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Got Married for Revenge... Chapter 9

Chapter 9
Arnav comes to Gupta House in the evening to pick khushi' Khushi bids bye to his family and leaves with arnav'. They both sat in the car and arnav starts driving the car'. Their was a complete silence in the car'. Khushi was holding her forehead and sitting'.Arnav sees this and then smirks'. After sometime he switches on the music player and with full volume'.
Khushi: Arnav just put this off'
Arnav: Why I love this song'. Its so beautiful'
Khushi: Arnav I am already suffering from a headache so can you switch it off'
Arnav: Khushi you are suffering from a headache not me' So please let me enjoy this and please shut your mouth'. Song is much better then your talks'.
Khushi gets frustrated and she switched off the music player' Arnav looks at her and then again switches it on and start singing the song in his voice'
Khushi: Stop it arnav you are such a bad singer I know that don't show it'.
Arnav: Why khushi I love you na and that's why I am singing remember' and he again starts singing'.
Khushi: Stop it arnav'..
Arnav: No khushi I wont and by the way this is my car and I will do whatever I want to do so please just shut up'.. And haan if you want you can get out of the car'. It will give you peace'
Khushi gives him angry glares and arnav smirks looking at her'. Khushi's headache was getting more and more due to  the loud music but arnav was enjoying her condition and thinks "Khushi you made me eat spicy food and then that karela juice'. Pay for it baby'." After sometime as khushi was unable to handle the headache she asked arnav'.
Khushi: Arnav please atleast stop the car near some medical let me have some medicines'.
Arnav looks at her and says ok then say please'.
Khushi: Ok please arnav'
Arnav: Hmmm that's like a good girl' He then stops the car near the medical and turns to khushi'
Arnav: Go sweetheart don't expect that I will get down and will bring medicine for you so please go and jaldi aana I don't have extra time to waste here''.
Khushi fumes and gets out of the car and thinks how he can be so heartless'. Aaarrrggg I just hate him how I will spend my whole life with him'..
Khushi goes to the medical and ask for medicine'. Arnav was sitting in the car and was looking at her'. It was night time and nobody was their on the road'. Suddenly his eyes fell on khushi's dress'. Her zip was little open and was going down and down'.. He looks here and their and sees that two men are watching khushi's back with lustful eyes'. He closes his fist in anger and moves out of the car and goes near khushi and pulls her close and was closing her zip but sensing his hands on bare back khushi misunderstands him and slaps him hard'..
Khushi: How dare you arnav? What you were doing just now haan'. I thought you will do anything to take revenge from me but I have never thought that you will stoop so low'
Arnav looks at her angrily and says Khushi kumari gupta how dare you? With that he drags her to his car'. He didn't even allow her to take the medicines'. He push her inside the car and drives very roughly towards RM'.. He pulls her out and moves inside the house' He was still dragging her' He stops when he enters the room and close the door'.
Arnav: So what you were saying haan'. Let me show you how cheap and low I can get'. With that he starts moving towards her'.
Khushi: Stop arnav' What are you doing?
Arnav: Why khushi I am your husband and I have every right to do this'..
Khushi: Please arnav Stop you very know, what kind of relationship do we share'.
Arnav was still walking towards her'. And khushi was moving back'
Arnav: What!!!! We are husband and wife sweetheart in front of whole world'
Khushi: Yes you are right in front of whole world not when we are alone because you very well know how you forced me or should I say trapped me to get married to you' I loved vineet arnav and what you did you made everyone believed that I love you'. I will never forgive you arnav for this'
Arnav: I don't care khushi I just know one thing that I will fulfill all the duties of the husband and one of the duty is this which I will fulfill now'. With that he pins her to the wall and now khushi cant move' Khushi was struggling in his arms and arnav was coming close to her'. Tears started falling from khushi's eyes and she closed her eyes and suddenly she heard a voice of a slap'
She opens her eyes and gets shocked to see mamta standing in between them and she has just slapped arnav'.. Arnav was looking down as he is no able to look into mamta's eyes'.
Mamta: Arnav!!!! You you married khushi by trapping her' You didn't loved her'. And she loves vineet not you''.. Arnav how can you do this haan tell me how can you'. She then again slaps arnav and says arnav I never thought that my arnav my son can do something like this'. Shayad meri hi parvarish mein kuch kami reh gayi thi'.. Mein hi tumhe ache sanskaar nahi de paayi'. Arnav you have broken me today by breaking my trust'. How will I face khushi now'. She then moves to khushi and folds her hands and says Khushi please mujhe maaf kar do I am really sorry for what my son did with you' I never thought that he can do such thing'. I don't know why he did this but for whatever reason it was' It was wrong'. I am so sorry' Khushi puts her hand on mamta's hand and says no maa please you don't say sorry'. And arnav ke liye to bilkul bhi nahi'..
Mamta: Khushi I am sorry mere bete ne tumhari zindagi barbaad kar di aur mein kuch bhi nahi kar saki' But now I will'. Arnav ne bohat badi galti ki hai and He will get punishment for this'
Arnav: Maaa please listen to me once'
Mamta: No arnav now you listen to me' Khushi arnav ne tumhe tumhare pyaar se alag kiya na now I will make him go away from his loved one' You know khushi arnav sabse jyada kise pyaar karta hai' Mujhse' So He will have to go away from me' So from now I will not talk to arnav anymore never'. Mein use kabhi maaf nahi kar sakti' Ab se arnav hum dono ek dusre ke liye mar chuke hai'
Arnav: Please maa don't say like this please maa aap janti hai aap meri sab kuch ho'
Mamta: Tum bhi to jante the that vineet is everything for khushi but fir bhi tumne aisa kiya and tum mere bte ho isliye saza to mujhe bhi milegi'.
Arnav comes closer to mamta please maa I am sorry but don't punish me like this'
Mamta: Arnav I don't want to listen to anything and my decision is final and agar maafi mangni hi hai to khushi se mango jis din wo tumhe maaf kardegi us din shayad mein tumse baat kar paao'. Saying that she moves out of the room and arnav sits on the bed crying''''
Precap: Arnav tries to woo khushi...
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