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Got Married For Revenge... Chapter 3...

Chapter 3
Khushi pulls herself from the hug and then gets shocked to see vineet's father on the door. She gets shocked and thinks what he must be thinking about that hug'..
Khushi: Papa aap yaha'.
Mr singhania: Kyun nahi hona chahiye tha' Sorry to disturb your private moments khushi'.
Khushi: Papa what are you saying? Wo to bas I was about to fall and he saved me from falling that's it'.
Arnav: Yes' She is telling the truth'. We were just discussing our new project'.
Mr Singhania: I know very well what you both were doing? Khushi I never thought you will do this to vineet' He loves you a lot and see what are you doing? I don't believe that you are the shashi's daughter'. You have put his name to the shame khushi'.
Khushi who had tears in her eyes hearing all this says'
Khushi: you are getting me wrong papa'. I swear I don't have any relationship with him' He is just my boss' We are working on the same project that's it' Please believe me papa' I really love vineet'
But Mr Singhania didn't listen to her and went from their leaving her crying' Arnav puts his hand on her shoulder and says'
Arnav: Khushi its ok everything will be alright' I think you should talk to vineet about this he will understand you I am sure'
Khushi: Hmmm I too think the same' I have to go now'
Here Mr singhania tells everything to vineet and vineet calls khushi to meet him tomorrow at the same beach' Khushi agreed and thinks I know vineet will never gets me wrong he will understand me'.
Here arnav calls vineet and says'
Arnav: So vineet you are going to meet khushi tomorrow right but she will not come' She is going to meet her boyfriend tomorrow' I am sure she will be late tomorrow if she comes'
Vineet: Who the hell are you and how do you know?
Arnav: That's not important vineet who I am? Important is what I am saying' If you want to witness the truth come to AR tomorrow and you will know the truth'
Vineet: I don't know who you are, and I will not come just get lost ok'..
And he cuts the call and arnav smiles I know you will come'..
He then calls aman and tells him something, aman nods his head'
After sometime aman calls khushi and tells her'.
Aman: Khushi don't ask who I am just listen to me'. Do you know Why your father was at Ar office when you were their and that too at the same time when arnav was catching you because he was called by someone'.
Khushi gets shocked and says'
Khushi: Who are you and what are you saying?
Aman: Don't waste your time in knowing who am I just know that I am your well wisher and the person who called your father in law their was none other than ASR'
Khushi gets shocked to hear this'
Khushi: What ASR'. No he can't do this'. You are lying'
Aman: Its ok khushi I can understand that its impossible to believe what I am saying but that's the truth' If you want you can ask him'. He will meet you in his office tomorrow at 10am'
With that aman cut the call'
Khushi gets lost in her thoughts "No arnav can't do this to me"''.. I will go and ask him and if he had done all that I swear I will not leave him''
Next Day,
Arnav's man informed him that khushi has left her home and she is coming to AR office' Arnav smiled and called aman to do his job'.
Aman called Shashi gupta'
Aman: Hello sir, I am calling from AR group' Actually ASR wants to meet you regarding scholarship for you younger kid'. As AR group gives scholarship to those students who are really brilliant in their studies and from her college we got the information that she is one of the deserving candidate'. So will you like to come for completing the formalities'. You can come with your daughter Kaajal Gupta'
Shashi: I am really grateful to ASR'. Yes I will come with my daughter' At what time should we come?
Aman: At 10:15'. Hope to see you at our office in half an hour hope this is fine with you'.
Shashi: Ok'.. We will be their'
Here khushi calls vineet and informs him that she will be late as she have some important work'
Vineet remembers his talk with that unknown person who has told her that she will come late'. "Does this mean that khushi"'. No but then why she called me saying she will be late she never do this''
Here at AR office'
Arnav sees khushi in his office'. She enters his cabin'
Khushi: Mr Raizada.. What the hell do you think of yourself'. Tumne wo sab kiya jo kuch bhi kal hua''
Arnav: Khushi What are you saying I don't know'. I mean'
Khushi: Stop acting Mr Raizada I know your true colors now' You just asked for my sorry so that I will come to your office and you will trap me'.
Arnav laughs and says'
Arnav: So miss gupta is smart haan'. Ok I have done all this so what will you do now'  You will go and tell them that I have planned all this but who will believe you khushi'
Khushi: I will tell them the truth and they all love me I know they will believe me'..
Arnav then receives call from someone' He keeps the call and come towards khushi' He wipes her Lipstick with his fingers and puts it on his lips'. Khushi looks at him with confused and angry expressions'.
Khushi: Mr Raizada''. She was about to say something when arnav pulled her from the waist and hugs her tightly'.. She was struggling to get out and when she pulls herself from the hug she gets shock to see vineet and her father and kaajal standing at his cabin door'.
Arnav smirked and wipes her lipstick from his mouth looking at them as if he is shocked' Shashi comes to khushi and slaps her hard'.
Shashi: Khushi What is all this? What are you doing here with Arnav singh Raizada'.
Khushi: Wo actually dad'
Arnav: Uncle we love each other and we wanted to tell you but she was afraid that you will say no'
Khushi gets shocked to hear this'
Khushi: No dad he is telling a lie' I I don't love him' She moves to vineet'. I don't love him vineet I love you'.. Please believe me he is doing all this'..
Vineet: Shut up khushi I know what you both were doing???? So just shut up'. I never thought that you will do this with me'.  I am going khushi please kabhi mujhse milne ya baat karne ki koshish bhi mat karna'. Bye' And haan (he took her hand and removes the engagement ring from it) now you are free to do whatever you want with arnav''.
With that he moves out' Khushi moves to her dad'
Khushi: Please dad believe me he is lying' Ok then tell me how you people are here'. He only told you to come here and see and'
Shashi: Shut up khushi I am here because of Kaajal's scholarship'. I was going to meet aman for this but stopped here seeing you' I have never imagine that you will do this'. Khushi tumne yeh thik nahi kiya'. Agar tum Arnav se pyaar karti thi to mujhe bolti mein tum dono ki shaadi karata but ye sab' shiii'
With that he too moves with kaajal..
Khushi runs after her saying "Papa please stop please''
Arnav smirked saying "So Ms Gupta get ready for our wedding in 2 weeks"''' Hope you will now understand what it takes to slap Arnav Singh Raizada'''
Precap: Khushi's father comes to RM with marriage proposal...
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