Monday, 17 June 2013

Got Married for Revenge... Chapter 15

Chapter 15
Man pulls the trigger and bullet moves towards arnav'. Khushi who was seeing this comes towards him and pushes him taking the bullet on her' She fells on the road with and her head gets hurt with the rock placed near by'.. Arnav screamed'.
Arnav: Khushi!!!!!!!!!!!!
Man holding the gun again pulled the trigger to shoot arnav but to his bad luck gun was empty and now her didn't have anything with him so he and others ran from their thinking what will arnav do to them''
Here arnav runs towards khushi and holds her in his arms'. She was covered with the blood'. She looks at arnav and runs her hand on his face and smiles and fainted in his arms'..
Arnav: Khushi'. Please khushi get up khushi' What have you done khushi'. Please get up'' He picks her and was thinking how he will take her to the hospital'. He was about to call ambulance when a car arrives and driver got down from it stating he is from AR Mumbai'..
Arnav puts the khushi in the car and asked the driver to take their car and inform police about this incident'. And he sits in the car and starts driving at a very high speed'. He was continuously looking at khushi... He didn't even now when his tears started falling from his eyes'. He reached hospital in 10 mins and gets down from the car'. Picks khushi in his arms and runs inside the hospital'.
Arnav: Doctor''' I want you to operate my wife now'
Doctor: But sir this is police case We cant do anything''.
Arnav: I have already informed them and what do you mean by you cant do anything' Here my wife is fighting for her life and you are saying you cant do anything''. Just do as I say or else'..
Doctor: Ok'.. He then asks hospital staff to bring khushi in the operation theatre'. Arnav was all the time holding khushi's hand saying "Everything will be alright, Mein tumnhe kuch nahi hone duga (I will not let anything happen to you)'
Doctor: Mr Raizada stay here'. And don't worry we will try our best to save her'
Hearing this arnav holds doctor's collar and says "Don't try I want her alive and safe understand"'.
Doctor: Mr Raizada behave of yourself and we are not god so please let us do our work'.
Meanwhile police comes to the hospital and takes arnav's statement and he completes all the formalities'.
After sometimes Doctor comes out of OT and arnav runs towards them'..
Arnav: Doctor how is she? How is my wife?
Doctor: Mr Raizada we have operated her and removed the bullet but '..
Arnav: But what doctor please tell me'
Doctor: This coming 24 hours will decide her future'
Arnav: What do you mean'
Doctor: This 24 hours are very critical for her, if she survives and gains conscious than there is nothing to worry but if didn't then'.
Arnav: Then what doctor'
Doctor: Then she may slip into coma as injury was on head and for how long we don't know may be for whole life or for one month we don't know'.
Arnav gets shocked hearing this' He moves back from their and says "Nooo, Tell me you are lying doctor this is not true please doctor tell me khushi will be alright'."
Doctor: Please Mr Raizada sambhal liye apne aap ko' Don't loose hope'. We have 24 hours' We know she will fight back and comes back to you'. We will be shifting her to the ICU and then you can go and meet her'
After few minutes Doctor shifted khushi to ICU'. And arnav went inside to meet her'..
She was covered with bandage on her head and on her back'. Arnav looks at her and moves towards her' He pulls the chair and sits beside her holding her hand'.
Arnav: Khushi'. Why you did this' Why khushi'. Why you took that bullet which was meant for me' For me khushi' For the person who hated you most'. For the person who has always hurt you' Who have ruined your life by marrying you'. Who have separated you from your love' Who always wanted to take revenge from you'. But what you did khushi you saved my life why khushi'.. Why'.. Why you took that bullet bolo khushi' Tell me tum kuch bolti kyun nahi tell me why you did this'.
She then cups her face and says'.
Khushi please come back to me I will not be able to live without you'. Please I have hurt you a lot but now I want to give you all the happiness'.. Please give me a chance to show me khushi what I feel for you' Please come back'. I will die if anything happens to you'. I don't know when' I don't know how but yes I love you khushi'. Please come back'.. I am really sorry please give me chance to say sorry for all my deeds'. Please ek baar aajao I will never let you go anywhere'.. I will always keep you happy'. And will always love you'. Tears were continuously flowing from his eyes and were falling on khushi's hand'.
Khushi moved her hands slowly and arnav looks at her and smiles thinking she is gaining conscious' Slowly slowly khushi opens her eyes and looks at arnav and smiles'. Arnav too smiles looking at her ' She moved her hand which was in arnav's hand to his face and cups his face and wanted to tell something but suddenly her breathing became heavy and she was feeling very hard to breath even with oxygen mask'.
Arnav: Khushi khushi kya hua tumhe (What happen to you)' Khushi are you alright' Doctor doctor'
Doctor rushed inside the room'.
Doctor: Mr Raizada please stay out let me check her' Nurse'. They all started checking khushi and trying to make her normal'
Nurse: She is sinking doctor'..
After few minutes Doctor comes out and puts hand on arnav's shoulder'
Doctor: Mr Raizada'''
So guys how was it... I know it was crap as I am very bad at writing hospital scene sorry for that... Next update will be on new thread... So keep commenting for the next update...

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