Monday, 17 June 2013

Got Married for Revenge... Chapter 1

Chapter 1
Arnav Singh Raizada is a business tycoon and his AR design is world famous company'. He is arrogant, ruthless with loads of Ego and attitude' He believes in writing his own destiny' And he makes sure that he gets everything what he wants either by hook or by crook'  He lives in Delhi with his family which consists of his Mom (Mamta Singh Raizada), Dad (Kushal Singh Raizada), Dad (Krishna Singh Raizada), Chacha (Manohar Singh Raizada), Chachi (Manorama Singh Raizada) and their son Akash Singh Raizada'.
They all love him a lot' For them their whole world revolves around pampering Arnav singh Raizada except his dad' He too loves arnav but didn't show' He is little strict but very proud of his son's achievement in the business'
Arnav too loves his family and never shows his arrogant and ruthless side to them'. He is very close to his mother and loves her a lot'.. His family wants him to get married and settles down but he was waiting for the right girl' He had many affairs in the past but none of them were worth of being his wife' He just used them for pleasure'
Then khushi enters in her life' He first met khushi in his friend's office' Where she was working as head designer' He was mesmerized by her beauty and he decided that this is the girl he wants for him' He proposed her but she said that she is engaged'. Arnav didn't like rejection so he keeps on stalking her with his proposal and finally when she came to his office for some work given by her boss arnav kisses her on her cheeks and that's when she lost all his control and slapped him'
For arnav that was the biggest insult and he started hating her from that moment and plans to take revenge'
Khushi Kumari Gupta was a simple and sweet girl from a middle class family' Her family consists of her mother (Garima Gupta), Father (Shashi Gupta) and a younger sister (Kaajal Gupta)' She loves her family a lot and can do anything for them. She works in Arjun Designs as a head designer' She is engaged to her childhood friend Vineet Who loves her a lot and she too loves him a lot'
She met arnav at her office and didn't like him a bit' She never likes those who are arrogant or ruthless and with loads of Ego or attitude' She thinks so what if he is rich he didn't have right to insult others' And when he proposed her she politely denied him as she didn't wanted to be rude as he was his boss friend' But arnav being arnav didn't stop stalking her and when he kissed she didn't like as she was a girl of morals and values and his action made her slap him and hate him even more'
Now coming back to present'
Arnav was sitting in his office thinking about the plan for making khushi beg for marriage' He makes a call to his manager Aman'
Arnav: Aman I want you in my cabin now'..
Aman: Yes sir'
Aman came running to his cabin as he knew that it will be not good for him if he comes even 2 mins late'
Aman knocks on the door'
Arnav: Come in'
Aman enters the cabin' He was already sweating as he knew that arnav is not in a good mood today as khushi has slapped him and that too in front of his office staff' He comes and stands in front of arnav and says'
Aman: Si sir you hav have called me'
Arnav: Stop stammering aman I don't like who stammers in front of me'
Aman: Sorry Sir'
Arnav: I want each and every detail about khushi kumari gupta'  Choti se choti baat mujhe pata honi chahiye'.
Aman: But sir'.
Arnav: SHUT UP AMAN'. I am not finished yet and I don't like when people cuts me so be careful next time'. I want details about her and her family and that guy whats his name' Yes Vineet Singhania'. I want you to also find out when they meet, where they meet and also about vineet singhania's family' Am I clear'
He gets no answer from Aman'
Aman: Yes sir' I will get back to you with all the informations'
Arnav: You can go now'
Aman was about to move outside when arnav calls him from behind'
Arnav: One more thing aman you have only 1 day with you for getting all the information. Tomorrow morning I want all the information or your resignation letter choice is yours' Now you can go'
Aman moves out of his cabin and heaved a sigh of relief and says'
Khushi Kumari Gupta I will not spare you because of you ASR is so angry today' You didn't know what you have done by slapping him' You will pay a heavy price' With that he goes back to his cabin and starts his job of finding information about the khushi'
Next morning'
Aman enters in arnav's cabin and says'
Aman: Sir I got all the information about her'
Arnav smiles and says good I knew it that's why you are my manager' Go ahead'
Aman opens the file and starts telling about khushi and her family'
Khushi Kumari Gupta daughter of Shashi and garima gupta' Shashi gupta is a professor at university' Very simple man loves his daughters a lot'. Garima gupta a house wife loves her daughters a lot' Kaajal gupta khushi's younger sister studying in 12th std in XYZ college in delhi' She is a very bright student and wants a scholarship for undertaking medical after 12th'Now khushi she works in Arjun Designs as head designer' She loves her family a lot and can do anything for them' She is a perfect daughter every parents wants to have' She is engaged to her childhood friend and love Vineet Singhania who works in a MNC' They don't get more time to spend with each other but they make sure that they spends atleast Sunday together and they always meet at Beach as khushi loves beaches' They are going to get married in 3 weeks from today'
Arnav who was listening to all information fumes listening to last piece of information and thinks
"So khushi you are getting married in three weeks right, you will get married but not to vineet"

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