Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Pure Lust Changes into True Love... Chapter 11

Chapter 11
Arnav was very happy as arjun was on his side now. They both sat on the kitchen counter and were thinking of a plan to woo khushi…. Suddenly arjun got an idea and told something in arnav’s ears….
Arnav: Are you sure arjun this is going to work? I mean khushi will be happy?
Arjun: Yes arnav girls like all this and I am sure khushi will also like it……..
Arnav: Ok I will do that
Meanwhile khushi wakes up and was surprised to see the time it was 10 in the morning she has slept extra today she thought might be because she didn’t sleep properly at night as she was thinking about arnav…. She thinks “Why armaan bhai or riddhima didn’t wake me up then she remembers are they must have gone to the temple and then to the doctor…. She then moves towards kiah to wake her up……
Khushi: Kiah baby get up….
Kiah: Maaa pleash le me shleep….. Pleash I am dleaming about chocky don’t diturb me pleash…. (Maa please let me sleep…. Please I am dreaming about chocolate so please don’t disturb me)
Khushi laughs hearing her talks and says
Khushi: Kiah ok you dream about it and I will go and have it… Arjun will give all the chocky and toys to me……
Kiah gets up instantly hearing this then she remembers something and again goes back to sleep……..
Khushi looks at her confused…
Khushi: So kiah you don’t want chocky and toys and ice cream which arjun has brought…
Kiah still has her closed and said NO… Alnav untle bill dive me……
Khushi gets shocked hearing that, her daughter has started liking arnav which is not good as she will also get hurt like arnav has hurt her…..
Khushi picks up kiah and moves towards bathroom saying kiah I have told you many time not to take anything from strangers why don’t you understand you don’t love your maa hai na that’s why you don’t listen to me…..
Khushi now wakes up fully and hugs khushi saying no maa kiah lovesh you but maa alnav untle ish good vely good he says m his doll…..
Khushi: No kiah I don’t want you to talk to him ok if I see you talking to him I will not talk to you….
Kiah: Ok maa kiah bill not talk to untle kiah lovesh maaa with that she kisses khushi’s cheeks but becomes sad as she will not get to talk to her untle…..
Khushi and kiah both gets ready and walked downstairs to see only arjun sitting in the living room having his coffee… Kiah didn’t go to arjun like always she was just standing with khushi and it was clearly visible that she was upset.
Khushi sits with arjun and asked him
Khushi: Hey arjun where is everyone? I mean bhai and riddhima abhi tak aaye nahi and rohan where is he?
Arjun: Nopes armaan and riddhima will come in the night as they are going to a movie and then you know armaan has promised riddhima a shopping and then a dinner and rohan to tumhe pata hi hai kiske sath hoga that’s it… Arjun didn’t tell about arnav purposely.
Then he turns towards kiah and asked her…
Arjun: Hey kiah princess what happens why are you upset… Did maaa scold you?
Kiah looks at khushi and answers maaa bad not allowing me to talk to alnav untle….
Arjun: Princess bas itni si baat I will talk to your mom…. Khushi why are you not allowing my princess to talk to her uncle….
Khushi: Arjun you know the reason I don’t want kiah to get close to arnav… I am scared that he will hurt her too….
Arjun: No khushi I don’t think so I have seen love for kiah in his eyes and that too a father’s love and also why you want kiah to be away from his father’s love… I know what arnav did was wrong but then if someone’s is really sorry for their mistake then we should forgive them and I can see that arnav really loves kiah and so you should allow him and kiah to spend time together in this way kiah will also get her father’s love which she is deprived off all this year’s…..
Khushi thinks that what arjun is saying is somewhat correct and also arnav is here only for few days so it’s ok if kiah spends some time with him and nodded her head….
Arjun: See kiah your problem is solved now you can talk to your alnav untle….
Kiah gets happy and claps her hands in excitement… Khushi sees this and smiles
 Khushi then thinks but where is arnav as far as I know there was no meeting today so where he is, ye arjun sab ke bare mein bataya but where is arnav ye to nahi bataya…….. idiot….
Arjun thinks I know khushi you wanted to know about arnav…….
Arjun: Ok khushi chal I too needs to go now as I have a very important meeting but will be back by lunch so take care of kiah and yourself….
Arjun then starts getting up but stop and asked khushi
Arjun: Actually khushi I want you to come with me?
Khushi: Where arjun? I mean I didn’t even have my breakfast.
Arjun: Don’t worry you and kiah have it I just want to take something for my client and she is a girl so I want your help and don’t worry it will take only few minutes and also there is no one at home to bore hone se better hai help me na….
Khushi asked little teasingly oho arjun client or girlfriend haaa, apni dost ko bhi nahi bologe…
Arjun: Stop it khushi she is just a client… You are coming or not…….
Khushi: Ok I will come let me and kiah have breakfast first…..
Khushi then moves to the kitchen and arjun calls arnav….
Arnav: Hello
Arjun: Hello arnav khushi has said yes to come with me but remember you have only 1 hour to do the entire preparation ok and all the best…… Hope when I will return for lunch I will see you both as a couple…
Arnav: I too hope for the same… Thanks once again arjun….
Arjun: You are welcome buddy chal now khushi will be coming I will give you a missed call when we will move out of the house…..
Khushi and kiah had their breakfast and went with arjun…. Kiah was now happy as khushi has allowed her to talk to her untle…….
After about an hour arjun drops khushi home and calls arnav for confirming if everything is ready to which arnav said yes….
Khushi and kiah moves inside the house… As there was nobody they both went directly towards their room and opens the room door….
Lights were off khushi moves to switch on the light but she starts sneezing… What the hell. She keeps on sneezing and moves towards the light button and switch on the light to see her room fully decorated with purple orchids and arnav has written I AM SORRY and I LOVE YOU with rose petals on the bed, and was waiting behind the closet to see khushi’s reaction… (If there would have been any other girl she would have jumped in arnav’s arms by seeing all this but all this was for Khushi Kumari Gupta who was different from the other girls… She has started sneezing and cursing the person who has done all this)
Arnav who was in the room behind the closet was watching all this and got confused that why khushi was sneezing so much….. He comes near khushi and kiah jumps seeing him saying alnav untle arnav untle and puts her hands forward saying him to pick her up. He picks her and says…
Arnav: Hey doll how are you? With that he kisses kiah on her cheeks….
Kiah: M good me and maa shopping… She too kisses him on her cheeks…
Arnav then gives her chocolates and moves towards khushi who was still sneezing….
Arnav: Khushi are you alright?
Khushi: Arnav aaacchu who did aacchuu all this aacchu I mean this aaachu orchids…
Arnav: Its beautiful right….. Come there is something which I need to show you…..
Khushi: You mean aachu you did aaaccchuuu all aachu this….aaccchuuuu
Arnav: Yes actually khushi I wanted to say you something actually I but his sentence was cut by khushi who was still sneezing and her nose has became red.
Khushi now in angry tone: What the hell aaccchu arnav aaccchuuu you did this purposely aaccchuuu only to take aaaccchuu revenge from me aaccchuuu just remove it aaccchuuu damn it….
Arnav was confused why khushi was behaving like this he thinks arjun told me that all girls like flowers and khushi will also like it…..
Khushi: Arnav aaaccchuuu please remove all this I am aaccchuuu allergic to orchids aaccchu I am going, just aaaccchuuuu clean my room you idiot aaccchuuu…
With that she takes kiah and moves out of her room leaving a shocked and sad arnav behind thinking “Arnav Singh Raizada you are such a fool you are suppose to woo her not make her more angry on you and she is allergic to orchids they are such a beautiful flowers…. Hmmm after all she is khushi Kumari gupta now I have to think of something else shit but I don’t know anything about her likes and dislikes I have to ask arjun about all this and this time everything in detail……..”
Arnav with the help of the servant cleans khushi room thinking I have never cleaned my room pyaar mein kya kya karna padta hai……
Khushi moves towards kitchen and starts preparing lunch after taking medicines for allergy and was blushing and smiling at the same time, kiah was looking at khushi and got confused why her mother was smiling…..
Kiah: Maaa wot happen why ale you shmiling?
Khushi came back to senses and looks at kiah and says nothing beta so what would you like to have for lunch baby…
Kiah says paneel then she looks at khushi’s red nose and says maaa alnav untle is bad vely bad….
Khushi gets shocked to hear something this from kiah about arnav she picks kiah and asked
Khushi: Why are saying like this you like him na he is your uncle who gives chocky and toys to you….
Kiah holds khushi’s nose and says no he ish bad he hult your nosh it red….(No he is bad he hurts your nose and now it is red)
Khushi smiles looking at kiah and says no kiah he didn’t hurt me it was just a mistake ok…..
Kiah: Okkk means he ish good untle…
Khushi: Yes very good uncle then she blushes thinking something and says in her mind…. “Arnav Singh Raizada I have seen what you have written with that rose petals I know you loves me and you are feeling sorry for what you have did and you know what I really liked that all but I will not forgive you so easily let me see what things you will do to make me forgive you”…..


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