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Got Married for Revenge.. chapter 6

Chapter 6
Arnav was in his room thinking about the singing incident and was very angry "You are going to pay for my insult khushi, be happy for tonight because tomorrow you are going to cry"'' He plans something and calls aman...
Arnav: Aman I want you to do something??????
Aman who was in the deep sleep wakes up fully hearing arnav's voice and says'.
Aman: Yes sir, What I have to do''..
Arnav then tells something to aman to which aman nods and then keeps the phone and says "Ab to ASR raat mein bhi sone nahi dete"'.
Next Day'.. Both the families were preparing for the sangeet ceremony'..
At Gupta House'.
Garima: Khushi and Kaajal come on get ready'.. We have to reach RM on time'. Today is khushi's sangeet'. I am so happy'.
Kaajal: Yes Maa I am so excited for the ceremony'. But Maa what should I wear' I mean which of this dress'. (She asked pointing towards her wardrobe)'
Garima: Wear anything beta, you will look good as all dresses are designed by your di''
Kaajal: Yes maa you are right and my di is the best and she hugs khushi and khushi just smiles looking at her'.
Garima then gives khushi her sangeet's dress and asked her to get ready'. Khushi nods her head and garima leaves from their'. Kaajal helped khushi in getting dress'
After some time they all were ready to go to RM'.. They entered the Mansion' Mamta comes and greet them and took them inside' Khushi took the blessing from all when mamta said'.
Mamta: Khushi beta you are looking so pretty'. You know I am really very happy that you are going to be my daughter in law' I always wanted a bahu like you and I am very happy that my arnav choose you'. You know he loves you a lot and my arnav will always keep you happy he is very good'. And with that she hugged her'. Khushi smiles at her and hugged her back thinking "Aunty you are so good but arnav'. He hates me aunty and he is doing all this only to take revenge'.Jab aapko ye pata chalega that time you will be broken to see your son deeds'."
Then akash brings arnav to the living room and mamta made khushi and arnav sit together' They both were looking at each other with anger and hate in their eyes'. After sometime the sangeet started and everyone from the family danced'. Arnav and khushi were sitting together'.
Arnav: So khushi looking very happy' I think this smile is due to my insult'.
Khushi looked at him and widens her smile and says'
Khushi: How could you say like that arnav'. I insulted you'. Arnav you are the great Arnav Singh Raizada and do you think a normal middle class girl like me can insult you'
Arnav fumes at her sentence'. And thinks "Has lo Ms gupta you will be crying by the time sangeet ends"'.
After sometime Garima comes towards both and pulls khushi and arnav for a dance'
Khushi and arnav was least interested but as they were surrounded by the family members they had to dance' So they starts dancing' Arnav pulls khushi very roughly towards him and puts is hands around waist'. Khushi was so helpless' she cant even say no' They both starts dancing when suddenly khushi smiles and puts her heels on arnav's foot making him yell in pain'.
Khushi: Ohhh arnav I am so sorry'. Actually I have never danced with heals before' So you know' I am really sorry please forgive me' Is it paining more'. And she smirk looking at him'
Arnav was looking at her with anger filled expressions and was about to say something when mamta came their and asked arnav if he is ok to which khushi replied'
Khushi: I am really sorry aunty' Its all because of me' I have hurt him' It must be paining badly'.
Mamta ignored arnav and comes to khushi and cups her cheeks no beta it was not your fault' It was an accident'. And don't worry he is a man he can bear that pain'. You don't worry sweetheart'. She then moves to arnav and says'
Mamta: Arnav now stop over reacting, I know you are hurt but not so much' Look at khushi she is so much concerned for you' So make her feel good ok'
Arnav nods his head looking at khushi and says'
Arnav: Yes maa she is really very upset seeing me in pain I will make sure she feels good and smirks looking at khushi'
Khushi gets confused looking at his smirk and thinks "Now what is going on in his mind"'
After sometime all the members moves towards the dinner table for dinner and dadi made khushi and arnav to sit beside each other and says'
Dadi: Ok now in our family we have rasam that Bride and groom eats from one plate and both feed each other'.
Both arnav and khushi looks at each other giving disgusting look and everyone present their clap hearing about the rasam'. Khushi then looks at everybody and fakes a blush which irritated arnav more'
Plate was served for them and then dadi ask arnav to feed khushi'
Arnav took the morsel in his hand and feed khushi' Khushi took it in her mouth as she had no choice but then while taking she cuts arnav's finger with her teeth and smirked at him' and says'
Khushi: ohhh I am so sorry arnav I don't know why I am hurting you so much today'.
Mamta: Its ok khushi I cant understand you are nervous as you are going to get married so don't worry aisa hota hai' Come on now khushi its your turn and arnav you don't dare to cut her fingers with your teeth for revenge'. And everyone laughed at her sentence and khushi thinks "Thanks maa aap ne to mera kaam aasan kar diya"'
Khushi then brings the morsel towards arnav's mouth and smiles looking at him while feeding her as all the members were watching them'. While feeding arnav she heard a similar voice of a man' "Waah khushi kitna acha naatak kiya tumne"'.
She gets shocked and turned around to see vineet standing at the door and watching all the things from their' He slowly comes towards them'.
Vineet: Khushi you are such a liar'. Kya kaha tha tumne you love me haina then what is all this khushi'. Tumne mujhe dhoka kyun diya khushi' I never thought you will do this to me'. You know after seeing you with arnav in that position I was really shattered' But today I got a call from someone saying that you are being trapped and this sangeet is happening without your wish'. So I thought that you still love me'. And I came here. But by coming here and seeing you so happy I understood that you love him khushi' you never loved me' You have cheated me' How could you khushi' You know what you are the biggest mistake of my life'. I will say only thing to you that please now at least be loyal to your husband'. Don't cheat him like you cheated me'. And he moves out of the house'
All were shocked listening this'. Khushi was in tears' Mamta comes to her and consoles her'
Mamta: Khushi beta don't cry' We all know that you never cheated anyone it was the situation that created misunderstanding and vineet should know that you never loved him you loves arnav' And don't think too much now' Comeon I want my bahu to be happy' haina'
Khushi nods her head and wipes her tears and fakes a smile'
Arnav looked at her and smirk thinking kaha tha na khushi you will cry today in this sangeet' See I have fulfilled my promise'.
When arnav calls aman he tells him to call vineet'.
Arnav: Aman I want you to do something for me'. I want you to call vineet and tell him that khushi is innocent' She is being trapped by someone so that tum logo ki engagement tut jaye'. And haan aaj uska sangeet ho raha hai and she is not at all happy'. Please just go and stop that sangeet'
Aman: But sir why you want him to stop your own sangeet'
Arnav: Don't worry aman'. And just do what I am saying'. Ok and make he enters RM when I say ok'
Aman: Ok'.
Flashback Ends
Precap: Wedding Day...
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