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Got Married for Revenge... Chapter 11

Chapter 11
Three days passed and still arnav was trying her best to make khushi believe that he is truly sorry but khushi still not accepted his apology and was still angry on him' Arnav leaves for the office'.
After sometime khushi gets a call'.
Khushi:  Hello'.
Caller: Hello khushi mam I am aman ASR's manager' Can you please come to the office now' Please mam it is very urgent'.
Khushi gets worried and asked: Why aman is everything alright'.
Aman: No mam actually' Please come to the office I will tell you here'
Khushi: Ok'. I am coming'.
Aman keeps the call and smiles' Here khushi enters the AR office after 20 minutes and moves to aman's cabin but he was not their in his cabin'. She decided to call him' She calls him'.
Khushi: Hello aman where are you? I am at office'.
Aman: Mam please come to sir's cabin' its very urgent'
Khushi panicks and runs to arnav's cabin she opens the door and gets shocked to look at arnav who was lying on the couch with eyes closed and sweat forming on his whole face and hands'.
She runs towards him and asked aman'
Khushi: Aman what happened to him' I mean why he is in this state' Tumne Dr ko call nahi kiya'
Aman:  Mam I have called dr' He told that its because of some stress' Doctor has given him injection and told that if the stress level increases than it will be dangerous for sir'
Khushi: But why you called me here, I mean I don't know what kind of stress or tension he have' I mean I don't know anything about business matters'
Aman: No mam you are the only reason for his stress'
Khushi: What!!!!
Aman: Yes mam' Actually sir was not well since morning'. I have asked him to take rest' But he was not ready' After sometimes when I came to him for asking him about some meeting he was looking at your picture and was saying "Please forgive me khushi I am really sorry for what I did' Please trust me '. I am sorry'. He was saying his and then fainted'.. I called doctor and doctor told me about his stress'. So I thought may be because of you'
Khushi thinks "He is really sorry for his deeds' She then looks at him who was looking pale then normal days' She thinks I should at least talk to him regarding this'. I know what he has done is very wrong but if he is truly feeling sorry I should give him a chance'. She then tells aman'
Khushi: Ok aman you go and work I will take care of him' And you don't worry he will be alright'.
Aman: Ok mam' saying this aman move out of arnav's cabin'
Khushi moves towards him and puts her hand on his forehead and caresses it'. Arnav opens his eyes after sometime and looks at khushi'.
Arnav: Khushi you here' I mean where is aman? And what are you doing here? And why I am on this couch'
Khushi helps him to get up and says'.
Khushi: Arnav wo actually you fainted so aman got panic and he called me'. He told me you are under some stress'
Arnav looks down and says "Ye aman bhi na"'. I am sorry khushi meri wajah se tumhe itni problem hui I am good now you can go  now'
Khushi no arnav its ok you are not well I think I should stay here for some more time'. Now take this medicine and do rest'.
Arnav nods his head and takes the medicines'. Khushi gives him water and gets up for making him lie on the bed but arnav hold her hand and says'
Arnav: Please khushi I am really sorry mujhe maaf kardo' I am really guilty for my deeds and this guilt is killing me from inside'. Please I am really sorry khushi' I promise I will give you all the happiness please forgive me once' If you want I am even ready to tell the truth to your parents and vineet'.
Khushi gets shocked hearing this she then moves to him and sits beside him and says'
Khushi: No arnav I don't want them to know the truth now when you are guilty about your deeds'. Arnav I never thought that I will forgive you for your deeds but I think you are really very guilty and I have always learn that "Agar koi sache man se maafi mange to humhe maaf kar dena chahiye'"
Arnav: It means tumne mujhe maaf kar diya khushi'
Khushi: haan arnav meine tumhe maaf kiya and I am also ready to start a new relationship with you'
Hearing this arnav hugs her tight and says Thanks a lot khushi tum nahi janti what you have done for me'. I am so glad'. And he smiles and thinks "It was so easy to fool you khushi'. Bas ab maa mujhe jaldi se maaf karde and then''' and he gives evil smirk"'.
Khushi too hugged him back thinking that arnav is really changed and she has to live all her life with him so its better if she stats accepting this new relationship'.
After sometime arnav breaks the hug and says I am really sorry khushi because of me you have suffered a lot but from now I will make sure I will give you all the happiness you deserve'.
Khushi just smiles looking at him and says I am sorry arnav'.
Arnav looks at her confused and says "Khushi why are you sorry I mean what have you done"'
Khushi: Wo arnav actually I am sorry for that night incident'. I came to know that you were just trying to close my zip and I slapped you infront of everyone'. I am so sorry arnav I don't know why I didn't think about anything at that time' I should have asked you but no I directly slapped you and that too infront of many people' I am so sorry arnav'
Arnav: No khushi don't say sorry its ok' I was angry on you for that slap but after sometime I thought that you were right I would have also done the same thing agar mein tumhare jagah par hota' And meine jo bhi tumhare saath kiya uske samne this slap was nothing' So please don't say sorry' Ok now come lets go I will drop you'
Khushi: No arnav I will go you take care'.
Arnav: No khushi please don't deny' I will drop you and I will rest at home'
Khushi: Ok'. She then helps arnav to get up and both moves out of AR designs'. They sat in his car drove back home'.
After reaching RM they went directly to their room as everyone was out for some or other work'
Khushi: Arnav you get fresh I will bring tea for you' You will feel better'.
Arnav: No'. He then moves towards khushi holds her hand and makes her sit on the bed and says' Khushi please sit her I want to talk to you'. You know khushi when I first saw you I was attracted to you and that's why I Wanted you for me' You know what khushi I had many affairs in the past and maa always wanted me to get marry but then they were not worth but the day I saw you I was sure that you are the one I want to get marry and You are the one with whom I will spend my whole life'. But when you rejected me I became mad as no one in my life rejected me for anything and you not only rejected me but also slapped me and that hurt my ego a lot so I decided to take revenge but I was wrong khushi please mujhe maaf kardo'
Khushi looks at him and cups his face: Its ok arnavji'. What you did was wrong but now I know that you are truly sorry for your deeds'. And I really appreciate your honesty I am sure we will be successful in making our marriage work'. Hearing this arnav hugged her tight'.
This whole scene was witnessed by mamta and she had tears in her tears and thinks "I am glad arnav learns from his mistake' Hope he will keep khushi happy for the whole life"'. And saying this she moves out of the room and here arnav smiles and he knows that his mother has witnessed this'.
All the family members were having dinner' Mamta was still not talking to arnav' She now knows that khushi has forgiven arnav and somewhere she has also forgiven him but she didn't want to show him'. Suddenly arnav spoke breaking his thoughts'
Arnav: Maa and papa I want to say that tomorrow I am leaving for Mumbai as I have some important meeting their' I will be back in 2 day'.
Arnav's dad: Ok beta but I think you should take khushi with you'.
Arnav: But papa what she will do their' I mean I will be busy in the meeting' She will get bore'
Arnav's Dad: No She will not' You will have meeting for 3 to 4 hours after that you will be free and also you people have not gone for your honeymoon so this will be a small vacation for you both'. Mamta what you say?
Mamta: I think you are right'. Khushi will also get a change' Khushi tumhe chalega na'
Khushi nods her head and says yes maa'.
Mamta: Ok'
Arnav: Ok maa if you say I will take her with me'. Khushi pack our bags we have to leave early tomorrow'
Khushi: Ok'
Precap: Mumbai trip and loads of rabba ve with arshi...

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