Monday, 17 June 2013

Got Married for revenge... Chapter 20

Chapter 20
Khushi too moves inside her room' Vineet and his parents left from their as there was nothing left for them' Vineet was guilty for not trusting khushi but now nothing can be done she was in love with arnav and he stands nowhere in her life'.
Shashi and Garima sat in the living room thinking what they have done' They should have trust their own daughter but they trusted that arnav but now nothing can be change as khushi loves arnav'. But shashi promises himself that this time he will not let arnav hurt khushi in any ways' If he truly loves her than only he will allow him in her life'.
Khushi sits on the bed and closes her eyes' Tears started falling from her eyes as she remembered all the happenings of the day' Their bedroom encounter, their baby making talks and then the truth, the worst truth of her life'. Arnav has broken her trust once again but then arnav told the whole truth to her family'. Her family insulted arnav so much but he bear all that only for her only for her love'.. But why he has to do this now'.  "Arnav why you did this' Now I can't see the hatred and anger for you in my parents eyes arnav I love you'. I love you a lot why you have made our relation so complicated arnav why''. Kitne khush the hum"'.
Arnav was driving back to RM and all the things were keeps on coming in his mind'. Their first meeting, Their wedding for revenge, Mamta knowing the truth, his fake apology,  Their pool encounter, he getting attracted to khushi, their Mumbai trip, khushi getting shot for him and then khushi knows the truth and khushi's confession'.. He was getting mad by all the things' He just know one thing that he wants his khushi but how he didn't know he was thinking about it and closes his eyes and sees the image of khushi and a smile crept on his lips and then suddenly'''..BANG!!!!!
Here at gupta house khushi was trying to get sleep but she was not able to as she was feeling very restless' she didn't know why but her heart was saying her that something is wrong or something is going to happen'. She then gets up and sits on the bed thinking "Kahin arnav ko kuch' Nahi ye nahi ho sakta I know he will be alright''" agar aisa kuch hota to maa would have called me'..
After sometimes arnav opens his eyes and sees that he has hit a tree'. He lifts his head but was feeling dizzy due to the accident' Blood was oozing out from his head'. He still manages to drive back to RM and enters the house'.
Mamta who was sitting in the living room with manorama comes running towards him'
Mamta: Arnav what's this' Yeh kaise hua' Kitni chot aayi hai come I will bandage it'.
Arnav moves with her and she cleans it and bandage it'. After that she says'
Mamta: I am going to call khushi and will say her that my son loves you much ke wo tumhare bina thik se car bhi nahi chala sakta'. Wait I will call her'
But arnav holds her hand and says'.
Arnav: No maa,  please don't tell her anything'. I don't want to make her worried for me' Bohat dino baad wo apne maa papa ke ghar gayi hai I want her to enjoy her stay'.
Mamta cups his cheeks and says aww my son cares for my bahu so much' I am really happy for you beta'.
Arnav thinks Maa mein nahi chahta wo yeh soche that I am faking this accident for her love and concern."'.. I don't want this accident to be a reason for her comeback I want to win her'.
Mamta: Ok now you go to sleep' We will talk tomorrow ok'..
Arnav: Ok maa'. Mamta then moves out from their and arnav lays on the bed thinking how to woo khushi back' He closed his eyes and was thinking about khushi'..
Here khushi was not at all feeling sleepy so she decided to call in RM and talk to maa' Yes she can call maa and tell her that she just call casually' She dials the no and HP picks up the call'.
HP: Hello'.
Khushi: HP bhaiyaan maa haai kya waha'.
HP: Khushi bhabhi wo to arnav bhaiyaan ke room mein hai wo arnav bhaiyaan ka accident'..
Khushi drops the phone from her hand' She didn't listen to anything further'. Only word registered in her mind was arnav and accident' Her hands started to shiver and she ran towards the door'.
Shashi and garima who were sitting in the living room looks at her and asked her'.
Shashi: Khushi what happen where are you going'.
Khushi: But khushi didn't reply to any of their questions in fact she didn't heard any of them'. She only knows one thing arnav ka accident' She wears her sandals and ran from their'. She reached gupta house in few minutes and runs directly to her room' Mamata and manorama was sitting in the living room' They have tried to talk to khushi but khushi just ignored them and run to her room'. She opens the door of their room and finds arnav sitting on the bed with his back touching the head board and his eyes closed and bandage on the forehead and hand'. She goes close to him and hugs him tight'..
Arnav gets shock to see khushi and that too hugging him'.. He didn't touch her as he has promised her but didn't say anything' After a long time khushi broke the hug and looked at him'.
She cups his face and touch the bandage and says'
Khushi: Arnav yeh sab kaise and when' And why you didn't tell me haan bolo kyun nahi bataya mujhe' You know jab HP ji ne mujhe bataya I was so scared I thought pata nahi meri to jaan hi nikal di thi tumne arnav tell me kyun nahi bataya'.. And tears started flowing from her eyes'.
Arnav smiles looking at her'. He felt very nice looking at khushi's concern for him'.
Khushi: Why are you laughing I am asking you something' Tell me yeh kaise hua and why you didn't inform me'.
Arnav: Wo actually I didn't want to make you worry for me'. Mujhe laga tum sochogi that I am faking this accident to gain your sympathy and I didn't want this to be the reason for your come back' I wanted to prove my love to you'.
Khushi was just looking at him all lovingly'.
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