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Got Married For Revenge... Chapter 5

Chapter 5
Next Morning at Gupta House'.
Garima: Kaajal come on beta be quick we have to do lots of stuff'. Today khushi's in laws are coming for shagun ceremony'. Oho kaajal don't do like that'.Be careful kaajal what are you doing?
Shashi who was seeing all this said'.
Shashi: Garima don't be so nervous'. I am sure everything is going to be alright'. Just calm down'.
Garima: How could I? Its khushi's shagun ceremony and that too with Arnav Singh Raizada' You know him and his family'. I don't want any kind of'' (Shashi cuts her and says')
Shashi puts his hand on her shoulder and says'
Shashi: Its ok Garima' You know arnav is such a good guy'.. And his family is also very good so don't worry'. Just calm down everything will be alright'
After sometime whole gupta family was waiting eagerly for arnav and his family'. When door bell rings and garima goes to open the door'
Garima welcomes the whole Raizada family'.
Garima: Come'. Hope it was easy for you all to locate our house' Come have a seat' Kaajal beta bring water for them'
All the Raizada members comes inside and sits on the sofa'. When mamta introduces all the member to gupta family'.
Mamta: Garima ji Shashi ji this is my mother in law and arnav's nani Devyani Singh Raizada (She said pointing towards her MIL)' (Garima and shashi fold their hand and says Namaste to her) then mamta says she is manorama and he is Manohar arnav's chacha and chichi and moving towards akash she said he is akash arnav's cousin and his best friend'.  They all meet each other and then arnav comes towards shashi and Garima and bends down to take their blessing' Both gave him blessings and shashi hugs him'. Then arnav says to Garima'
Arnav: Maa where is khushi'..
Garima: She is in her room getting ready' Don't be so restless to meet her'. She is going to be yours after few days'.
Arnav blush hearing this and says "Maaa I want to meet khushi to see how she looks in the helpless state"'.
They all started chatting on different topics when arnav's dadi says'.
Dadi: Mamta I think we should call khushi beetiyan it's the time to do the shagun ceremony'.
Garima: Ji maaji' Kaajal beta go and bring your di'
Kaajal: Yes maa.. Kajal then goes to khushi's room' Khushi was sitting on the bed dressed in pink anarkali' lost in her own thoughts'. Kaajal asked her to come with her as everyone is calling her' Khushi gets up and moves to the hall'.
She was looking very beautiful in that anarkali and that too without make up'. Every one looks at her and thinks wow she is so beautiful and suits perfectly for arnav'. Khushi smiles looking at everyone and took blessings from the elders and says hi to akash' She looks at arnav who was smirking at her' She gives him disgusting looks in return'. Garima then made her sit and everyone asks arnav to go inside some room as he is not allowed during the rasam so he moves to khushi's room from where he can see everything'. After sometime rasams gets over and then they all have some snacks'. Khushi was in the kitchen when arnav comes to her making some excuse'.
Arnav: So khushi finally you are going to marry me haan' But ye galatfehmi mein mat rehna that I am marrying you because I love you no Ms gupta'. I am marrying you to make your life hell' So be ready for it'. You are going to pay for the slap and for rejecting me at first'.
Khushi turns to him and smile and says'
Khushi: Mr Raizada'. Don't you think you really live in a dream world'. So let me bring you out of your dream world'. I am not marrying you because I am afraid or scared of you'. I am just marrying you for my family's happiness and what you said you are marrying me to make my life hell'. Then let me assure you Mr Raizada that even your life is not going to be a heaven'. When a boy marries a girl its on girl to make his life heaven or hell and you choose me so you chose hell for you'. So you are welcome to hell' You wanted to marry me right' Now I will show you how good wife I am' So all the best Mr Raizada for your future'.
Arnav: Lets see khushi who make whose life hell'. And yes I love challenges'.
Khushi: Lets see' Waise if you want I can show you demo of what I can do'.
Arnav: Mein tumhare dhamkiyon se darta nahi khushi' I am Arnav Singh Raizada' I'.
Khushi cuts him and says'.
Khushi: Ya ya I know I am Arnav Singh Raizada and I write my own destiny so I am Mrs Arnav Singh Raizada and I too can write my own destiny and mein dhamki nahi deti you want to see it na wait for 10 mins sweetheart'
Arnav was about to tell her something when Garima enters the kitchen'
Garima: Arnav beta what are you doing here' Do you need anything?
Arnav was about to say no when khushi suddenly said'
Khushi: Maa actually arnav was telling me that I am looking very beautiful and he wants to sing a song for me and that too in front of everyone' Its very sweet of him maa because he cant sing a song but he wants to do only for me' He loves me so much'. Khushi said this looking at arnav giving him Don't mess with me look'
Arnav looks at her angrily'. He can do anything but singing this is the one thing where he is behind'. Garima looks at arnav and says'
Garima: Awww My son loves khushi so much' But beta if you don't want to sing in front of us then its ok'
Arnav: Actually aunty' But khushi again cuts him'
Khushi: Its ok arnav if you are scared of singing in front of everyone than don't sing I will not force you baby'.
And now khushi challenges arnav and ASR can never run away from the challeng'
Arnav: Sweetheart I will sing for you' Mein kyun daruga kisise' Come lets go out'
They all move to the living room' Where khushi makes announcement'
Khushi: Ok listen everyone' On the day of our Shagun Ceremony arnav wanted to give me something special so he decided to sing for me and that too in front of whole family'.
Everyone looks at arnav with shocked expressions'. They all knew that arnav never sings as singing is not his cup of tea' But then they thinks pyaar bhi insaan se kya kya karwata hai' Everyone looks at arnav and says "Come on arnav go for it but which song you will sing"'
Khushi replied instantly "Humhe tumse pyaar kitna and fakes blushing"'.
Arnav gives her angry look and starts singing the song' but his singing was very very bad and everyone starts laughing at him and khushi smirks seeing him in that position'
After sometime everyone gets up to leave when kaajal said '
Kaajal: Jiju please next time if you want to do something for di' Please don't sing instead of manofying her you will make her more angry'. And she giggled'.
Arnav just smiles and was trying hard to not show his anger' Khushi who listened all this smiles at his state' and says "Now you will come to know Mr Raizada what it takes to hurt a girl's pride and I will make sure I make your life a living hell and I promise you will regret your decision of marrying me'. Ye to sirf shuruvaat thi aage aage dekho hota hai kya'
Precap: Arshi's sangeet ceremony...
So guys how was it...
Hope you will like it... I know it was not as per the precap... but I wanted to write all this... And wedding after next part...

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