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Got Married for Revenge... Chapter 12

Chapter 12
Next day they left early from their home'. They reached Mumbai' Arnav drops her to the hotel and left for the meeting'. Khushi was bored sitting in the hotel room' She has completed almost two novels till the time arnav came back'.
Arnav: Hey khushi come lets go for the lunch'
Khushi: Ohhh thank god arnav I thought I would be surviving on this novels'
Arnav: I am sorry khushi actually my meeting got extends and it was really an important meeting for AR design' Hope you will understand'
Khushi: Its ok arnav' Come now lets go I am really very hungry'
They go for lunch in the hotel restraint and come back in an hour' Arnav removes his laptop again and starts working on it'. For him being nice to khushi was just a plan so he was not at all interested in going out with khushi'.
Khushi looks at him and makes a weird face' After sometime she opens her next novel and starts reading when her cell rang'
Khushi: Hello... Maa haan bolo' Yes we have reached safely' I was about to call you maa actually cell's battery was down so thought of calling after sometime'
Mamta: So beta what are you doing? Arnav tumhe kahin bahar nahi le ja raha hai'
Khushi: Wo actually maa he is very busy so we will go afterwards and waise bhi I am enjoying myself by reading novels kya kare kisi k pass khudki patni ke liye hi time nahi hai' (She tells this sentence by looking at arnav and arnav too looked at her)
After enquiring about everyone in the family she keeps the call and again opens her book when arnav comes to her'
Arnav: Khushi'
Khushi: Yes arnav' Jaldi bolo I am very busy'
Arnav: Ohhh I can see that' It must be really very difficult na'
Khushi: Difficult' I am reading a novel arnav'
Arnav: haan that's what I am saying' It must be very difficult na to read ulta novel'
Khushi looks at her novel and realized that she was holding it in a wrong way'
Arnav was looking at her and laughing'..
Khushi: Shut up arnav wo it's a new'..
Arnav: Yeah it's a new hobby of my wife to read a novel like this haina, good thing to pass your time please teach me na khushi'
Khushi: Shut up arnav  or I will'
Arnav: Or you will what khushi mujhe bhi aise novel padna sikhaogi let me see how you read'. He took the novel from khushi's hand and hold it upside down and says so khushi please teach me na how you read this' Khushi snatch the novel from him starts beating him with the novel and arnav starts running from their and khushi too run behind him saying now I will show you what's my favorite activity to pass time' Suddenly khushi lost her balance and falls on the floor'.
Arnav comes to her and starts laughing looking at her and says ohh so this is your favorite pass time good very good he was still laughing looking at her and khushi was just looking at him thinking he looks so good when he laughs'  "Khushi what are you thinking'. Waise its ok to think like that after all he is your husband" Said her inner voice'
Arnav then sits beside khushi extends his hand and says so Mrs Raizada agar tumhara time pass karke ho gaya ho to will you get up from the floor or you are liking it'
Khushi comes out of her thoughts and sees that arnav was still laughing at her' She pushes his hand away and stands up on her own and says'.
Khushi: I will not leave you.. Wait' She tries to beat arnav but he again runs from their and she runs behind him' Arnav moves towards the pool which was in their room and khushi was running behind him and she catches him but his leg slipped and he falls in the pool taking khushi with him'
They both got wet and were standing in the pool' Khushi was straightening her dress which was sticking to her body like a second skin and says'
Khushi: Arnav see what you have done'.
Arnav was already looking at her and was all lost as he had not seen her like this before'. khushi was wearing white anarkali and now it was all wet making her body visible to him'. Her hairs were all wet and water was dripping on her face which was turning arnav on'. He looks at her and starts moving close to her inside the pool' Khushi sees this and starts moving back until her back hit the pool edge'.
Arnav comes close to her and holds her from her waist and pulls her more close to him'
Khushi: Ar arnav wha what ar are yo you do doing?
Arnav was all lost seeing khushi like this'. He puts his index finger on her lips and says ssshhh khushi'. He then starts moving his finger on her face starting from forehead to her eyes then to her cheeks'. Khushi felt something inside her stomach'. Today she was feeling her husband so close to her'. And to her surprise she liked his touch'. Slowly arnav puts his finger on her lips and rubs her lips and then licks his own finger looking at khushi'.
He then moves her wet locks to the other side and leaned down and started giving open mouthed kiss on her neck' khushi closed her eyes feeling him' She didn't know this new feeling which was brewing inside her by his touch but whatever it was she liked it very much'
He then started moving his hand which was on her waist' He was caressing her back and khushi clutched sides of her dress'. He moves his face from her neck and looks into her eyes' His breath was falling on her lips'. She parted her lips and arnav leaned more seeing her parted lips' He was too lost in khushi' He too didn't know what was this new feeling which has take place in his heart but whatever it was he was enjoying it'. He leaned more and captures her lips into his and his hands were still caressing her back' Khushi too responds to the kiss her hands started tugging his hair and she was pulling him closer'.
Arnav then enters her mouth and explore every corner of her mouth and khushi too did the same' Slowly arnav's hand started moving to her sides'. He pressed her bosom from the sides and khushi shivered as this was the first time she was getting touched by someone on her intimate parts'. They broke the kiss for some air and looks into each other eyes which were showing the same desires for each other'. They don't know when and where this desire comes from but both liked it'.
Arnav leaned again to capture her lips but suddenly his phone rang which was in the room and they both came back to their sense'. They looked at each other and then looked other side avoiding each other's gaze' Arnav gets out of the pool and helps khushi in getting out'. Khushi was still avoiding looking at him' She was continuously looking at the floor while arnav was looking at khushi thinking "What I was doing'. How can I fall for her' I hate her' I married her for revenge'.. But why I felt so good when I kissed her'. Am I attracted to her'. No I can't let this happen I have to stay away from her' I can't love her'.
Khushi took the towel from the bag moves to the bathroom' She opens the shower and was thinking "Why I like what we did' Why I liked his touch' Few days before I was the one who reacted by his touch and today why it felt so good' Am I falling for him"''. And kya arnav bhi mujhse pyaar'.. She smiles and turns the shower off puts the bathrobe and looks in the mirror and touch herself where arnav has touched her''..
Precap: Arnav gets fever and khushi takes care of him...
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