Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Pure Lust Changes into True Love... Chapter 8

Chapter 8
Arnav still was in shock. He was feeling as if someone is taking away his life….. But why he was feeling like this…. He was the one who didn’t wanted khushi in his life than why he was so heartbroken with the fact that khushi will be marrying someone else.
He was still in the kitchen thinking about khushi when he felt someone’s hand on his shoulder. He turned around to look at person. He was armaan who was watching arnav with concern filled eyes and asked him.
Armaan: Hey arnav are you alright? What were you thinking?
Arnav: huhhhh nothing….. Come let’s go.
With that they all move towards their room. Rohan drop kiah to khushi’s room. Khushi made her sleep and then lost in her thoughts “why arnav why you came back in my life. I lied to you because I didn’t want to show you that I still can’t resist you not because of the lust because of the love which I have for you pure and unconditional but I can never forgive you for the thing that you wanted to kill an innocent soul. My love is true for you but it’s not bigger than my daughter. And for her I will never allow you to enter in my life again nor will I allow you to come near my daughter. You didn’t want her at that time and now I don’t want you to be closer to her……… with that she cried whole night……….
On the other hand arnav was in his room, he closed his eyes but saw a vision which made her more restless. He saw that khushi is with some other man. They both are having s**. He suddenly opens his eyes shouting NOOOOOOO……….. He calms down as he realizes that it was a dream. He then keeps on thinking about khushi and kiah…… Why I want to be with kiah I was the one who didn’t like children and wanted khushi to abort the child then why whenever I sees kiah I want to hold her to love her. Why can’t I see kiah being close with rohan or arjun……..
Arjun who the hell is he? How dare he to love khushi she is mine only mine only I can love her……? Wait what you just said arnav you love her but you were the one who always use to say that it was just lust then from where this love has came. He runs his fingers in his hairs in frustration “this khushi will drive me crazy what is happening to me man”…….. Whole night arnav was thinking about khushi……
Next morning khushi and kiah were still sleeping in their room when arjun comes into their room. He comes towards khushi and whispers in her ears good morning khushi. Khushi wakes up getting scared.
Khushi: Arjun what the hell? Is this a way to wake up somebody?
Arjun: I am sorry khushi if I have scared you but I always wake you up in this way.
Khushi: Ohhhh yes I am so sorry actually I was not able to sleep properly that’s why I scolded you I am so sorry so how are you?
Arjun hugs her and tell I am good but you don’t seem to look good.
Khushi: No arjun I am good just tiredness and lack of sleep. With that khushi pulled her back from the hug…….
Arnav who was passing through khushi’s room sees arjun hugging khushi and got angry he leaves from their fuming.
Khushi: Arjun actually I need a favor from you. Please but don’t tell this to anyone please.
Arjun: Yes my princess anything for you and kiah...
Khushi: Thanks arjun. Actually the thing is you know everything about my past right.
Arjun: Yes khushi but why are you asking me this.
Khushi: Actually the man with whom I was in lust relationship was Arnav.
Arjun: You mean that armaan’s friend who is staying in this house.
Khushi: Yes. And I have told him that you are my fiancée so please don’t tell him the truth.
Arjun: Hey but why don’t you tell the truth to armaan he will never allow that person to stay in this house.
Khushi: No arjun I don’t want to spoil their friendship. Armaan bhai had done a lot for me now I don’t his friendship to be ruined with his best friend only because of me. So I just want you to act as my fiancée before him
Arjun: You know it can be for real if you want.
Khushi: I am so sorry arjun. I hope I can say yes to you. But you know what I loved him truly and deeply and even know I love him and can’t let anyone touch me.
Arjun: So why don’t you both get together.
Khushi: No arjun I love him doesn’t mean that I have forgiven him. And also he don’t love me he just loved my body and he wanted me to kill my baby. How can I forgive that man? Saying this khushi eyes becomes teary.
Arjun wipes off her tears and hugs her stating no matter what khushi I will always be with you and help you.
Khushi still hugging thanks a lot arjun I am really lucky to have a friend like you.
Here arnav was more restless seeing khushi and arjun in that hugging position.
Arnav: No khushi you can’t do this to me. You can’t let someone touch you. You are mine only mine. I can’t see you with other person….. But why arnav why can’t you see her with anyone.
Armaan will come to arnav who was standing with his back facing armaan.
Armaan: Hey arnav come let’s go for breakfast and also I will make you meet arjun.
When arnav didn’t turned back he moves in front and got shock to see tears in arnav’s eyes. Armaan then keeps his hand on arnav shoulder and asked
Armaan: Hey buddy what happen? Why are you crying?
Arnav came back to senses he too was shocked to see tears in his eyes.
Arnav: I I don’t know armaan, I mean with that he sat down on the bed with his head in his hand.
Armaan: Kya hua arnav you can share with me. Why are you looking so restless? What is the problem you can share with me?
Arnav: Armaan I don’t know I am damn confused. I don’t know what I feel for her but I can’t see her with anyone armaan. I can’t see when someone touches her. I feel that it’s only my right. I don’t know armaan why I feel like this.
Armaan: Because you love her arnav.
Arnav: WHAT!!!!!!! No I can never love anyone in fact I don’t believe in love then how can I love someone..
Armaan sits with arnav….
Armaan: You know what arnav this love happens even if we don’t believe in it. Ok just close your eyes and tell me what you see.
Arnav closes her eyes and sees khushi’s face.
Armaan: Now tell me what are you seeing?
Arnav: Her face….
Armaan: That’s it arnav you are in love with her…. Ok just think will you be able to live if she marries someone else or leaves you forever….
Arnav: NOOOOO I can’t see her with someone else and I will never ever leave her. I have lost her once but not now…….
Armaan: Wow arnav you are in love…. Just go and tell her that you love her…….. And never ever let your ego comes between your love...
Arnav: But armaan you know I had hurt her lotttt. We had a beautiful relationship which I failed to understand and I ruined it all because of my ego… and now she is not ready to forgive me….
Armaan: Don’t worry arnav if you love her truly and if she loves you too then you will get her but for that you will need to apologize to her for all your deeds.
Arnav: I will armaan and thanks a lot buddy you are the best friend one could ever have. Thanks for making me understand…
Armaan: By the way who is that lucky girl jsse tumhe pyaar hua the great A.S.R ko…..
Arnav: I will tell you her name, not only name but will make you meet her in person but not now. Only after she forgives me…..
Armaan: Ok now come let’s go for the breakfast or else riddhima will kill me….
Arnav: Yeahhh you carry on I will come in few mins you know I can’t come with this teary face it didn’t suite my image and smiles looking at armaan.
Armaan: Ya ya you and your image. Come soon I am waiting for you.
With that armaan moves downstairs and arnav goes to washroom washes her face and promised to himself khushi Kumari gupta I will win your heart again but this time it will be for love…. Yes I LOVE YOU khushi and I will make you fall for me again but with love……


  1. :)

    Writers ko ek smiley de te hai toh woh khush ho jaate hai... :)

    -HeBarun21 (Heba Nazim)

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