Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Pure Lust Changes into True Love... Chapter 12

Chapter 12
Khushi, kiah and arnav had their lunch as arjun said that he will be coming in the evening as arnav has told him that plan has been flopped so he decided to stay out till the evening…. They ate their food in silence and then khushi cleans the table and then moves towards her room with kiah going to other room where all toys were kept…..
 When she moves inside her room arnav enters the kitchen talking to arjun on phone hope this idea of yours will work arjun…….
After two hours arnav goes to khushi’s room with a plate covered with another plate… He will knock khushi’s room….. Khushi opens the door and thinks now what he have done hope this time I am not allergic to that thing……
Khushi: Yes arnav do you need anything?
Arnav: Actually khushi I have prepared something for you……
Khushi: But why arnav? Anyways what it is I hope that I am not allergic to it….
Arnav smiles no khushi you will like it and I have done this because I…. He was about to open the cover plate when suddenly kiah comes running towards him and BANG plate fell on the floor and all the jalebi’s which arnav has prepared for khushi falls on khushi’s clothes and hair making her all sticky….
Khushi: What the hell is this arnav? I know you hate me for not allowing you to be with kiah but I never knew that you will do such cheap things for taking revenge…. What have you done arnav I have just bathed and yucks who told you to make this jalebi’s… urrggg I hate you… Just go from here….. And she moves to bathroom for cleaning herself…….
Arnav thinks shit I have ruined it all again I am such a looser… Arnav Singh Raizada is such a looser... He then moves to his room thinking what he should do now to pacify khushi as in one day he has angered her to the core….. And I have written I love you and I am sorry with jalebi’s usne to dekha tak nahi kitna time laga just to write that……
Arnav then thinks of something and goes out of the house… He comes back after half an hour and moves directly to khushi’s room.
Arnav: Khushi I want to talk to you.
Khushi understands what he wants to say she smiled inwardly and told him arnav I am busy… we can talk later…
Arnav: No khushi I want to talk to you now…..
Khushi: ok bolo kya kaam hai……
Arnav comes close to khushi he holds her hand and tells khushi I want to say that I know I have done wrong with you…. I mean we have entered into a lust relationship and I don’t know when I fall in love with you but I was not ready to accept it or realize it as I never believed in love but when I came here I realized that I truly loves you and kiah and I can’t live without you and kiah…. I know I wanted you to abort kiah and I am really sorry for that khushi… Mein apne ego or attitude ke samne kuch dekh hi nahi paaya… I am sorry with that he kneels on the floor and removes a ring and asks khushi
Arnav: Khushi WILL YOU MARRY ME? I want to be your husband and will always keep you happy for the whole life and I want to be kiah’s father and give her all the happiness of the world…
Khushi got tears in her eyes… She turns around not seeing arnav… She thought of something and replied
Khushi: I need time to think arnav I am not sure that this is your some plan to hurt me or you are really sorry….. I really need time to convince myself ….
Arnav: Take your time khushi I will always wait for you and will keeps on trying to convince you that I love you a lot……
With that arnav moves out of her room and khushi smiles and calls arjun
Khushi: Arjun you know what happened?
Arjun: What khushi?
Khushi: Arnav proposed me……
Arjun: What? When? How and what you said?
Khushi: It was really funny actually first he decorated my room with orchids you know orchids se I have allergy to uska plan flop… then he has written I love you and I am sorry with my favorite jalebi’s but wo bhi plan kiah ne fail kiya and it all falls on my head….
Arjun: What!!!! Poor arnav then what he did next….
Khushi: He proposed me with a ring that was really cute and I was about to say him yes but you I was really enjoying this I mean all the thing which he is doing for me so I thought k usko thoda pareshaan karu and that’s why meine use keh diya that I am not convinced and mujhe time chahiye…
Khushi: Hone do thoda pareshaan let’s see kya kya karta hai aur mujhe convince karne its really going to be fun
Arjun: It means tumne use maaf kar diya
Khushi: Yes arjun I had seen in his eyes that he was truly guilty for what he has done and he really loves me and kiah….
But to khushi’s bad luck arnav has listen to their conversation. He comes back to ask khushi if she will come on a date with him but he gets shocked hearing khushi and arjun’s talks…. He then thinks “so ms gupta you are enjoying haaa….. Now I will enjoy, I have already confessed my feelings and said sorry now it’s your turn to confess the feeling…. I will make sure khushi, that now you will come to me and will say I LOVE YOU…. I promise sweetheart just wait and watch……….
With that he dials someone’s number………


  1. अपनी बाबू की सील तोड़ी
    विधवा की चुदाई की प्यास
    भाभी को दिखाई नई ब्लू फिल्म
    मामी ने दिखाया स्वर्ग का दरवाजा
    बस में मिले लड़के से चूत मरवाई
    बाथरूम में पंजाबन कुड़ी की चुदाई
    चूत मेरी बड़ी प्यासी हैं
    उसकी गर्लफ्रेंड मेरे लौड़े का माल बन गई
    Antarvasna युवकों की आम यौन समस्यायें
    दस साल बाद सही चुदाई हुई
    पड़ोसन ने रसोई में लौड़ा चूसा
    एक हसीन रात
    भाभी के साथ होली
    मिला मौका मारा चौका
    शादी से पहले साली के साथ सुहागरात
    लण्ड और चूत दोनों को फायदा
    चुदी प्रियंका सारी रात
    प्रियंका के साथ एक रात की चुदाई
    पड़ोस की लड़की की कुँवारी चूत ली
    कुंवारी चूत चुदाई का आनन्दमयी खेल-1 (Bhanji Ki Kunvari Choot Chudai ka Khel-1)
    कुंवारी चूत चुदाई का आनन्दमयी खेल-2 (Bhanji Ki Kunvari Choot Chudai ka Khel-2)
    गाण्ड मेरी पटाखा बहन बानू की (Gaand Meri Patakha Bahan Banu ki)