Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Pure Lust Changes into True Love... Chapter 2

Chapter 2 (Mature Content)
Now six months has passed since that night and they had spent many passionate nights in these six months. They were happy with their relationship status. Arnav and khushi were in the car on their way to the office. Arnav stopped the car few meters away from the office so that nobody could see that he and khushi comes together. They didn’t want office staff to know about the kind of relationship they share. Khushi got down and starts walking towards the office whereas arnav drove his car towards the office.
After entering the office arnav moves towards his cabin and khushi came after 5 mins and was moving to her cabin when she slipped and was about to fall but was caught by aman who was just passing from there. He was now holding khushi and his hands were wrapped around her bare waist as she was wearing a saree. Arnav saw these from his cabin and didn’t like it at all. He clenched his fists looking at them and thinks how he dare to touch khushi only I can touch her. “What the hell are you thinking arnav she is just a girl whom you desire or in simple words you lust over not the one whom you love so you should not be bother when she is not on your bed” arnav thought brushing his previous thoughts. Then he walked up to his chair and started working when he heard the knock on the door.
There was a girl in her 20’s standing at the door looking at arnav.
Arnav: Come in Lavanya from when you need my permission to walk into my cabin.
Lavanya: Hey bro how are you? You know I am waiting for you from last 1 hour and you are coming this late where the hell were you? (Yes Lavanya or Ms Kashyap is arnav’s cousin who stays in Mumbai)
Arnav: Sorry sweetheart was bit busy. So why you are here I mean anything important or just to spy on me on behalf of di.
Lavanya: Shut up I don’t  spy on you it is just I care for you and that’s why I tell everything about you to di so that you won’t end up doing anything wrong you understand na what I mean to say.
Arnav: Yeah……
Lavanya: So what's your scene with khushi? I mean she is your P.A since six months sab thik hai na. I mean your P.A’s never last for more than 1 week and she survived for six months.
Arnav: Shut up La. It’s just that she is very good at her work so I didn’t feel the need to change her that’s it.
Lavanya: Really??? Raising her eyebrow
Arnav: Yeah now shut up and come let’s go for lunch.
Lavanya: No you carry on I am bit busy today I just came to tell you that next month I am getting engage.
Arnav: Wow that’s really great so who is that blind person who has fallen in love with you,
Lavanya: Shut up. He is not blind his name is N.K and he is very sweet ok now I am going will meet you later.
After Lavanya left arnav calls khushi into his cabin. Khushi comes and knocks the door.
Arnav: Come in
Khushi: Yes arnav you called me.
Arnav: Yes babes I was just feeling you know with that he moves towards khushi. He pulled her towards him and starts removing the pallu of her saree which was pinned on her shoulders. He removed it and then started giving wet kisses on her neck then on her shoulders and then on her cleavage which was visible from her low cut blouse. Khushi was standing with eyes closed feeling him on her. He then kneels down and started kissing her waist and remembers how aman had hold. He got mad and started biting on her waist and licking it in order to mark that place as his. “aahhhh arrrnavvv you are wild very wild” moaned khushi. Then he went towards her belly button and sucked it and licked it, khushi’s hands went to his hair and she started digging his face more into her.
After sometime he got up and captured her lips. Slowly sucking and then he bites on her lower lip which makes khushi moaned in pain and taking the opportunity he enters his tongue in her mouth and tasted her mouth fully. They were kissing each other as if there is no tomorrow. After sometime they pulled apart and then arnav lifted her up and made lays her on the couch. He undid her blouse and started kissing and sucking her milky breast saying “wow khushi you tastes so good”. Khushi blushed hearing his comment and hugged him tightly. Then she started unbuttoning his shirt and he helped her in that after sometime she was on top of him biting him on  his chest and licking it to soothe the pain he was just liking the way she was doing this. She then moves downwards and started kissing him on his waistline that was it he moves on top of her pinning her down and removed her saree unzipped her skirt and started kissing her on her core she was biting her lips so that her moans didn’t become louder. He slides off her panty and started stroking her sensitive spots with his tongue “aaahhh” she moaned. He caused havoc on her sensitive spot and she kept on moaning now she was unable to take it more so she said between her moans “please Arnav f*** me I can’t take this anymore”.
She then moves her hands towards his trouser to pull it off and then arnav entered her and fucked her hard making her moan in pleasure. After making love for about 2 hours they both put on their clothes and got back to their work………
Khushi was very happy with the way she feels with arnav but she was confused with the way she was feeling. Whenever arnav is with some model or any other girl she just didn’t like it she didn’t know why but she feel some pain in her heart. But she always brushes her thoughts aside by thinking that it’s just because she is sleeping with him most of the time.
But they both didn’t know that somewhere in their heart they had started feeling for each other.

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    विधवा की चुदाई की प्यास
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    बस में मिले लड़के से चूत मरवाई
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    उसकी गर्लफ्रेंड मेरे लौड़े का माल बन गई
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