Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Pure Lust Changes into True Love... Chapter 14

Chapter 14
Arnav then turns towards Sam and told hey Sam thanks a lot…..
Khushi looked confuse as why arnav was thanking Sam…
Sam: It’s my pleasure arnie… I mean ASR…..
Arnav pulls khushi in a side hug and says khushi she is my childhood friend Samantha… You know I have heard everything what you said to arjun so I decided to make you confess your feelings and I was damn sure that you cannot anyone coming close to me and I was right the moment you saw sam close to my lips you confessed….
Khushi was giving arnav angry glares… When he asked arjun….
Arnav: Arjun please take care of kiah and some we will be back soon…
Khushi: No arjun I am not going anywhere I will move with kiah…
But arnav didn’t listen to her and picks khushi in his arms and moves to his room….
Khushi: Arnav what are you doing leave me…. I said leave me I don’t want to go with you please….
But arnav keeps and walking and stops when he enters his room…. He puts khushi on his bed and moves on top of her and said…
Arnav: Khushi I love you with that he kissed on khushi’s both cheeks and khushi closed her eyes feeling him after so many years… He then looked into khushi’s eyes which were closed and tears were falling from them…. Arnav stopped and cups her cheeks
Arnav: Khushi what happen? Open your eyes sweetheart…. Are you still upset with me? Please tell me sweetheart…..
Khushi opens her eyes and looks and arnav and then she hugs her tightly….
Khushi: I love you too arnav… Please never ever leave me arnav this time I won’t be able to live without you……..
Arnav then pulls her back from the hug and then kisses her on her eyes and then drank the drops of tears… He then moves towards his lips and takes her lower lips in his and sucks it then he did the same with her upper lips… He then enters her mouth and tasted her tongue and explored each and every corner of her mouth… Khushi too responded to the kiss with same passion….. Her hands were in his hair pulling him closer to her…. After kissing for a long time they break the kiss for some air… Arnav moves his face little down and started giving wet kisses on her neck, shoulders and earlobes… He was biting her and then licking it to soothe her pain… Khushi moaned in pleasure…. She was feeling this pleasure after 3 long years…. She wanted him now….. So she starts unbuttoning his shirt and he too helps her with that…. She then threw his shirt and started roaming her hands on his bare chest…. Arnav felt so good to be touched by khushi…. Khushi then rolled over him and started giving wet kisses on his chest and shoulders… Arnav removes her top and then unhooked her bra…. He starts cupping her bosoms…. Aahhhh arnav khushi moaned…. Arnav then took one bosom in his mouth and played with other with his hands… He sucked her bosom hard… He then repeated his action with the other bosom…. After sometime he moves down and licks her belly button… He bites her there and licks it…. Khushi was moaning in pain and pleasure both and this was turning arnav on…. He moves his hands on her legs and then stops near her core which was already wet… He wanted to touch it lick it now… His hands reached the strings of her pajama’s... He was about to remove it when they heard the knock on the door…
Arnav and khushi looked at each other and then at door….
Khushi rushed to the bathroom with her top and arnav wore his shirt and then moves to open the door thinking that it must be arjun, kiah or Sam… He opens the door but gets shock to see armaan and riddhima…..
Armaan and riddhima had returned from their day out few minutes before and after putting Aryan to sleep they decides to check khushi and kiah before sleeping buts gets shock to see arnav in khushi’s room with lipstick marks over his lips….
Armaan: Arnav What the hell are you doing in khushi’s room? Where is khushi? And this lipstick on your lips… What were you doing with khushi haaan tell me arnav?
Arnav: See Armaan I will explain you everything just calm down…
Armaan: Calm down…. How can I calm down arnav…. Khushi is my sister…. And I know what kind of relationships you have with girls and khushi she has suffered a lot already…. I will never allow you to hurt my sister…. Just tell me where is she and what were you doing with her?
Arnav: Armaan first come inside I don’t want kiah or any other to listen to our talks so please calm down and come inside… Please bhabhi tell him to calm down…
Riddhima: I think armaan we should listen to him at least….
Armaan: Ok… with that they both come inside khushi’s room…. Arnav locks the door and asks them to sit…..
Arnav: Do you remember armaan I have told you that I am in love with a girl….
Armaan: Yes… But what about her….
Arnav: That girl is khushi armaan….
Armaan and riddhima both gets shocked…
Armaan: What!!!!! You mean you already knew khushi….
Arnav: Yes armaan I am kiah’s father…. I was in lust relationship with khushi… And I was the one who wanted the abortion….
Now that was the double shock for armaan and riddhima….
Armaan: What!!!! You arnav you have done this…. I can’t believe that my best friend can stoop so low…. You wanted to kill an innocent soul…
Arnav: I know armaan I was wrong and I am really sorry for that but I really love khushi and kiah and now I want to marry khushi and want her and kiah in my life…..
Armaan: No arnav I don’t think you deserve khushi or kiah…. I can never forgive you for what you have done with khushi…. I think khushi will also never forgive you or want you in her life…. So just forget about this and move out of this house now arnav….
Arnav: But armaan khushi….
Armaan cuts his sentence and says: Enough arnav I don’t want to listen to anything….. I will never ever allow you to hurt khushi now… You have hurt her a lot…. Please just go….
Khushi who was listening to their conversation from the bathroom comes out wearing her dress properly and says…
Khushi: Bhai I want to marry him… I love him bhai… I have already forgiven him….
Armaan gets shocked to hear this from khushi….


  1. Armaan is the perfect bhai for khushi ..
    loved it..
    nice update

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