Monday, 17 June 2013

Got Married for Revenge... Chapter 22

Chapter 22
Mamta wipes her tears and moves towards arnav and sits besides him and says'.
Mamta: Arnav I cant believe that you are my son' You are the same person I have gave birth and I have loved'..
Arnav: Please maa don't say like this'.
Mamta: Arnav I could have never thought that you can stoop so low and that too for revenge from your own wife' You know arnav mein tumhe kabhi maaf nahi karti agar khushi mere paas nahi aati but what you did arnav you again broke my trust and now you think that by confessing this I will trust you and will ask khushi to trust you'. No arnav you are wrong'. This time I will not even listen to khushi'. I don't know what she is planning to do but I will tell you my decision that I am not going to forgive you for this never'..
Arnav holds mamta's hand and says "Please maa don't do this to'. I am really sorry and I am really guilty for my deeds' Please trust me maa I know meine jo bhi kiya uske baad its really very hard for you to trust me but I really love khushi a lot and can do anything to make her trust me and I can do anything for her happiness'."
Khushi was also crying looking at his state'. She was trying to control herself but finally she lost all her control and goes to arnav and mamta'
Khushi: Maa please don't do this he really loves you a lot and maa he is really guilty'.
Mamta: Khushi tum yeh keh rahi ho' You know na what he has done with you'.
Khushi: Yes maa I know but then I also know that he loves me a lot' I have seen this truth in his eyes and maa whatever happened it was in the past and I am ready to forgive him so please aap bhi'..
Arnav looked at khushi'.
Arnav: Khushi'..
Khushi: Yes arnav bas I can't test your love more'.. I have forgiven you and I love you and I trust you'. I trust your every word'..
Arnav hugs khushi tight and says'.
Arnav: Thank you khushi thanks a lot'. I promise I will never break your trust'..
Khushi: I love you too'. Mamta looks at them with smile on her face and tears in her eyes'.
After sometime khushi broke the hug and comes to mamta'.
Khushi: Please maa for my sake please'.
Mamta: Khushi this is the last time I am listening to you  ok'..
Khushi: You mean'.
Mamta: Yes' I mean she then goes and hugs arnav and says meine apne paagal bte ko maaf kiya'.
Arnav too hugs her tight and says'. "Thanks a lot maa"'..
Mamta: Hmmm ab agar meri beti ko thoda bhi sataya to mujhse bura koi nahi hoga'.
Arnav: Mein nahi aapki beti hi mujhe satati hai' See kitna rulaya mujhe'.
Mamta smiles and khushi hits him slightly'.
Arnav: Ooouccchhh khushi'.
Khushi: Arnav'. Ohhh I am so sorry bohat zor se lagi kya'. Is it paining'.
Arnav looks at her all lovingly and says I am so lucky to have you in my life'.
Mamta: Hmmm now just go and spend some time with each other'
Arnav takes khushi with him and they moves towards their room'. They enters the room and arnav locks the door from inside'
Arnav then started moving towards khushi and khushi moved back'.. her back hit the wall and arnav trapped her their by putting his hands on both the sides of her'..
Arnav: So khushi you remember the promise'.
Khushi: Which promise arnav'
Arnav: Maa's promise about her grandchild'.
Khushi blushed and looks down'. Arnav pulls her chin upwards using his index fingers and says'.
Arnav: Khushi I am waiting for the answer'.
Khushi: Wo arnav'.
Arnav moves more close to her and kisses her earlobes and says'
Arnav: Yes khushi bolo'. He then kisses her on her cheeks' Khushi closed her eyes'.
Khushi: Arnav wo'..
Arnav: he then bites her on her neck and licks it'..
Khushi was melting with his each kiss but she controlled herself and stops arnav by putting her hand in between them'.
Arnav: Kya hua khushi'..
Khushi: Arnav before this I want to tell you something'.
Arnav: What is so important khushi'.
Khushi: Arnav I want to remarry you'.
Arnav: What!!!! We are already married khushi'..
Khushi: I know arnav but when we got married we use to hate each other and we were not happy with the marriage but now when we love each other I want to perform all the rituals once again and that too with love'.
Arnav: You mean you want to do all the pre wedding rasams too'.
Khushi: No I just want you to marry me again and its not necessary that we get marry in front of everyone'' I will fine if we gets married in temple in front of DM'.
Arnav: Ok khushi if you are happy by doing this than I am ready for that'. Tomorrow we will go to the temple and will get married'. Happy'..
Khushi: Hmmm I love you'..
Arnav: I love you too'..
They both hugged each other and then arnav picks her up and lays her down on the bed'. He switches off the light and moves on the bed and sleeps beside her hugging her tight'.
Arnav: Khushi you know its very difficult to stay without you even for one night'. I love you'. Please kabhi bhi mujhe chodkar mat jana agar mujhse koi galti hojaye to you can slap me but please never ever leave me'.
Khushi: I love you too and I promise I will never leave you never'. From tomorrow we will be starting our new life and I know it will be full of happiness'.
Arnav: hmmm'..
They slept like that in hugging position waiting for their new life to start from tomorrow'..
Precap: Arshi to consummate their marriage...

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