Saturday, 4 May 2013

Pure Lust Changes into true Love... Chapter 1

Chapter 1
Arnav Singh Raizada is a rich business tycoon of Mumbai. He owns AR designs. He is ruthless, arrogant and womanizer. He lives in Mumbai to look after his Mumbai business whereas his family which consists of his di and nani, mama, mami, akash and payal lives in Delhi. Akash Singh Raizada is arnav’s cousin and looks after the Delhi branch.
Arnav had seen khushi first time in his office when she had came for an interview for the post of his P.A. From that day he was having his eyes on her. He used to stare her continuously while doing his work which would make khushi week on her knees by feeling such an intense glare on her. He had noticed these he knew that she also feels something for him. He has seen the same desire in her eyes.
Khushi is arnav’s P.A. She is modern girl who believes in living life to the fullest. She is an orphan. She joined A.R designs 7 months back and from the first meeting she has developed desires for him. She had never felt like that before. She use to feel arnav’s intense glare at her all the time when she was with him doing some work. She knew that he had something for her but what was it she didn’t know.
After a week of her joining khushi and arnav were suppose to go for a conference in Nainitaal. They were coming back from the conference when arnav’s car broke down and they were stranded on the dark road where there were hardly any lights so arnav decided to call Aman for sending them some other car. They were waiting for the car but suddenly it started raining and khushi got excited after seeing the rain so she just ran out without thinking and arnav tried to stop her but all was in vain.
Arnav was watching khushi from his car and the view in front of him made him loose his control. Khushi was wearing a white saree which was all wet and it had hugged her body completely like a second skin. Arnav got out of the car and started moving towards khushi. Khushi was still busy in enjoying rain when she felt something on her waist and got shocked to see arnav’s hand he was hugging her from behind. Then he started giving wet kisses on the nape of her neck then he moved to her shoulders and then he untied the dori of blouse and started kissing her bare back. Khushi closed her eyes tightly feeling immense pleasure. She wanted to stop him but nothing came from her mouth except a moan which turned arnav on fully. He turns her around to face him and captured her lips. Khushi was shocked with his action but slowly she responded by kissing him back then he started cupping his breast and was leaning down to take it in his mouth but was interrupted by a light coming from the car sent by Aman.
Arnav stopped their and starred into khushi’s eyes. What he saw was the same desire which he has in her eyes. He leaned down and whispered in her ears “Don’t worry babes will continue this after reaching Mumbai”. After that they went back to Mumbai.
Next day arnav called khushi to his cabin.
Arnav: Khushi with that he started moving towards khushi and pulled her close and within a second his lips were on her and he was kissing her passionately asking her to give him access. After sometimes she responded to the kiss. Arnav pulled back and looked into her eyes and said. Khushi I want you.
Khushi: Arnav I mean sir what are you saying?
Arnav: Yes khushi I want you in my bed. I want to have S** with you but purely for pleasure. No emotions or any kind of feelings involved.
Khushi: But sir (Arnav cuts her off by putting his index finger on her lips saying ssshhhh let me complete first sweetheart)
Arnav: Khushi I know you too have some strong desires for me and trust me I can pleasure you to the fullest. You will never ever regret your decision. Believe me. He said all this in his husky voice which was enough to melt khushi. She stood their silent without saying yes or no.
Arnav: Should I consider your silence as Yes. Tell me khushi he whispered in her ears biting her earlobe and licking it. That was it khushi was no more able to control herself and hugged him tightly. Arnav understood that it was yes from her side.
Arnav hugged her back and told her that he will wait for her tonight at his place. For which she just nodded. Then arnav pulls her apart and told her remember no feelings attach ok our relationship will be truly based on lust no love ok.
Khushi just nodded her head and then she left his cabin.
Khushi comes and sat on her chair thinking what I have done is this right. I know I want him but what if I fall in love with him. No I can’t lose him; I will never ever fall in love with him


  1. That was an amazinggg update!!!

    I've relli liked its season one n m sure this will be no less as you are an awesomeeee writer

    Poor khushi doesn't know what her n will fr sure fall for arnav but arnav is a ruthless man so will hav to wait fr the story to unfold

    M already hooked to this

    Amazinggg update!!

  2. So this relationship is based on mutual understanding ....any way I love khushi and arnav as long as they are together in any form

  3. So this relationship is based on mutual consent
    But awesome chapter
    Loved it

  4. they started a relationship that they both wanted

  5. hawwwww m sooo late.. i never realisd when u updated the first chap.. :(
    but lovveeddddddddd the chap diii... thank god, they hve agreed to it mutually....i thought khushi might hve been forced into itt...
    would love to knw what happens hence forth...
    awesome update..update the next chap sooonn.....

  6. guys I think you all are misunderstanding this update as season 2 update.... This is Pure Lust Changes into true love Season 1... I am pasting it on my Blog......

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