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Got Married For Revenge... Chapter 7

Chapter 7
Two days passed after the sangeet'. In this two days Mehendi and Haldi ceremony were held but nothing much happened as arnav and khushi didn't meet each other' Today was the wedding day' Arnav's family will be coming to Gupta house for the wedding'.
Khushi was getting ready in her room when Garima comes to her'.
Garima: Khushi'. She puts kaajal on behind khushi's ear and says khushi you are looking so pretty today... kisiki nazar na lage meri beti ko'. I cant believe my khushi is getting married' I am so happy for you khushi that you are getting married to your love or else we would have not able to forgive ourself'. Beta always spread happiness in your sasuraal and in arnav's life' From today your new life is going to start'.
Khushi hugged garima and tears started falling down from her eyes'. Garima consoled her ssshhh khushi don't cry beta' see stop crying or your make up will get spoil' Khushi smiles at her sentence and then breaks the hug'. Garima made final touches to khushi's look and moved out'.
Khushi thinks "Maa I will keep my promise and will spread happiness in my new relations but not in arnav's life'. Har ladki ka apni shaadi ko lekar ek sapna hota hai' mera bhi tha' bohat sare sapne the par wo sapne hi reh gaye' Meine kabhi nahi socha tha mujhe vineet se kisi aur se shaadi karni hogi and that too us insaan se jisse mein sabse jyada nafrat karti hu' Par ye sab us arnav singh Raizada ki wajah se hua and iska badla to mein zarur lugi"' 
After sometime kaajal come running and says di jiju and his family is here'.. And you know jiju is looking so smart and handsome' Di you are really a lucky girl' You know every girl in this wedding is jealous of you'. Khushi just smiles at kaajal and thinks "Kash I could tell you how unlucky I am to be his wife"'
Finally it was the time for the marriage' Kaajal and garima brought khushi to the mandap where arnav was already sitting'. Khushi comes and sits beside arnav and all the rituals started'
After sometime all the rituals gets over and panditji announce them as husband and wife'. They takes blessing from the elders and now it was bidaai time' Khushi cried by hugging all her family members' Mamta consoled her saying "Ssshhh khushi don't cry beta you are not loosing anyone infact you are getting a new family and from today you will have two mother and two father so be happy' she then turns to Garima and says "Garima ji I promise from today khushi is going to be our daughter and not daughter in law'. Garima smiled and both hugged each other'
Mamta then made khushi sit inside the car where arnav was already sitting and she too sits beside her'. Car started and khushi bid final good bye to her family'
Khushi was all the while crying in the car and mamta was consoling her' Arnav was looking at all this and thinks kitni nautanki baaz hai ye ladki' She knows all the tactics to gain sympathy from my mom'
After sometime car reached RM and all the other members welcomed arnav and khushi by doing aarti' Then mamta asked khushi to do grah pravesh and she enters the house' Then they fulfilled all the rasams and mamta takes khushi to their room' Room was beautifully decorated with candles and flowers'. Bed was also decorated with rose petals all over' Mamta makes khushi sit on the centre of the bed and spread her lehenga properly'. She said "Beta don't worry and I will send arnav till then take care"'
Khushi just nods her head and mamta leaves from their'.. Khushi gets up from the bed and moves inside to change her clothes' because she knew that for the world it might be their suhaag raat but for her it's a normal night' She comes out of the bathroom and sits on the bed reading book' After sometime she look at the clock which was showing 2am' She thinks arnav'. Forget it acha hi hai aaj raat to ache se sone milega'.
She kept the book feeling sleepy when she heard the knock on door' she gets up to open the door' She gets shocked to see arnav with a girl' Arnav's hand were on the girl's waist' Khushi asked arnav'.
Khushi: Arnav who is she? And what are you doing with her?...
Arnav: Khushi just shut up and move' Let us come in'
Arnav pushed khushi aside and comes inside and locks the door' and says'
Arnav: See khushi I know you will not allow me to touch you.. And this is my wedding night so I don't want to sleep without doing'. You know what I mean khushi so I have brought my ex girl friend'. Don't worry we will not disturb your sleep'. You sleep on the couch'.
Khushi looks at him with a disgust look thinking "This man is so cheap"'.
Khushi: Sorry arnav but I will not allow any girl in my bedroom if you want you can go to her place or to any hotel room but not here'
Arnav then comes towards khushi and runs his finger on her face saying'
Arnav: Why khushi are you jealous that your husband will be sleeping with some other girl on your wedding night' and not with you'
Khushi jerked his hands away and says'
Khushi: No arnav infact I feel pity for this girl with whom you are going to sleep' But this is my room and I will not allow some dirty and cheap things here'
Arnav folds khushi's hands and pulls her close to him'.
Arnav: Ms gupta I think "Tum bhul rahi ho yeh mera ghar hai and this is my room so I can do anything' tum hoti kaun ho mujhe rokne wali"'
Khushi pulls herself out of his grip and says "Ms Gupta nahi arnav Mrs Raizada bhul gaye you have married me' And your house' No arnav this is my house and my room too remember I am married to you so please if you don't mind I would like to sleep and I am really very sleepy so with that she moves towards bed but arnav pulls her and says'
Arnav: Don't act smart khushi' And sleep on that couch I am sleeping with teena here'.
Khushi says ok and starts moving to the door' Arnav sees this and asks'
Arnav: Kaha ja rahi ho'
Khushi: Wo I am going to maa's room' actually kya hai na I am not used to sleep on couch so I am going to maa's room to tell her to arrange a bed for me so that I can sleep on other bed while you do things with your Girlfriend's you know' And haan agar maa ne pucha why I need bed to kya bolu' Hmmm I will say arnav is sleeping with some random girl on our bed or should I say arnav is having s** with some other girl on my bed' hmmm I think second option is better' What say?
Arnav looks at her angrily and ask teena to go from here' and khushi smirks looking at him' So Mr Raizada if you don't mind will you please sleep on the couch you know I don't like to share my bed' If you want I can sleep in the living room but tomorrow morning if maa ask me why I was sleeping out on our wedding night than please you answer haan'
Arnav fumes and takes his pillow and duvet and moves to couch and says khushi kumari gupta you are going to pay for this'..
Khushi smiles at him and thinks "Jitna mujhe pay karna tha I have paid now its your turn Mr Arnav Singh Raizada" ''''.
Precap: Khushi made karela juice for arnav...
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