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Got Married for Revenge... Chapter 16

Chapter 16
After few minutes Doctor comes out and puts hand on arnav's shoulder'
Doctor: Mr. Raizada'''
Arnav looks at the doctor with hope'
Doctor: Congratulations Mr. Raizada she is out of danger now' At first we thought that we have lost her but slowly she came back' She fought back and survived Mr. Raizada I think your love was really very powerful and had brought her back'.
Arnav was unable to believe his ears' He was just looking at the doctor and says..
Arnav: Sach Doctor' You you mean she is fine now' Now nothing will happen to her haina doctor' She will be always with me now.. Right doctor'
Doctor smiles looking at him and says..
Doctor: Yes Mr Raizada she is out of danger now'. You can meet her'. We have bandaged her wounds and you have to just take care of her wounds and do the dressing timely'
Arnav: Hmmm' I will doctor I will' I will take care of her and will never allow her to go away from me'. Saying this he moves to the ICU to meet khushi' He moves to the room and looks at khushi who was lying on the bed with eyes closed'.
Arnav rushed towards her and hugs her tight bending down but caring not to touch her injuries'. Khushi opened her eyes and look at him and wraps her one arm around him' Arnav still hugging says'
Arnav: Khushi you scared me damn it' You scared me' For a moment I thought that I have lost you'. You don't know what I went through in this one hour'. Why you did this khushi why'. His tears were falling on khushi's shoulders'. Khushi was also crying hugging him and says'
Khushi: Arnav I did what I felt right at that moment' Agar aap ko kuch ho jata (If something would have happen to you) I would not have survived'. Mein mar jati arnav isliye whatever I did was not to bear the pain of loosing you'..
Arnav pulls himself back from the hug and looks at khushi and says'
Arnav: Why khushi kyun nahi marne diya mujhe I have hurt you so much'. I have took everything away from you and what you did you saved my life by putting your life in danger'
Khushi cups his cheeks and says'
Khushi: Arnav jo bhi hua that was all past and now I don't want to think about what you have done I just know one thing you are my husband and I will die if anything happens to you' I '. She was about to say something when doctor walks in and clears his throat to make them aware of his presence'
Doctor: Mr Raizada I want to talk to you' Don't worry it's just regarding her discharge and dressing and all'
Arnav smiles and kissed khushi on her forehead and says I will be back soon'.. Khushi just nods her head'.
Arnav left with the doctor and doctor says'
Doctor: Mr Raizada we will discharge her by tomorrow morning'. And her wounds are still fresh so you will have to take extra care of her and haan you cannot travel for atleast 10 days until her wounds gets dry and also wounds should get dressed peoperly and that too on daily basis if you want you can do it by yourself as she is your wife or we can send a nurse every day so she can do the dressing'.. And also make her wound stay away from water and for head injury we are giving some medicines and she will be fine'.
Arnav: Thank you doctor' Thanks a lot and No we don't need any nurse I will do her dressing by myself'. And doctor actually we don't stay in Mumbai we are from Delhi came to Mumbai just for my meeting so it will ok for her to travel to Delhi after 10 days'
Doctor: After 10 days' Let me check her first and then I will tell you whether she can travel or not'
Arnav: Ok doctor and there is nothing to worry right'
Doctor: No'.
Arnav thank the doctor and moves from their to khushi's room' He pulls the chair beside her bed and sits on it and keeps his hand on her forehead caressing it'.
Khushi opens her eyes'
Khushi: Arnav what did doctor said?
Arnav: Doctor said you have hurted your wife a lot now it's a time for payback so from today to next 10 days I will be your official servant who will do your every work and also we will be staying in Mumbai till you are fit and healthy to do fights with me'
Khushi pouts at his last line and says'
Khushi: You mean I keeps on fighting with you'
Arnav looks at her pouted lips and felt the urge to kiss her without wasting time he leaned on her and captures her lips in his and kissed her passionately' Khushi too responded to the kiss' Arnav was not ready to break the kiss' He just wanted to feel that khushi is with him''
After a long time when they both were out of air they broke the kiss and arnav hugs khushi tight saying'
Arnav: Khushi I promise I will never let you go anywhere never'
Khushi too hugs him and both lay into each other's arms for sometime'.
After sometimes khushi sleeps taking medication and arnav was sitting on the couch looking at khushi and thinking' "How could I do such things to her' She is so innocent so good and so beautiful' Why I didn't think about her before why' Why I have hurted her so much''. But still she had forgiven me and accepted me as her husband'. And She saved my life'. And now its my turn to do something for her'. I will give her all the happiness of the world' I will love her so much' Itna pyar kabhi kisi ne nahi kiya hoga itna karuga (Nobody would have ever loved some one like this) and I will never ever let her cry and this is my promise Arnav Singh Raizada's promise'  And this I will start from tomorrow itself and from tomorrow she will feel that she is the most luckiest girl in this world'. Then he lays on couch and drifted to sleep looking at khushi'
Next morning arnav wakes up first and again sits beside khushi looking at her and caressing her hair'' When suddenly a tear drop falls from his eyes and fells on khushi's chin which make her awakes'.  She opens her eyes and looks at arnav and says'
Khushi: Arnav I am alright'.. Then why are you'
Arnav cuts her sentence and by saying "Ssshhh khushi let me cry'.. I am a very bad person I have really hurt you a lot'. I will ask your Devi Maiyaan to punish me'
Khushi keeps her hands on his mouth and says ssshhh I have forgiven you and now I will not even allow my DM to punish you samjhe' And no one has this right to punish you'.
Arnav smiles and says'
Arnav: Ok now I will go and complete all the formalities of your discharge and then we will go to our hotel I know you are bored in his hospital room and also you don't have your novel' Atleast you could have read that upside down for passing time you know'
Khushi widens her eyes hearing this and hits him on his chest getting up a little but suddenly feels pain and says "oouuuccchhh"'
Arnav: Khushi kya hua are you alright' Mein bhi I should have not joked with you' I am so bad'
Khushi: Arnav its ok I am alright and absolutely fine'''. Ok And now come lets go I am really bored here'
Arnav: Ok' Come he picks khushi in his arms'
Khushi: Arnav I can walk'
Arnav: Ssshhh I don't want to listen to anything'.
Khushi just smiles looking at him
Precap: Khushi slaps arnav..
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