Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Pure Lust Changes into True Love... Chapter 3

Chapter 3 (Slightly Mature)
Their life had change. Now Khushi use to take care of every little things of arnav. From his working schedules to his diet and med timings. They had come a long way. But still they were unaware of their feelings. Arnav likes to be with khushi a lot. He never misses an opportunity to be with khushi alone. He just wanted her all the time and he can’t tolerate seeing her close with someone else so he always keeps her with him. Arnav felt it little strange but still he thought that as he had touched khushi she will be touched only by him no matter it was out of love or lust.
After 2 weeks since their office encounter arnav went for a business trip for 2 weeks without khushi as khushi was not well. Khushi has started feeling headache and lower back aches. Arnav has asked her to go to doctor and take care of herself till he returned so she was on a leave.
Arnav came back after two weeks and called her at her number as she didn’t come to the office. Khushi picked up the call.
Arnav: Hey khushi where are you? Are you still not well?
Khushi: No Arnav I am good now just little headache will come to office tomorrow.
Arnav: ok but you will be accompanying me to La’s wedding tonight remember.
Khushi: Oh yes! I am so sorry arnav I would not be able to come as I have to take rest after taking medicines.
Arnav: What the hell khushi I don’t want to listen to anything. I will come to pick you up at sharp 8
Khushi: Stop behaving like a boyfriend ARNAV!!!! I m not your girlfriend so stop ordering me. I told you that I am not coming will meet you tomorrow at office.
With that she kept the call leaving fuming arnav on the other side.
Arnav: How dare she to talk to me like that. You will pay for this Miss Gupta. But why the hell I was forcing her or ordering her to come with me. She was right she is not my girlfriend. Ohhhh she will made me crazy one day.
Here at khushi’s place,
What’s wrong with you khushi why are you behaving weirdly just have a talk with him and I am sure everything will be fine now don’t stress yourself too much as it is not good for your health.
Day passed quickly for both as khushi was sleeping taking her pills whereas arnav was busy with Lavanya’s wedding.
Next day at AR.
Arnav to himself: Khushi Kumari Gupta now I will show you what it takes to talk like that to ASR. But soon he forgets her anger seeing khushi standing at the door. She was wearing a purple saree with matching earrings and hair open on one side. She was just looking like a doll. She enters the cabin and looked at arnav who was looking at her with desire filled eyes. She moves towards him and starts speaking
Khushi: Arnav I want to tell you something.
Arnav gets lost in her, he pulls her closer and turns her around now her back was hitting his chest. He whispers in her ears “yes sweetheart what it is” and bites her earlobe and start licking it. Khushi was losing her senses but came back and told him please arnav not now, I want to tell you something it’s very important but he put his index finger on her lips and whispered in her ears “ssshhhh don’t say anything I missed you khushi, I missed f****** you please don’t stop me please”, with that he started moving her hands upwards till her breasts and started cupping it khushi moaned when he started licking it with her clothes on. He then undid her blouse and removed it and took one bosom in his mouth cupping other with his hand repeating the same with other. Then he moves down to her belly button and started licking it and giving her bites all over her waist. He then removed her saree. Khushi lost all her senses she was just moaning. He then undid her skirt and started kissing her inner thighs and bite her, with that khushi came back to her senses. Khushi was all wet she wanted him right now but she needs to talk to him first so she moves back leaving arnav shocked. She put her skirt and then blouse and then wrapped her saree around.
Arnav was still in shock to react. He came back to senses when she came towards her and touched his shoulder. Arnav banged his fist on the table and said WHAT THE HELL is wrong with you khushi? Why are you behaving like I was raping you.
Khushi: Wo arnav actually I want to talk to you.
Arnav: What is so urgent khushi? You spoiled my mood. First you kept my call without listening to me and then this. You know what khushi I think you don’t want me now. I think now you desire someone else. You are bored with me.
Khushi: ARNAV!!!!!!! With that she started weeping.
Arnav comes close to her holds her hands and asked her
Arnav: I am sorry khushi I didn’t mean that I was just………
Arnav: Please tell me what’s wrong? Which thing is bothering you so much……
Khushi keeps on weeping which angers arnav more
Khushi wipes her tears and told in a soft voice arnav I AM PREGNANT…………….


  1. so what will they do now ..she is pregnant!!!!!!...nice part dear

  2. अपनी बाबू की सील तोड़ी
    विधवा की चुदाई की प्यास
    भाभी को दिखाई नई ब्लू फिल्म
    मामी ने दिखाया स्वर्ग का दरवाजा
    बस में मिले लड़के से चूत मरवाई
    बाथरूम में पंजाबन कुड़ी की चुदाई
    चूत मेरी बड़ी प्यासी हैं
    उसकी गर्लफ्रेंड मेरे लौड़े का माल बन गई
    Antarvasna युवकों की आम यौन समस्यायें
    दस साल बाद सही चुदाई हुई
    पड़ोसन ने रसोई में लौड़ा चूसा
    एक हसीन रात
    भाभी के साथ होली
    मिला मौका मारा चौका
    शादी से पहले साली के साथ सुहागरात
    लण्ड और चूत दोनों को फायदा
    चुदी प्रियंका सारी रात
    प्रियंका के साथ एक रात की चुदाई
    पड़ोस की लड़की की कुँवारी चूत ली
    कुंवारी चूत चुदाई का आनन्दमयी खेल-1 (Bhanji Ki Kunvari Choot Chudai ka Khel-1)
    कुंवारी चूत चुदाई का आनन्दमयी खेल-2 (Bhanji Ki Kunvari Choot Chudai ka Khel-2)
    गाण्ड मेरी पटाखा बहन बानू की (Gaand Meri Patakha Bahan Banu ki)