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Got Married For Revenge... Chapter 8

Chapter 8
Next morning'.
Khushi and arnav both wakes up at the same time' For khushi it was her first day in her sasuraal so she wanted it to be perfect'. Last night mamta has told her about the morning aarti and also that nobody can skip that aarti or come late for that aarti so she has to be on time and that's the only one rule which she had to follow in this house'
Arnav very well knows about the aarti so when khushi moves towards the closet to get her clothes arnav rushed inside the bathroom'. Khushi thought he will be out in 15 to 20 mins and she will have enough time to get ready'  She was cleaning the room when her eyes fell on her watch and it was showing 7:00
Khushi: Ohhh shit I have to reach for aarti by 7:30 and now its 7:00 kya karu mein and what the hell is this arnav doing inside' She moves towards bathroom and knocks on the door' Arnav' Arnav'. What are you doing? Please come out I want to get ready I am getting late for the aarti'
Arnav: Sweetheart' I will need some more time' If you are in so much hury then why didn't you wake up early' I usually bath for this much time only'
Khushi: Arnav I said come out' I know you are doing this purposely so that I cant reach for the aarti on time'
Arnav: No khushi baby I am really bathing inside' You want proof than you can come inside'
Khushi: Shut up arnav' And come out' She keeps on banging on the door'
But arnav was arnav he didn't give a damn to her knocks' Khushi was very angry so she locked the door from outside and said "Ab nahate raho andar' Bye sweetheart'."
Arnav realizes what she said and tried opening the door but it was lock from outside "What the" Khushi you cant do this' Open the door damn it'
Khushi moves to the guestroom for shower and when asked she told mamta that arnav too wants to get ready and she don't want to be late for the aarti' Mamta was again impressed by khushi'
It was aarti time' Downstairs all were waiting for aarti to start but arnav was still not their..
Arnav's dad: Mamta where is your son? He knows very well that I don't like delay in the aarti'.
Mamta: Ji wo aata hi hoga' kal hi he got married so ho sakta hai'.
Arnav's dad: What khushi is his wife' But she is here, infact she got ready in guestroom so that arnav can get ready properly' But see where is he' I think we should start the Aarti'
Mamta: Please just five minutes' HP go and call arnav'
Khushi: Maa I will call him' HP is already having some work' I will go'
Mamta: Ok beta'
Arnav's dad: Look at her she is just one day old and she follows everything so good and this arnav'.
Khushi smirks hearing this' She went to their room and opens the bathroom door'
Arnav comes out fuming at her' "Khushi what the hell was that' How dare you to lock the door' what' But khushi cuts him'
Khushi: Pati dev chale Maa and papa are waiting for you for the aarti and they are really very angry on you' You know'. To it will be better if we go down for the aarti tum mujhe dhamki baad mein de dena'
Arnav walks out of the room giving her angry glares' He went downstairs and khushi comes after him'
Arnav's dad: Arnav what kind of behavior is this' You very well know that we have this only one rule in our house of doing aarti together and that too at 7:30 so why you are late'
Arnav: Dad wo actually bathroom door' (he was cut by khushi)
Khushi: Papa door got jammed' Arnav was shouting for help but as we were down we didn't hear it' I think we should repair the door'
Arnav's dad: Stop khushi' I know you are his wife but stoping taking his side' And arnav from tomorrow I want you on time'
Arnav: Ok dad' And aarti started arnav was giving angry glares to khushi and khushi was smirking looking at him'
After the aarti mamta comes to arnav and khushi'
Mamta: Khushi go and get ready you know na that you have to go to your parents place for pag phera rasam'
Khushi: Yes maa.. I will get ready'
Mamta: Arnav drop her to her place and also pick her up in the evening'
Arnav: But maa I have to go to office' I have some important meeting'
Khushi: Its ok maa I will go alone'
Mamta: No khushi' Arnav it will hardly take 15 mins to drop her' So just go ok'
Arnav: Ok'
Mamta moves from their and arnav and khushi both went to their room'
Arnav; bohat maza ayaa na tumhe mujhe bathroom mein band karke'
Khushi: Yes bohat and now please don't praise me for my intelligence as I am really getting late' So you can praise me afterwards now come lets go'
Arnav pulls her arms roughly and pins her to the wall saying "Khushi don't test my patience warna I will'..
Khushi: Maaa'. Arnav instantly left her arms and turned around and khushi runs from their saying' Arnav its so easy to fool you'.
Then they both sat in the car and arnav starts driving the car' He moves to the highway and stops the car' Khushi looks at him confused'
Khushi: Arnav why you stopped here?
Arnav: Out'
Khushi: What???
Arnav: I said out'. You are very smart na khushi so managed to go from here alone'
Khushi: Arnav this is highway' How will I manage to go from here'
Arnav: I don't know'. You are very smart so just find it yourself and haan don't try to call maa and tell that I am leaving you on the highway or else'..
Khushi: Or else what arnav I will call maa and tell her about this'.
Arnav: Ok as you wish' Call her'
Khushi was dialing mamta's number but it was unreachable' She then tried landline number but HP informed them that nobody is at home' She then looks at arnav'
Arnav: What do you think khushi everytime you will scare me by bringing maa no khushi not this time' Maa went to madir and their network is very weak so you cant contact her and she will be back after 2 hours so if you want you can wait here for two hours and try calling her ok what say?
Khushi fumes'.
Arnav: Now please would you step out of my car as I don't wish to be late for my meeting you know'
Khushi: No I will not move' Do whatever you want to do?...
Arnav: Are you sure khushi'
Khushi: Yes'
Arnav: Ok'
Arnav starts driving the car and khushi smiles thinking arnav ne haar man li and he is leaving her to her place but suddenly car started moving to some isolated place where their was no one not even a car or an auto'.. He stops the car and suddenly fear gripped khushi'
Khushi: Arnav why you stop the car here'.
Arnav: You didn't want to get out at highway so I thought'. He then gets out from the car open the door of khushi's side picks her up and pulls her out' He puts her down and locks the car door' He went to the other side and drives the car leaving her their'
Khushi was shocked she thinks "How can someone be sso heartless' Ye kaunsi place hai What I will do now' Yaha se ghar kaise jaau' There is nothing here' No auto no car nothing' Suddenly tears started falling from her eyes'. She was walking in the hope to reach some place' Finally after walking for some 20 mins she reached the highway and took the auto to reach her place'
She was all wet with sweat' She adjusted her dress wipes her sweat as she didn't want her parents to be worried and rang the door bell'. Garima opened the door and welcomed her'
Garima: Khushi arnav nahi aaye'
Khushi: actually ma he had some important meeting to wo nahi aaye but don't worry he will come to pick me up and thinks hope so'
Garima: aate to acha hota' We would had luch together'
Hearing this khushi got an idea she says'
Khushi: Maa I will call him and ask him for the lunch' you start preparing lunch' And haan please make all the dishes little spicy he love spicy food and after that karela juice that I will made'
Garima: Karela juice khushi are you mad'
Khushi: Maa you don't know how much he like karela juice' He never tells this to any one because he thinks every one will laugh at him but I know he loves it'
You just start preparing food I will call him' Khushi then after sometime calls mamta'
Khushi: Maa where were you? I was calling you'
Mamta: Beta I was in the temple' Kya hua.. you have reached properly na'
Khushi: Yes maa' actually maa I want to tell you that maa and dad wants arnav to come for the lunch'
Mamta: Yeh to bohat hi achi baat hai' What is the problem in that beta'
Khushi: Actually maa you know na arnav unki meeting hai to he will deny me' And maa and dad ko bura lagega' Please maa agar aap unhe bole toh' He will surely come'
Mamta laughs and says ok beta don't worry he will reach their on time'
Khushi: Thanks maa you are the best' Bye'
Mamta: Bye beta'
Mamta then calls arnav and tells him to go to gupta house for lunch' First arnav tried to say no but mamta ke aage uski kaha chalti hai.. Finally he agreed'
Garima prepared all the dishes as per khushi's instruction and was waiting for arnav when khushi comes to her'
Khushi: Maa so everything is ready' I mean you prepared as per my instructions na'
Garima: Yes beta' I am really happy that my khushi thinks so much about arnav'
Khushi: Yes maa unke baare mein mein nahi sochogi to kaun sochega' Ok maa listen as after marriage it is the first time arnav is coming here so during lunch he will try to avoid eating much but please you people force him to eat' And karela juice he will deny drinking in front of everyone so please use force karna he likes when somebody forces him for eating ya to use apni kasam de dena' He will like more'
Garima: Ok baba don't worry we will take good care of your husband'.
Khushi: Thanks maa'
After sometime arnav comes to gupta house for lunch'
Garima and shashi welcomes him and all moves directly to dining table as they all know how bust their daamad is' Khushi and garima starts putting lunch on the table'..  Shashi was chatting normally with arnav' Garima started serving arnav' Arnav took the first bite and he looks at khushi who was grinning'
Garima: Kya hua arnav beta acha nahi laga' I have prepared everything with my hands'.. Khushi told me you like spices lot of spices' Kaisa hai'
Arnav looks at garima and says very good I mean its very tasty' Can I get water'
Garima: Yes beta' Khushi go and bring the water'
Khushi: Maa I think we should give him juice' It will be better'
Garima: Ok go and bring then'
Khushi moves to the kitchen and removes karela juice which she had prepared for him'
Khushi goes to arnav and gives him the glass'
Arnav looks at the glass and ask khushi'
Arnav: Khushi what is this?
Khushi: Juice arnav'
Garima: Yes beta I know its your favorite please drink it' Karela is really veru good for health'
Arnav: Karela' No aunty its ok I will drink water'
Garima: No beta please drink it'. I know you like it tumhe meri kasam please beta'
Arnav gives angry glares to khushi and starts drinking karela juice' He finishes the half and keeps the remaining when khushi comes to him'
Khushi: Arnav maa really don't matter to you haina' isliye you left the karela juice'
Garima: Khushi bas kar its ok beta if you don't want don't drink it'
Arnav took the glass and drinks the remaning juice and says "Maa I really liked the food and juice it was very good"' Now I would like to go as I really have urgent meeting'
Garima: Hmm thik hai aap khushi ko lene aayge na'
Arnav: Yes'
Garima: Khushi go aand drop him till the door'
Khushi walks with him till the door and says hope you like the food arnav' And karela juice too' Arnav fumes looking at khushi and leaves from their'
Precap: Mamta comes to know the truth about arshi's marriage...
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