Saturday, 4 May 2013

Game Of Destiny... Chapter 4

Chapter 4
Khushi was sitting in their room all lost when arnav enters the room and asked her…
Arnav: Khushi what happen? Do you want me to cancel the trip?
Khushi: No arnav, Naniji has planned this honeymoon trip for us… I don’t want to hurt her feelings…. Thing is I was thinking about something forget it… Lets do packing with that she was about to get up when arnav holds her hand and makes her sit besides him on the bed…
Arnav: Tell me khushi kya hua kya baat hai….
Khushi: You know when I was kid I always use to think that I will go to manali for my honeymoon I don’t know why but I always wanted to go their… I had this talk with rohit and you know he has promised me that we will be going their for our honeymoon saying this tears started flowing from her eyes…. But you know what destiny plans everything for us and we just have to act as per destiny…. With that she gets up and packed her things…
Arnav thinks of something and tells khushi: Please khushi pack mine bags too I will come in few minutes as I have some urgent work… He then moves out of his room and made some calls….
Next morning arnav and khushi gets ready and moves downstairs. They takes blessing from all the family members and then they sits in car.. Arnav asked driver to move as he will be driving the car to which khushi said….
Khushi: But arnav if you will drive then who will bring it back from the airport….
Arnav: No one khushi… I mean we are going by road….
Khushi: What??? Do you think I am a fool how can we drive to bali….
Arnav: Ohhh khushi when I said that we are driving to bali we are going somewhere else……
Khushi: Where?
Arnav: Surprise for you. With that he sits on the driving seat and asked khushi to take her seat… and he starts driving……
After thinking for few minutes khushi turns towards arnav and said
Khushi: Don’t tell me that we are driving to manali…
Arnav looks at her and gives her a smile..
Khushi: oh my god we are going to manali wow I am so happy and excited arnav you should have told me before na I would have taken warm clothes with us…. With that she hugs arnav saying oh arnav I love you man you are the best husband one could have…..
Arnav gets shocked hearing this and khushi too felt embarrassed thinking what she has told… She pulls herself from the hug and says I mean you are the best friend one could have….
Arnav didn’t like the fact that khushi corrected him from husband to friend he didn’t know why but he liked it when khushi said “you are the best husband”….
After that conversation they both were sitting silent… They have started their journey at 5 in the morning as it will take 13 hours to reach manali…. Khushi dozed off in the car and arnav was driving at a full speed so that they can reach manali before sunset…..
While driving arnav was sometimes looking at khushi and thinking she looks so beautiful. When I loved her she was in love with bhai and when I started loving lavanya here she is sitting beside me as my wife but only for six months, what a game destiny played with us…. He brushes away all the thoughts and continued driving… They reached manali by 6 in the evening…
Khushi gets up and looked around to see that they have reached. She thinks ohhh I have sleapt so much I guess….
When they step down from their car khushi was shivering like hell as it was very cold and as it was month of December hotel was half covered with snow….
Arnav removes her coat and puts in around khushi but it was of no use she was still shivering like hell so arnav pulls her close in his embrace and holds her tight… Khushi hugged him tightly taking his warm inside her… They moved to the reception and took their room keys and went straight to their room…
All the people around them thought what a lovely couple they are not ready to leave each other for a moment…
They enters their room and arnav makes khushi sits on the bed and switched on the room heater…. After sometimes khushi relax a bit she then said to arnav
Khushi: Arnav I didn’t know that manali will be this cold or else I would have never wished to come here….
Arnav: Ohh khushi its ok… Tomorrow first thing we will do is we will buy some warm clothes and then we will go for sightseeing.
Khushi just nods her head in yes……
Both slept after changing their clothes…. As bed was big both slept on the same bed but on their sides….

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