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Got Married for Revenge.. Chapter 10

Chapter 10
Khushi feels little bad for arnav but then she thought he deserve this for ruining her life she moves towards the washroom to change'. Here arnav was sitting on the bed and crying and then thinks "Khushi Kumari Gupta this is all because of you'. Sirf tumhare wajah se maa aaj mujhse upset hai' For the first mom in my life mom has slapped me and that was only because of you'. You will pay for this khushi you will'. But before that I have to pacify my maaa' Mein unhe aapne aap se naraaz nahi rehne dunga' I love her a lot'. And for that I will do anything'.. I will even act good in front of khushi just to ask her forgiveness ek baar maa ko vishwaas ho jaye that khushi has forgiven me and ek baar wo mujhse fir se baat karne lag jaye I promise Ms gupta you will pay after that for today's slap and for making my maa against me'"
Here in the washroom khushi was changing her clothes' she was removing her zip when she feels that it is already half open'. She then thinks the medical incident "Ohhh so this means arnav was trying to close this and shitt what I did I slapped him in front of everyone and accused him of'. Shii khushi tum bhi na kabhi bolne ya karne se pehle sochti nahi ho'. IThik hia he has done lots of mistake but aaj he was just helping me' I should say sorry to him' Maa ne bhi aaj bohat kuch keh diya' I will say sorry to him' She change her dress and comes out to see arnav was sitting on the bed lost in some thoughts' She moves towards him and put her hand on his shoulder'
Arnav looks at her but didn't say anything' He thought he have to control his anger for his plan.. He removed her hand and gets up from the bed removes his night clothes from the closet and moves towards washroom' Arnav changes his clothes moves towards the recliner and sleeps without saying anything to khushi but thinking "From tomorrow I will start my act of wooing khushi'"
Khushi wanted to say sorry but she thought she will say it tomorrow as arnav is not in a good mood today'
Next morning khushi was still sleeping when she felt someone caressing her forehead' She instantly opens her eyes and gets shocked to see arnav was putting balm on her forehead' She gets up and sits on the bed'
Khushi: Arnav what are you doing?
Arnav: Don't worry khushi I know my limits I am not crossing it' Last night when maa told me I understood how much wrong I have done' I should have not trapped you for this marriage'. I am sorry khushi please forgive me'.
Khushi: Please arnav I don't want to talk about that' And what you have done was not a small thing jo tumhare ek sorry bolne se sab thik ho jayga' So please'
Arnav: I know khushi that my mistakes are very big and tumhare liye its not easy to forget and forgive but I will still try my best ke mein tumhe bata saku how much guilty I am feeling all my deeds' Hope tum mujhe ek din maaf kar pao' And yes I was applying this balm because I know meri wajah se tumhe kal jyada headache hua so I am sorry for that also'. Ok now get ready all will be waiting for us for the breakfast'.
With that he moves out of the room leaving shocked khushi behind' Khushi thinks "Kya arnav sach mein sorry hai' But I can't forgive him so soon he had done a huge mistake let him repent for his mistakes'. Khushi gets ready and comes down for the breakfast'
She moves to the table and sits beside arnav'. Mamta was sitting opposite to them' Everybody started to have their breakfast'
Mamta was all the while ignoring arnav's talks if he asked her for something she would deny in such a way that nobody gets to know that there is some problem brewing between mother and son' She was even avoiding looking at arnav'. Arnav was deeply hurt and his hatred for khushi was increasing by this act'
After breakfast khushi moves to her room and finds roses (which was her favorite on the centre table) she moves towards the roses' "Wow they are so beautiful.. But ye yaha kaise' She picks them up and sees that all the thorns are covered so that she is not hurt she thinks "Wow somebody really thinks so much for me but who has given this roses'" Then she finds a small note' She opens the note and reads'
"I know khushi you are still angry on me and you still hate but please kya tum mujhe ek chance bhi nahi dogi' I am really sorry khushi I promise that I will be a nice and a good husband' Mein tumhare zindagi mein in roses ki tarah khushboo le aaoga' Please mujhe maaf kar do'."
Khushi feels touched by the note but then she was still not sure that arnav sach mein guilty hai or he was doing all this just for an act' She then sees arnav who was standing at the poolside and was looking at her for the answer' She looks at him and then picks up the roses again smiles looking at him and crushed the note and throws flower and note on the floor and moves out of the room'
Arnav: Khushi tumhe mujhe maaf karna hi hoga I will do anything'. Khushi was in the kitchen preparing for lunch when HP comes to her says'
HP: Khushi bhabhi arnav bhaiyaan aapko bula rahe hai'
Khushi: Ok'. She then starts moving to her room thinking now what arnav is upto'. She enters her room and surprised to find it dark as lights were switched off and curtains were closed so that no day light can enter the room' She moves towards the switch board and switches the light on' and gets shocked to see the room' I am sorry was written everywhere in the room by using all her favorite flowers'. And a big I am sorry card was kept on the bed with a bunch of orchids and roses'. She moves towards the bed and opens the card'.
She was reading it when arnav enters the room and holds his ears and says "Khushi I am sorry please mujhe maaf kar do"' Khushi looks at him then turns the other side and leaves the room without saying anything'.
Arnav: Kab tak maaf nahi karogi khushi'.
Arnav didn't go to the office today as he wanted to be with khushi for the whole day so that he can ask for her forgiveness whenever he gets the chance'. he wanted to make khushi forgive him as soon as possible' So he had called aman to his place they were working in the study' Khushi brought tea for both of them and was leaving from the study when arnav calls her'
Arnav: Khushi please' I am sorry mujhe maaf kar do' Please'
Khushi: Sorry arnav but I don't believe you'. I have already done a huge mistake by believing you and doing friendship with you but not now arnav I know you very well I will not come under this act of yours'
Arnav: Please khushi I am really sorry mein tumhe kaise yakeen dilao' I am really sorry' Acha you tell me ke mein kya karu jisse tumhe yakin ho jaye that I am truly feeling sorry'
Khushi: Stay away from me arnav' Dont talk to me'
Arnav: But khushi'
Khushi: Please arnav'
Arnav: Ok' Hope you will realize it soon that I am really guilty and sorry for my deeds' I really want to give a second chance to our relationship'
Khushi didn't say a word and moves out from their'
Aman who was listening to their conversations was hell shocked' He comes towards arnav and says'
Aman: Sir' I mean this is good that you want to give your relationship a second chance' Hope khushi bhabhi forgives you soon'
Arnav: She will aman and arnav gives an evil smirk'
Aman: Sir kya aap really sorry ho'
Arnav laughs and says what do you think aman'
Aman: I don't know sir I mean'
Arnav: do you think I feel say sorry to khushi without any reason'
Aman was shocked now' what do you mean sir'
Arnav: Actually aman maa comes to know the truth how I trapped khushi for wedding and she is avoiding me aman' She don't even talk to me' You know How much I love maa and I can do anything for her' And I know one thing very well that if khushi forgives me maa too will forgive me so'
Aman: So you mean you are just acting and once she and maa forgives you''
Arnav: Yes aman you are getting smarter day by day good'. Let maa forgive me once then I will show her'.
Aman: But sir'
Arnav: No aman I don't want any discussion on this' Let me plan something big so that she will believe that I am truly sorry'. And I have a plan but I will need your help aman'.
Aman: Anything for you sir you know that'
Arnav: That's why I like you a lot'. So listen'. He then narrates his plan to aman'.
Aman: Ok sir I got that so let me know when you want to put this plan into action'.
Arnav: Ok now you may go'. I have to prepare for many things before this'.
Precap: Khushi forgives arnav for his mistake...
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