani opened the door…. She was very happy to see khushi and arnav together…. She hugs khushi tight and said….
Nani: Khushi Beetiyan hum bohat khush hai aap nahi janti aapke jane k baad chotey kaise ho gaye the kissi se jyada bbat nahi sirf aapko dhundhne mein lage the…. Par aaj hum bohat khush hai… They then introduce arav to nani and nani got very happy to see her grandson…Arav was also very happy to meet his new family…. Later after chatting for several hours with all the family members’ arnav and khushi went to their room with arav….
Khushi made arav sleep on the bed with pillows covering him from the sides and went to poolside where arnav was sitting at the chair doing some work… Khushi comes to him and closed his laptop and sat on his lap by wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing him on his neck…..
Arnav: Kh khushi kya baat hai someone is so desperate tonight…
Khushi: ssshhhh I have missed you much arnav all this years last time when we made love I was fighting with many feelings inside me but today I want to love you and want you to love me without any resistance… I Love You Arnav….
Arnav hugs her tight and then he picks him up and takes her inside the room…  He moves towards the closet and removes a packet from the closet and gives to khushi…. Khushi looks confused….
Arnav: Open the packet sweetheart….
Khushi opens and looks shyly towards arnav… It contains a three piece lingerie which was red in colour and very short and revealing….
Arnav comes close to her and wraps his arms around her waist and whispered in her ears “I want you to wear this khushi…… for me”…. Please and he kissed her on her ears….
Khushi shivered and just nods her head and moves to the bathroom without looking at him….
After sometime she opens the bathroom door but was too shy to come out…. Arnav moves towards the bathroom and pulled her out gently… He then looks at her and says….
Arnav: Beautiful…. Khushi you are the most beautiful girl I have seen in my life…. He pulled her closer and then picks her up and moves to the recliner… He puts her on that and get on top of her…. He claimed her mouth and kissed her hungrily…. He said in between the kisses…
Arnav: Khushi I want to say you something which I have not told you before…. You know I was in love with you from the day you became my best friend…. Par kabhi bol nahi paaya as you loved bhai but today I think I loved you truly and that’s why destiny makes us one….
Khushi: Arnav…. She was just speechless with this new news but she didn’t say anything and hugs him tight….. I love you arnav….
Arnav then moves downwards and removes her top…. Now she was only in her bra and panty…. He kissed her everywhere starting from her neck to her belly button…. He kissed her bite her and licks her as if she is the sweetest thing in the world to taste and he just can’t get over with her taste… Khushi removes the button of his shirt and kissed him on his chest… She rolled him down…. She starts kissing on his whole body licking and biting him… They both were enjoying each others taste… 
He then unhooked her bra and took her bosom in his mouth and rolls her under him and cups her other bosom with his other hand… He was teasing her peaks with his tongue… Khushi digs her nail on his back as pulls him more close to her…. He repeated the same with the other bosom… Then he slowly moves down and kissed her legs and then thighs…. And kissed her on her core and khushi shivered more… “Arnav please”…. Arnav starts giving wet kisses on her covered core…. He then removed the last piece of cloth from her body and also get off his trousers and boxers and starts rubbing her c**t with his thumb and puts finger inside her….
“Arnav I…. I want you now… Please” khushi managed to say between her moans… Arnav then replaced her finger with his mouth and starts kissing her…. Then he rubbed his hardness against her and thrust inside her taking khushi’s mouth in his saying I Love you Khushi in between their kiss… He increased his speed hearing her moans, he finally gave in as both their bodies melted into the climax…. Arnav laid down on her calmly for sometime… He then come out of her and picked her up and moves to the bed… He moves arav to the end of the bed covering him properly and keeps khushi on the bed and sleeps with her hugging her tight…
From that night their nights were always full of love and passion….
After One year…
Khushi: Arnav what are you doing???? Leave me Khushboo will get up anytime I have to feed her…
Arnav: ssshhhh she will not she knows that his dad is getting feed by her mother so she will not disturb us she is a good girl and starts sucking her bosoms…. Ohhh khushi I just cant get over…. You taste so good…
Khushi: Arnaavvvv…….. I love you….
Arnav: I love you too khushi….
With that both slept into each other’s arms peacefully….. 


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