Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Pure Lust Changes into True Love... Chapter 13

Chapter 13
Arnav then moved out of the house saying that he had some important work….Khushi was making dinner and kiah was sitting on the kitchen counter eating jalebi’s…. Suddenly door bell rings and khushi moves out to open the door and finds arjun…
Arjun: Hey khushi how are you and where is your lover boy?
Khushi blushes hearing that and said I am good and arnav is not at home he had some meeting…
Arjun: Ok and where is my princess…
Khushi: In the kitchen, eating jalebi’s….
They started to move towards the kitchen when door bell rings again… Khushi opens the door to find arnav standing with a girl….. Khushi looks at arnav and then at that girl thinking who is she and what she is doing with my arnav?
Arnav: Khushi will you keep us standing here at the door or will allow us to enter….
Khushi: Ohhh yes come….
Arnav moves directly towards arjun with that girl….
Arnav: Hey arjun meet Sam she is my client here, we had meeting and it got over at 8 so I thought of inviting her for the dinner…..
Arjun: That’s really cool arnav I mean it good that you invited her for the dinner…. Come let’s move towards the table….
All started moving towards the table and were about to sit when kiah comes running from the kitchen with hands full of jalebi’s and runs towards table……
Arnav sees her but ignores her and looks at Sam and tells her…
Arnav: Sam come I will show you my room, you can freshen up there and after that we can come down for the dinner….
Sam: Ok arnie as you say… Come
With that she will hold arnav’s hand and arnav will hold her by waist and they starts moving towards his room…
Khushi didn’t like that at all she will say to arjun
Khushi: What the hell was that arjun? He proposed me few hours ago and now he is with some other girl…. How can he do this to me?
Arjun: Khushi, she is his client and he is just taking care of her and he proposed you but you didn’t say yes yet so he is still a free bird who can do anything….
Khushi: Ya right a free bird… And what was the need to take her to his room I mean if she wants to use washroom she can use it of guestroom why arnav’s room… And Arnie what was that….
Arjun laughs at khushi
Arjun: Oh khushi stop being jealous ok he loves you and he was just being nice to Sam and was making her feel like home so just chill… Come let’s get dinner ready on the table…
Khushi: Hmmm I think you are right may be I am just over reacting….
They all sat on the table for dinner and kiah spills some water on arnav as she was sitting on arnav’s lap on the dinner…
Arnav: Ohhh shit man… He puts kiah down saying its ok baby I will change and come when Sam moves near him and says
Sam: Arnie I will come with you… I think you will need help to clean this with that she moves her hands around arnav’s neck and chest which was all wet…
Khushi sees this and didn’t like it a bit…. Arnav saw her and tells Sam….
Arnav: No Sam its ok I will clean it myself you carry on with your dinner….
Arnav gets change and comes down… They had their dinner with khushi looking at Sam in anger…. After dinner they were sitting in the living room having ice cream when suddenly Sam said…
Sam: Arnie you have something around your lips….
Arnav: What is it? He wipes his lips…
Sam: No not their little up….
Arnav moves his fingers upwards…
Khushi will see him and then sees that some of the ice cream on his upper lips on the right side…
Sam will come close to arnav….
Sam: Oho arnie not here baby I will clean it for you with that she will bends to suck that ice cream from arnav’s lips but will be pushed by khushi….
Sam: What the hell? Who are you to push me like this haan? How dare you? Arnie who is she to insult me?
Khushi: I am his fiancée... And I don’t like some random girl touching my would be husband okkk so stay away from him
With that she moves close to arnav and sucks that ice cream and arnav looks at her smirking….
Arnav: Khushi it means….
Khushi: Yes arnav I love you I love you a lot…. I am ready to marry you… Bohat reh li tumhare bagair bas ab aur nahi I want to be with you forever arnav….
Arnav hugs her tight and says I love you too khushi I am so happy…. He then breaks the hug and looks at khushi and without wasting a sec he puts his lips on hers…. It was their first kiss after 3 years and both felt as if they will not leave each other… Arnav was sucking khushi’s lips hungrily saying ohh khushi you don’t know how much I have missed you in this 3 years I am so sorry khushi I love you…. He then enters his tongue into her mouth exploring her full mouth….
Arjun coughs seeing them all lost and then they broke the kiss and looked towards arjun embarrassed….
Sam was smiling and so was arjun kiah was looking at her parents thinking why they were behaving like this….
Arjun: Arnav, khushi please control your emotions you have a child now… They both looked at kiah and then arnav picks kiah in his hands and tell her…
Arnav: Kiah I am your father not uncle so call me dad not uncle ok…
Kiah: You ale my dad….
Arnav: Yes beta with that he hugs kiah….


  1. wow ..finally she confessed

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