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Got Married for Revenge... chapter 2

Chapter 2
Arnav then asked aman about Vineet's family to which aman replied'
Aman: Vineet's dad is a professor in the same university and best friend of Shashi Gupta' And his mother is also a housewife' They both likes khushi a lot' But they are very conservative so they don't like that khushi is working'. They want khushi not to work after marriage'
Arnav: Ok Good Job Aman you may go now' And yes I am going to promote you soon so be happy'
Aman smiles looking at him and then says'
Aman: Thanks a lot sir' You are the best'
Arnav: You may go now'
Aman leaves his cabin and arnav sits their thinking about something'
After sometimes he made a call'.
Arnav: Hello Is this Prof Singhania'
Prof Singhania: Yes Whose this?
Arnav: Sir this is your well wisher'. I have just called to inform you that you would be daughter in law is having an affair with some businessman'.
Prof: What the hell are you saying? And who the hell are you to say such things about by daughter in law' And I have full faith in khushi that she loves my son a lot and I don't believe you so just get lost'. He was about to cut the call when arnav spoke again'
Arnav: If you don't believe me you can see with your own eyes'. She meets her every Saturday at 6 Pm at his office'. They are having relationship from a long time and she is marrying vineet just for her parents' She loves that man and she is ready to have extra marital affair with that man' Now choice is yours if you want you can think about it'
With that arnav cuts the call and says plan A gets complete now Plan B'
He then calls khushi with his office phone so that she will pick up the call'
Khushi: Hello who is this'.
Arnav: Khushi arnav here Please don't cut the call just listen to me once please'.
Khushi: Ok kaho kya kehna hai'
Arnav: Hey Khushi I am so sorry'. I know what I did was wrong' I am really very sorry'. Actually mein aaj tak jitni ladkiyon k sath tha they never mind when I use to kissed them so I thought that you are also the same'. I am really sorry mera koi wrong intentions nahi tha'. Please and I have understood that you love someone else don't worry I will never stalk you again I just want to say sorry'
Khushi: Its ok' tumhe tumhare galti realize ho gayi yahi bohat hai'.
Arnav: Ok now I have to go will talk to you latter'.
Khushi: Ok'
Arnav keeps the call and thinks wow that was quite simple' Then he calls arjun'
Arnav: Hey arjun how are you?
Arjun: I am good and you?
Arnav: I am also good' I wanted to talk about that Mumbai wala project which we guys are doing together'
Arjun: Hmmm right I was going to call you for that' So where you want meting to be?
Arnav: In my office ofcourse you know me na'
Arjun: Hmmm don't worry I will tell khushi about the meeting as she is the head designer' When you want to keep that meeting'
Arnav: On Saturday' What say?
Arjun: Perfect I will inform khushi and will send you confirmation mail' Ok'
Arnav: Ok' Bye arjun take care'
Arjun: Bye, You too take care'
Arnav then kept the call and says'. Stage is set Ms gupta let see what you have in store for you on Saturday'.
At Arjun Designs
Arjun calls khushi to his cabin'
Arjun: Khushi as you know we are doing a project with AR designs and that project is very important for us'. So as a head designer I want you to have a meeting with Arnav singh Raizada' I have fixed the meeting for Saturday in his office'. Hope this is fine with you'.
Khushi thinks meeting with arnav'. Kya ye sahi rahega uss insaan k sath' But he said sorry and waise bhi this will be a professional meeting so I think I should go'.
Arjun: Ms Gupta are you listening'.
Khushi: Hmmm yes sir'. I mean I will go for the meeting'
Arjun: Ok Miss Gupta you may go now'.
Here Vineet's father is lost in arnav's words'.
I know that man was telling a lie khushi can't do this to vineet or to us'. I think I should not think about it'
On Saturday,
Khushi got ready for the meeting and leaves her home' Here arnav's man informed arnav that khushi left for the office' Arnav again made call to prof singhania'
Arnav: Mr singhania' You don't believe me right if you want proof than reach AR designs in half an hour' You will see the true face of your daughter in law'
Prof Singhania: No I don't want to see anything and I trust her a lot'
Arnav: Ok as you wish baad mein mat kehna k kisi ne aap ko bola nahi'
Khushi reaches AR designs and went directly to arnav's cabin for the discussion' AR staff members were shocked to see the same girl again in the office who have slapped their boss'
Khushi knocks on the door'
Arnav: Come in'
Khushi enters the cabin and arnav asked her to sit' Arnav then starts discussing about their project and he was behaving very professional with her'.
After all the discussions he said'
Arnav: So ms gupta I think everything is clear now we can start working on the project from Monday'.
Khushi: Yes sir'
Arnav: And khushi I am really sorry for everything hope you have forgiven me'.
Khushi: It's ok sir' I think I should leave now'
Arnav: Ok' He then gets a call from aman saying Mr Singhania is here to meet you' and he asked aman to send him'
Khushi was about to move out when she slipped on the marbles kept by arnav and she was about to fall when arnav catch her holding her waist and pulled her such that she hugged him for the support and all this their catching and hugging was witnessed by Mr Singhania who was just standing on his cabin door with aman'
Precap: Same as before...
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