Saturday, 4 May 2013

Game Of Destiny... Prologue

Khushi was in her room getting ready for her engagement. She was looking very pretty in her red and green lehenga….. She was very happy today as she was going to get engaged to her long time boyfriend Rohit Singh Raizada. They were in love since 2 years and now they have decided to give their relationship a name……. She was also happy as her best friend as her best friend was also getting engaged on the same day. He was Rohit’s younger brother and khushi’s Best friend Arnav Singh Raizada. He was getting engaged to Lavanya Kashyap a model by profession and arnav’s love….
Whole Raizada mansion was decorated with lightings and flowers. Guptas and kashyap’s were waiting downstairs for brides to arrive……. Rohit and arnav were also waiting for their respective brides……… Khushi and lavanya walked downstairs looking extremely gorgeous….. They came near there would be husband’s and exchanged rings. All the guests were enjoying the party….. Everything was looking perfect…… But sometimes khushiyon ko nazar lag jati hai……..
 Suddenly a big chandelier which was about to fall on khushi, when rohit pushed her aside and that chandelier falls on rohit.
All gets shocked they took rohit to the hospital. His body was covered with glass pieces……After reaching hospital doctor took him to the operation theatre but after about one hour Doctor  came out saying that as the chandelier was big, and as it fell directly on him all glass pieces have gone in almost every part of his body due to which most of his organs are destroyed we have tried our best but we are sorry he only have few minutes left…….. Hearing that khushi rushed to see him but after seeing his condition she fall down and becomes unconscious. Guptas admitted her and went to rohit who was having oxygen mask on his face…. He smiled looking at everyone and called arnav near him by his eyes…… He spoke..
Rohit: Ar Arnav ple plea please ta tak take ca car care of my khushi…. Never ever leave her alone…. Pro promise me with that he dies, arnav just nodded his head with tears in his eyes.
Here khushi wakes up after 1 hour to find herself in the hospital room. Gupta’s raizada’s and kashyap’s all were seeing her with tearful eyes……… She asked to her mom
Khushi: How is rohit amma? Where is he? (All were looking at her with tears in their eyes but no one was ready to break the news to her) So she asked again but this time little angry.
Khushi: Please tell me where is my rohit? I want to meet him now with that she starts getting up from the bed when arnav comes near her and hugs her... Khushi gets scared….
Khushi: Please arnav tell me that he is alright please….
Arnav: Khushi I am sorry……. He is no more.. Hearing this khushi gets shocked…….
Khushi: She just sat there without saying anything…… Everyone tried to make her cry but she was not responding at all.
Arnav: Please khushi hosh mein aao he is no more khushi. He has left us alone khushi with that he started crying on his shoulder….. Khushi please say something please………..
Doctor comes in the room and saw khushi he told everyone
Doctor: Please make her cry please she is in shock please bring her out from it or else she will lose her mental stability…..
Everyone tried to make her cry again but was of no use….
Arnav saw khushi once and he remembers his promise to rohit that he will take care of khushi….. He thinks “Bhai I will always be there with khushi uske liye mujhe apni khushi hi q na sacrifice karni pade”. With that he gets up moves outside brings sindoor from the hospital temple and applies it on khushi’s forehead leaving everybody shocked………

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