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Got Married for revenge... Chapter 14

Chapter 14
Arnav looks at her and then without saying anything captures her lips into kiss'. Khushi slowly moves her hands to his neck and hold their, for support'. He enters her mouth and was sucking every corner'. Khushi too was responding the kiss with same passion'. After sometime they broke the kiss for some air' Both looked into each other's eyes and sees something different which neither of them has seen before'
Arnav was too shocked with his behavior' He was thinking "What is happening to me" and here khushi was blushing thinking this feeling is so good'. She gets up from arnav's lap moves for the shower'.
After that khushi asked arnav'
Khushi: Arnav you seems to be good today' Lets go out'
Arnav who was avoiding looking at her says'
Arnav: Khushi you didn't allow me to go to office so I have some office work please I am so sorry I am little busy (He was trying to stay away from khushi)'.
Khushi: Ok' She said with a low voice' and moves to the other side of the bed and starts reading novel talking to herself'
Khushi: Kaise hai wo' So boring har waqt kaam bas patni ki to thoda bhi chinta nahi hai... Ye nahi ke bichari bore hoti hogi nas all the time work and work mujhe aana hi nahi chahiye tha'.
Arnav listens all this and smiles' He keeps his laptop and comes to her side and says'
Arnav: Khushi get ready we are going out for lunch'
Khushi: Hmmm'
Arnav: I said get ready we are going out'.
Khushi: Sach'.
Arnav: Haan sach now jaldi se ready ho jao' I will do my work later' I think mujhe tum par bhi dhyan dena chahiye'.
Khushi gets up from the bed and hugs him'
Khushi: Thank you arnav thank you so much'. I was really getting bore by sitting in this hotel room' And she kisses him on his cheeks and starts getting ready'
Arnav was just looking at her and thinking "Mein apna kaam chodke khushi ke sath jane ready hogaya q'. Because she was upset'. So what meine pehle bhi bohat baar use upset dekha  hai infact meine hi use upset kiya hai then abhi mein kyun use upset nahi dekh saka and I asked her to get ready"' I will get crazy man'.
He came out of his thoughts seeing khushi who was standing near him but again gets lost an this time by seeing khushi'. She was wearing black saree with backless blouse'..
"You are so beautiful and sexy khushi"'..He was just looking at her and he didn't know when these words escaped from his mouth' Khushi blushes hearing this and avoided looking at him'. Arnav comes near her and starts running his finger on her face and say' "Khushi you are making me crazy"'.  Khushi's cheeks were now full red due to blushing and she was breathing heavily due to his close proximity' He then turns her around and wraps his arms around her waist and pulls her closer' Her back hit his chest'. Arnav lips were at her earlobes' He started licking it'. He then whispered "Khushi you taste so good"' His lips moves towards her bare back' He opens her dori and puts her hair on the side and started giving open mouthed wet kisses all over her back'.. His one hand was caressing her belly in front and other hand was on her back moving with his kisses'.
Khushi closed her eyes feeling weak'. Slowly his hands started moving towards her bosoms and he cupped it'.. Khushi moaned when he cupped but she liked it' His other hand which was on her belly moved downwards and was caressing her legs over saree when his cell rang and he came back to his sense and looked at their position'
He leaved khushi and takes the call'
Arnav: Yes aman do what you feel I have not employed you to ask every little things from me' Understand no keep the damn call'.
He keeps the call and looks at khushi who was looking on the floor'
Arnav: Chale I mean we are getting late'
Khushi: Hmmm lets go'
They sat in the car and arnav starts driving towards some restaurant'. While driving he was only thinking about what happened few minutes back'. Khushi was also thinking about the same thing'
They got down from the car and moves inside the restaurant' They had lunch' Both were silent as they didn't know what to talk'. After their lunch they again move towards their car'.
Arnav: Khushi kaha jana hai ab'
Khushi: Hmmm shopping I will take something for maa and papa'
Arnav: Ok come' He then drives towards the mall'. Khushi shopped few things for her both families and then they again started going to their hotel'.
Arnav and khushi were on their way to hotel'. But road to the hotel was blocked'. Arnav gets down and enquire and he comes to know that some accident has happened so road is blocked and if he wants to reach early he can take the other way'
He decides to take the other way'. There were hardly any people on this road and seems only few cars passes from here'He was driving when suddenly his car stops'
Arnav: Damn it!!! Ab kya ho gaya'. He gets down from the car and sees that all the tiers are punctured'. Ye kaise ho gaya'.
Khushi too gets out and sees'
Khushi: Arnav now what' All the tiers are punctured and seeing the road I don't think we will get a mechanic'
Arnav: Don't worry I will ask my manager in mumbai's office to send us the car'
Khushi: Ok'.
He makes the call and was about to sit back in the car when few men comes to them and one of them holds knife on khushi's neck and says "Jo bhi maal hai jaldi nikaalo warna we will kill her"'
Arnav looks at them angrily and punches the man with knife hard'. And then starts fighting' He pulls khushi with him and started fighting with those men' He was beating all of them.. When suddenly a man from them removes his gun and points on arnav' Arnav looks at him and stops fighting'. Man pulls the trigger and bullet moves towards arnav'. Khushi who was seeing this comes towards him and pushes him taking the bullet on her' She fells on the road with blood all around her'.
Arnav: Khushi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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