Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Pure Lust Changes into True Love... Chapter 9

Chapter 9
 Arnav came downstairs for the breakfast. He moves towards the dining table but stops seeing khushi sitting beside arjun with kiah on arjun’s lap.  Khushi who has seen arnav coming towards them starts feeding arjun hinting him that arnav has came. Arjun who was busy in feeding kiah understood and started smiling looking at khushi as if he was enjoying his breakfast from her hand and khushi was blushing all the while.
All were shocked to see khushi like this but they thought that it’s good if she gets close with arjun it will help her to move on in her life.
On the other hand arnav was feeling that he will punch arjun then and there. The scene in front of him was making him more restless. He thought “Kya khushi bhi use pyaar karti hai….. NOOOOOO this can’t be true I have to act fast but I have to be careful as I can’t hurt khushi more…. He then sits opposite to khushi and arjun as that was the only place available. He wished everyone good morning but khushi ignored him as if she had not seen him she was still busy in feeding arjun when armaan speaks,
Armaan: Arnav meet arjun, rohan’s childhood friend but nowadays he is more of khushi’s best friend you know na what I mean??? And he winked at khushi.
Arnav looked at arjun and says hey arjun hi nice to meet you……. I promise that you will have really beautiful memories in this trip and I will make sure that you will never forget me. (Arnav told him curtly and gritted his teeth which didn’t go unnoticed by arjun and khushi)
Arjun understood what arnav was trying to say and replies him back…….
Arjun: Of course arnav you know what my every trip to A.R mansion is unforgottable as I meet my princess kiah and my khushi…….
As everyone was busy having their breakfast their conversations were heard only by khushi and kiah…..  Khushi just blushed hearing that and thinks wow arjun you are very good at your work.
Hearing “my khushi” from arjun’s mouth arnav becomes angry and gets up from the breakfast table saying I am done and I am going in my room as I have some important phone calls to be made. With that he left for his room fuming.
Everyone finished their breakfast and left the dining table leaving khushi, arjun and kiah behind. Kiah too finishes her breakfast and went towards her room for playing with her toys.
Khushi: Thanks for the acting arjun you know you are the best actor. She said winking at arjun.
Arjun: Shut up khushi I was so scared seeing him like that you know I was glad that I was not alone with him or else he would have murdered me till now. You know what khushi I think he loves you.
Khushi: WHATTTTTTT!!!!!!! You must be joking arjun. Arnav loves me…. Never he can never loves me that’s why he entered into a lust relationship with me and he has told me that he didn’t believe in love so he just loves my body and that’s why he was fuming seeing me with you as he don’t like me to be touched by anyone.
Arjun: Ok baba now come lets go and thinks in his mind “tum kuch bhi kaho khushi I think he loves you, maybe he don’t know that he loves you ya fir he knows but he is not ready to accept it. Jo bhi ho maza aayga rehne do use aise hi kuch dino tak bohat hurt kiya hai usne tumhe But if he truly loves you and he is sorry for what he did I will make sure that you both becomes one as I know tum kitna bhi kaho you will be happy only with him not without him”
Khushi hitting him on his arms and asking: Hey where have you lost come let’s go…
Arjun: huhhhh yes come.
Meanwhile in arnav’s room he was pacing back and forth in his room and thinking why was she blushing…. Why was she feeding him she used to feed me and she can feed only me no one has that right to eat with her hand and why that arjun was feeding kiah she is my daughter I will feed her. Yes from lunch I will make sure that I will feed kiah… waise where is she? I really miss her talks she is so cute….
Arnav had tears in his eyes thinking about kiah and starts talking to himself “I was so bad. I wanted to kill that innocent soul because of my ego and attitude thank god khushi took the right decision at that time of not aborting her. Now when I have realized my mistake she is so far away from me but I will make sure that kiah gets all the happiness in her life and I will always be there with her and for her but before that I need to pacify and apologies khushi. And for that I will do anything and everything whatever khushi will say or asks me to do I will do that. With that he starts making plans how to win khushi back…….
After sometimes he moves downstairs and went to the kitchen for getting some water. He sees kiah in the kitchen trying to open the fridge. He goes near her and sits on his knees and asked her.
Arnav: Hey kiah what are you doing here?
Kiah gets scared hearing a voice behind her but calms down seeing arnav and tells him
Kiah: Untle I want icream….. Pleash don’t tell to maaa…. (Uncle I wanted ice-cream but please don’t tell to maaaa)
Arnav stands up and picks her up in his arms and said
Arnav: My doll wants to eat ice-cream. Don’t worry I will give you and will not tell your maaa ok with that he opens the fridge and removes the ice cream cone and gives it to kiah….
Kiah kisses arnav’s cheek and says thank you untle. You ale besht.
Aweee arnav’s eyes becomes teary seeing his baby kissing him he too kissed her back and says you are also best my doll come I have brought loads of chocolates and toys for you. You like toys na your da…….
But he stopped seeing khushi at kitchen door. She comes inside and pulls kiah from arnav’s arms but arnav stops her
Arnav: Khushi what are you doing? Let her stay with me.
Khushi: No Mr. Raizada I don’t want her to be with you.
Arnav: You can’t do this khushi.
Khushi: I can because she is my daughter and I have full right to do that.
Arnav: She is mine daughter too DAMN IT.
Khushi pulls kiah (who was confused as why her untle and maaa are having fight) from arnav’s arms and asked her to go and play with Aryan and then she turns towards arnav
Khushi: So what were you saying my daughter haaa…. Par you wanted to kill her right. You wanted me to abort that child then why now you are saying her as your daughter. You have lost all your rights on your daughter that day itself with that she started moving outside.
Arnav: Khushi stop I want to talk to you……
Khushi: But I don’t Mr. Raizada. And I think there is nothing left to talk between us and haaa one more thing please stay away from MY daughter I don’t want her to get close to someone who wanted to kill her and with that she moves out.
Arnav had tears in his eyes. He felt bad by the last line of khushi……… I am sorry khushi I am really sorry but please don’t do this to me I promise I will never hurt you or kiah. I am so sorry (but there was no one in the room to listen to his pleadings……..)
Khushi runs upstairs to her room. She too had tears in eyes she goes near her closet opens the drawer and removes arnav’ photo from the drawer holds it near her chest and says it’s really hard to ignore you or hurt you arnav…….. I am really sorry……… I love you, I love you a lottttttttt………..


  1. Fantastic...
    Arnav deserves it...

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