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Got Married for Revenge... Chapter 19

Chapter 19
Khushi breaks the hug and says "Arnav please I will appreciate if you will not touch me in this 10 days'.."
Arnav: Khushi'. Please khushi atleast allow me to touch you'. Not in any other way but atleast allow me to hold you hug you please khushi don't be so stone heart please khushi'.
Khushi: Arnav the mistake which you have commited is very big and the punishment which I am giving to you is nothing in front of your mistake so please and yes just be thankful that I am giving you a second chance' So from next time please don't touch me'.
Arnav: Ok as you say come I will drop you'.
Khushi: No I will go'.
Arnav: Khushi I said I will drop you and I still have 10 days in my hand so in this 10 days atleast I can drop you to your place and don't worry I will not break my promise I will not touch you'..
Khushi: Ok'.
Both moves towards arnav's car and then drove off to gupta house'.. After reaching their khushi gets out from the car and says'
Khushi: Bye arnav and all the best for your mission hope you will be successful in your mission'.
Arnav: Thank you khushi I promise I will bring you back and yes I am coming inside with you'.
Khushi: Why' I mean you have to go to office na'.
Arnav: Yes but before that I have something more important to do'.
Khushi: What!!!!
Arnav: Wait for few minutes and you will know'.He then steps out of the car and moves towards the gupta house with khushi'. Khushi was thinking what is so important and that too at my place'. Arnav walked few steps with khushi and then says'.
Arnav: Khushi you go I will come in few minutes I have to make an important call'.
Khushi: Ok' She then moves towards the door alone and here arnav calls someone'.
Khushi knocks on the door' Garima opens the door'.
Garima: Are khushi aao na'. I am so happy to see you' How are you know and your injury' I was so worried for you'.
Khushi: Maa maa everything is alright I am also good see I am perfectly fit and fine'. And I was missing you all so thought of coming and staying with you all for few days and thinks "And if arnav fails then for whole life"'.
Garima hugs her and says "You did the right thing khushi by coming here we too missed you beta come and damadji nahi aaye I mean where is arnav'.
Arnav keeps the call and comes to them and says'
Arnav: I am here maa'
Garima hugs him and then asks them to come inside' They moved inside and garima gets some water for them'. She then calls shashi and says "See who is here khushi and arnav'." Shashi too comes out from the room and joins them'." They all sat in the living room and started chatting casually'. Khushi was confused as why arnav was here she knows that he didn't came here just to chat like this with her family'. They all were still chatting when suddenly door bell rings'.
Khushi: I will see' She moves to open the door and gets shock to see vineet and her family at the door'.
Khushi: Vineet''. Da I mean uncle aunty'.
Vineet: Khushi andar aane nahi kahogi'. (Khushi will you not ask us to come in)'
Khushi: Hmmm aao na'.
Shashi and Garima too gets shock to see them here after such a long time'.
Shashi and Garima stands at their place and ask the singhania family to have a seat'.
Garima: Are bhai sahab aap sab achanak yaha Is everything alright'..
Vineet: Aunty humein yaha bulaya gaya hai'
All gets shocked and thinks who called them' When arnav speaks'
Arnav: Maa papa I have called them here'.
Shashi: Beta tumne why I mean'.
Arnav takes a deep breath and says I want to tell something to you all'. That was enough for khushi to understand what he was going to say'.
Khushi: Arnav please'..
Arnav: No khushi I want them to know the truth'.
Khushi: Why arnav' Please let it be now'.
All were looking towards this couple with confused expression'.
Arnav: Please khushi let me do this'. Maa papa I want to tell you the truth behind our marriage'. I mean how we got married'.
Garima: Beta what are you saying? We all know that you both were in love and that's why you'.. But arnav cuts her and says'.
Arnav: No aunty this is not the truth'.
Again all gets shocked and khushi closed her eyes and thinks "Arnav why are you doing this I don't want my family to think bad about you or to tell you something bad I will not be able to take it arnav"'.
Arnav: I know you all think that it was a love marriage but the truth is its not' It was a revenge marriage'. Actually when I met khushi for the first time I was attracted to her and wanted her in my life but she was in love with vineet and she rejected my proposal but I being ASR didn't accept the rejection and was stalking her with my proposal and then one day I kissed her on her cheeks and she slapped me for my action and that too in front of my office and their I decided that I will be making her marry me and than will make her life hell'.
Everyone in the room were just shocked and looking at arnav with anger filled expressions'. Shashi wanted to slap him right their but he wanted to listen to the whole thing'.
Arnav: After that I'. (He then narrates each and every incident that took place and also how he planned those incidents)'. After completing he said to vineet'.
Arnav: Vineet khushi has always loved you she never cheated you but I made you all believe that she loves me and she wants to marry me'. And today I am really sorry for all my deeds'. I am telling this to you all so that tum log khushi ko samaj sako and kabhi uske baare mein galat mat socho'.. He then moves towards shashi and says Please dad forgive me for this I am really very sorry'.
Shashi who was fuming after hearing the truth slapped him hard and says
Shashi: See now I have slapped you ab kya karoge you will take revenge from me na lo na ab revenge mujhe barbad kardoge ya you will cancel kaajal's scholarship what will you do haan tell me' I never thought that you are a devil in face of an angel'. I thought that I am making my daughter marry her love but no I was wrong I ruined my daughter's life and only because of you Mr Arnav Singh Raizada and I will never forgive you for this'. He then moves to khushi and says Khushi beta Please mujhe maaf kar do I am really very sorry I had ruined your life beta'
Khushi who was in tears by now says "No papa you didn't' Please it was not your fault'"
Shashi: Now I will not let you suffer mein tumhe is rishte se azaad karauga' I know you are not happy with him' tum kya koi bhi is insaan ke sath khush nahi reh sakta'.
Khushi: Papa but'.
Shashi: No beta I want to correct my mistake and this is the only way'.
Arnav: Papa I love her I really love her and please give me one chance to prove myself'. I will prove to you that I really love her and will always keep her happy'.
Shashi: Nahi arnav ab hume tumhare kisi bhi baat par bharosa nahi hai'. Please just get out from here' Please'. And vineet ab to tum sach jante hi ho na to I don't think you will have any problem and khushi too loves you so I think after getting divorce you both should get marry'.
Arnav and khushi looked at each other with shocked expressions'.
Arnav: No' Please papa don't do this khushi too loves me please papa'.
Shashi: No arnav I will not trust you this time'. Vineet tumhe yeh rishta manzur hai'
Vineet nods his head in yes and says Uncle I have always loved khushi and if she too loves me that why I would have any problem and I know jo bhi hua usme uski koi galti nahi thi'
Shashi: Thank you beta bas jaldhi yeh divorce ho jaye then'.
Khushi: Bas kijiye'.. She shouts at top of her voice'.
Everyone looks towards her'.
Khushi: Papa I don't love vineet and I don't want to marry him'.
Shashi: But beta'.
Khushi: Yes papa he didn't trust me when I needed his trust the most and I don't want to marry him now and about my marriage and divorce I have already took the decision I am giving arnav a second chance to win my love and trust back and that too only in 10 days'.
Shashi: But why beta' Tum kyun us insaan ko'.
Khushi: Because I love him papa I love him a lot'. She says this looking at arnav and I am giving him a second chance because I want this marriage to work papa'.
Arnav too was in tears'. He says "Thank you khushi and I promise I will win your love and trust back and that too very soon"' Saying this he moves out of gupta house'.
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